Just Want Black Coffee!

Are you as impatient as me when you only want a plain cup of coffee and the line is so long with customers ordering so much more than coffee? Am I in the majority or minority on this issue? I don’t want a five dollar version with every ingredient under the sun and a fancy breakfast sandwich; I just want a black cup of coffee.

With food options and so many coffee choices today stopping in to get a cup of coffee is a timely chore. As I was waiting the other day I started to think on how the company, I was attempting to give $1.50 to for a cup of black coffee would serve an inpatient customer like me.

I know what you are saying. Just leave. Don’t ever go back. But this coffee must have something in it that keeps me hooked. Many people say the coffee has some special ingredient that gets you addicted. Oh right … caffeine. Maybe that’s why I wait and the company knows that. (I digress)

While waiting in line an idea bubbled up. But I cannot believe the coffee chain has not thought of this or tried it at a few shops already. Maybe my idea is not effective or efficient, but let me share it with you. It’s really simple. If it wasn’t for out digital age it could not happen. Here goes.

Put up an electronic tablet. (You’ve seen these at certain fast food counters) So simple anyone can use it. It is just for coffee. This is not located at the counter but on a wall when you walk in. Hit your size icon, the sugar icon as many times as you want a teaspoon of sugar, same for milk. Presto. Swipe your pre-loaded coffee card and you walk up to the special ‘only coffee kiosk’ line. Like magic you are out of there in under 45 seconds (EZ Pass for the coffee drinker). This will make the drive through feel like waiting on hold for a government agency. I think it’s a great idea but something must be stopping them for doing it. I can’t figure out why? Must be above my pay grade.

Now to the point. What about your business? Put yourself in the shoes of your customer. Can you come up with new systems or ideas that will give your customer a better experience? Always keep in mind how you feel as a customer and then ask yourself if you are doing all you can to make your customer experience in your business based on their expectations. Just ask them.

If the coffee shop did exit surveys, they would have heard this great idea from me and their sales would be up 20% from plain old coffee drinkers who just can’t stand the wait. The truth, when I’m on a tight schedule I leave … can’t wait …won’t wait and be late. Now there is an opportunity for a revenue spike on a product with three digit margins! I would love to be part of the roll-out.


About the author, Carm Capriotto, AAP

Carm is the founder and host of the Remarkable Results Radio Podcast; the only one of its type in the automotive aftermarket. Carm calls on his 35 years’ experience in the aftermarket to bring engaging stories from his guests.

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