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RR 304: The Battery Shop

Podcast: Play in new windowSell More Batteries. Training and Testing is the Key. Join Michele Zgola the director of Marketing and Communication at Johnson Controls, Jim Bates the Aftermarket Training Center Manager also at Johnson Controls and Patrick Haynes, Executive…Listen and view episode notes

RR 303: Jason Soto from

Podcast: Play in new windowJason Soto is a technology executive in the mobile industry who’s dedicated his career to merging technology tools with innovative marketing practices for large and small companies around the globe. His management philosophy is simple: Create…Listen and view episode notes

RR 302: Lisa and Kevin Eckler

Podcast: Play in new windowKevin Eckler is a native New Englander who moved to New York State’s Hudson Valley with his parents back in the mid 1980’s.  Kevin began his automotive career at the age of 14, pushing a broom…Listen and view episode notes

RR 301: Matt Purselle from Revolution

Podcast: Play in new windowRevolution is a Mercedes-Benz and smart Specialist. Matt Purcelle, the owner of Revolution, has more than 20 years working exclusively with Mercedes-Benz vehicles. His passion for the Mercedes-Benz brand began at a young age while riding…Listen and view episode notes