I'm New To Podcasts?

What Is Podcasting?

It is easy. You can subscribe to listen on your smart device so you don't need to come to the website to listen. You can listen on Android, your iPhone, PC or even Mac.

There are a ton of FREE podcast players available. Go to a special page where you can subscribe: APP

In your favorite listening app simply search for Remarkable Results Radio. You'll have all episodes and every new one at your fingertips when you subscribe. IThere is a special page on the website to best see your listening options: HERE.

While you are here on the site you can listen on the EPISODES page.

The website provides you some great tools to narrow your focus. Have fun searching the knowledge base or exploring the series. You can find exactly what you want to listen to with the Key Words. You can also dig deep into the archives.

Every LIVE broadcast is available here on the website HERE.

  • Podcasting is a medium of intimacy, connection, and storytelling.
  • It is ‘On-Demand Radio’ and evergreen. Listen when convenient and go back to an episode. New listeners catch up on past episodes.
  • Podcasting is a techie name that married the iPod and broadcasting.
  • With the growth of technology podcasts are available anywhere, anytime on all smartphones, PC’s and tablets.
  • Podcasting is a community. Listeners are dedicated aftermarket professionals who want to learn from each other and share their remarkable results.
Bill Haney presenting the Mort Schwarts Award
Bill Haney presenting the Mort Schwarts Award
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