Hi aftermarketers: Carm Capriotto here.

I'm the founder and host of Remarkable Results Radio, the aftermarkets premier podcast. Podcasts are occasionally called 'On Demand Audio',  that can be listened to for free, anytime or anywhere. I'm honored to have interviewed many of today’s most inspiring and successful automotive aftermarket professionals and industry thought leaders.

We talk about the business of the automotive aftermarket. Entrepreneurs from the service sector share their continuing journey to remarkable Remarkable Results LOGOresults.  Industry trainers share their perspective on the steep learning curve we have. Business coaches provide their insights on what challenges there are to leading a profitable business. Industry thought leaders share their vision for the current state and future of the industry.

There are always great take-a-ways from each episode and so worthy of the time you invest to learn all you can about all aspects of your business and the industry. Our podcast goal is to be sure you "Listen To Learn Just One Thing". If something you learn inspires a new idea or thought and you implement or become a better leader then you are better for having listened each week.

My purpose is to bring like-minded people together that want knowledge in a way that is easy to digest in their day to day life. I'm connecting people that care about building a stronger aftermarket and I'm fundamentally changing the behavior of how aftermarket professionals get their information, insights, training, and strategies.

Another powerful educational feature is the Town Hall ACADEMY. This Peer to Peer single topic discussion is broadcast LIVE on Facebook, Friday's at 12 Noon Eastern Time Zone. We feature industry peers and go deep into our subject with the objective to share with the industry solutions, ideas, insights and best practices. The Town Hall is a first in the industry for a LIVE single topic forum that feels like a Documentary but teaches like a Seminar. The Academy Tool Box Page has all details and every archived episode.

In July 2018 a new podcast debuted that is very unique in nature. I've been asking our industry colleagues if they have a rant or opinion they would like to share. Everyone said YES so I turned on the recorder and we now have 'For The Record'. A short but intense rhapsody from a peer. Hold on to your earbuds.  It is a platform to say what is top of mind. A short but intense rhapsody from a peer. This is in the style of the OP/ED section of your newspaper. The intention is to push a few boundaries and create a future dialogue. These short opines will get you thinking.

Listeners have equated the podcast as a collegiate course of hard knocks. They said if only the podcast had been around when they got into business, they would be much further ahead.

Remember podcasts are evergreen and on-demand, so you can go back and listen to an episode over or even download to listen often to get every ounce of value.

You may have an idea for a guest or topic or you may want to become a guest (more here). If you want to discuss the podcast or become a sponsor just call or write. You may want me to come to your event and hold a Town Hall Forum. You can find details on my speaking formats here. Contact me at  carm@remarkableresults.biz. I will always get back to you.

Passion and enthusiasm, for our automotive aftermarket industry, runs through my veins especially the service sector. I believe there is so much to give, unite and share. Therefore come with me each week on a journey to showcase auto care industry professionals' pathway to Remarkable Results. Start listening here.

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PS: My wife Ann and I live in dairy farm country in Western New York. We have two children who are forging their lives and career's in the area.

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