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Chilling Truths: The Impact of New Refrigerants in the Automotive Aftermarket [RR 955]

May 17, 2024

Recorded Live at the TST Big Event, Michael Ingvardsen, Global Technical Training Manager from Nissens, discusses the evolving challenges and advancements in automotive air conditioning systems, including the potential warranty issues arising from using alternative refrigerants. This episode is more than just a conversation; it’s a roadmap for staying informed, proactive, and environmentally conscious as we navigate the transition to new refrigerants.

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Shop Owner Reacts to His 360 Review From His Team [THA 380]

May 16, 2024

In this groundbreaking episode, shop owner Brin Kline undergoes a first-of-its-kind 360-degree review by his team. The session unveils insights into leadership, stress management, communication, team dynamics, and the importance of training. Through candid discussions, Brin and his team explore opportunities for growth and improvement, highlighting the value of feedback in enhancing leadership skills and business operations.

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The Impact of Internal Training [RR 954]

May 14, 2024

Chris Duffy, Production and Training Manager at AutoStream Car Care, discuss the company’s commitment to training and developing their technicians across nine Maryland locations. Duffy highlights the challenges of technician reluctance towards training and the strategies to encourage participation while respecting personal commitments. The conversation also covers the use of training platforms, the significance of certifications, and the fostering of a continuous learning culture within the automotive industry.

The Commitment Principle: How to Build Trust and Drive Sales in the Auto Repair Industry [RR 953]

May 10, 2024

Dan Molloy shares insights from his new book, ‘The Language of Commitment: Will Speaking the Language of Commitment Make You Richer, Smarter, and Better Looking?’ and his unique approach to business growth through focusing on commitment-driven communication rather than mere information exchange.

Today’s Auto Parts Quality and Supply Chain Complexities [THA 379]

May 9, 2024

Industry leaders John Hanighen, CEO of Cloyes, Matt Buchholz, CEO of Motorrad, and Andy Fiffick, CEO of a 10 store franchise chain in Cleveland, dive into the current state of the supply chain within the automotive aftermarket, addressing issues of product availability, quality concerns, and the impact of unpredictable demand. Insights into data-driven forecasting, manufacturer-distributor collaboration, and the importance of communication between suppliers and auto repair shops are also explored to give a holistic view of managing challenges in the aftermarket industry.

The Mustang Man – Giuliano Zuccato – Re-Release

May 7, 2024

Giuliano Zuccato’ s life story is a testament to the power of determination, creativity, and the human spirit. As a podcaster, I am honored to have captured his journey and shared it with you. His work on the 1964 Ford Mustang is not just a chapter in automotive history but a beacon of inspiration for anyone who dares to dream and persevere against all odds.

Stay Out of the Rabbit Hole [RR 951]

May 3, 2024

Recorded at the 21st annual TST Big Event, Sherwood Cooke shares his journey of running his business for 28 years, his success with social media, especially TikTok, under the moniker ‘The Professor,’ and the impact of digital content on attracting a wide customer base even from hours away. Discover the evolution of Cooke’s business practices, the significance of ethical service, community engagement and how to build a team culture through understanding and investment in people’s lives.

How To: Identify, Accept, and Overcome Dyslexia in Your Workplace [THA 378]

May 2, 2024

A profound discussion on dyslexia in the automotive industry. Learn the definition of dyslexia, its impact on learning and training, and strategies to support those with dyslexia. The episode emphasizes the value of recognizing the unique strengths and challenges of individuals with dyslexia, offering practical advice for employers, trainers, and individuals to enhance learning and professional development in the automotive industry.

How To Offer The Best Customer Support Without A Quality Team: Spoiler Alert, You Can’t! [RR 950]

Apr 30, 2024

Customer service is the backbone of any successful auto repair shop. Tom Petty discusses the critical role of clear, effective communication with customers. And guess what? It all starts with your internal team and company culture.

Attract, Develop, and Retain Top Automotive Talent [CC 113]

Apr 29, 2024

Building the dream team in the automotive industry goes beyond hiring technicians—it’s about creating a culture that fosters growth, respect, and development.

Join our panel of shop owners as they share their experiences and strategies in building an outstanding team. Topics include the significance of culture, passive and active recruiting, development through apprenticeship and training programs, and retention strategies like understanding employees’ goals, compensation, and creating an enjoyable work environment.

Want to learn more? Join Chris Lawson’s ‘Repair Shop Growth Systems Live 2024’ May 31st – June 2nd in Mt. Arlington, NJ.

The Diagnostic Difference – Life of a Mobile Technician: Freedom and Flexibility [RR 949]

Apr 26, 2024

Recorded at the 21st annual TST Big Event, Robert Kenny Jr shares his journey from technician to mobile diagnostician and educator. Discussions cover the challenges of technician retention, fair compensation, and the shift towards electric vehicles (EVs).

So You Think You Want To Open Your Second Location? [THA 377]

Apr 25, 2024

Industry shop owners discuss the challenges and strategies of opening and managing a second location. They explore the motivations behind opening additional shops, touching on wealth building, seeking new challenges, and planning for retirement. Carl Hutchinson emphasizes the importance of providing a growth path and career opportunities to attract and train the next generation of industry professionals. The conversation highlights the complexities of scaling a business and the need for strong leadership, financial planning, and a commitment to developing talent within the industry.

The Driving Force: Extraordinary Results with Ordinary People [RR 948]

Apr 23, 2024

Andy Bizub explores the influential book “Driving Force: Extraordinary Results with Ordinary People” by Peter Schutz. Dive into the pivotal role of culture in business success with personal insights on maintaining a positive work environment. This episode is packed with wisdom for business owners and leaders seeking to improve their operations and team dynamics.

What We Can Learn From The Falco Family Business [RR 947]

Apr 19, 2024

Rich Falco and his twin sons, Zack and Tyler, discuss the intricacies of family business succession in the automotive industry. The Falco’s share their personal experiences, emphasizing the value of learning through challenges and the significance of understanding both the technical and business aspects of the industry. They explore the dynamics of customer interaction, continuous professional development, and the evolving nature of automotive technology.

ASE Subject Matter Experts [THA 376]

Apr 18, 2024

Dive into the intricate process behind the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification exams. Sharing personal experiences as SMEs for the ASE exams, the panelists discussed the challenges and learning opportunities involved in the process.

Road to NAPA Auto Care Gold Certified: From Technician to Owner of 6 Locations [RR 946]

Apr 16, 2024

Brad Updegraff’s transition from a general service technician to a visionary business owner of 6 NAPA Gold Certified locations is a story of dedication and strategic planning. Discover the milestones and the speed bumps he encountered along the way.

A Better Road to Success: Navigating Your SMS and Customer Rapport [RR 945]

Apr 12, 2024

By leveraging tools like digital vehicle inspections (DVI) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems, businesses can significantly improve their operations and customer experience. These integrations allow for a more streamlined process, from diagnosing vehicle issues to maintaining consistent communication with clients.

Industry SWOT: Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats [THA 375]

Apr 11, 2024

A deep dive into the SWOT analysis of our industry with a panel of shop owners.  As we navigate the evolving automotive landscape, it’s crucial to turn threats into opportunities, revving up for success.

Are You Measuring Sales by the Minute? [RR 944]

Apr 9, 2024

Becky Witt’s philosophy on minute-efficiency is not just a practice but a way of life. She’s fine-tuned her operations to ensure every minute counts, leading to optimized customer service and a thriving business.

The Courage to Train: From Hawaii to Kansas City [RR 943]

Apr 5, 2024

23-year-old Evan Hansen, a young automotive professional from Hawaii, shares his enthusiasm for attending (by himself) Vision Hi-Tech Training & Expo and the invaluable in-person training he received. Find out what classes Evan attended and how he met shop owner Jim Fleischman, who took Evan under his wing for the remainder of the conference. The episode is a testament to the industry’s commitment to fostering professional development, training, mentoring, and camaraderie among its members.

How to Huddle [THA 374]

Apr 4, 2024

Bill Hill, Jamie Carlson, and Doug Callahan discuss the significance of company meetings and the benefits of daily huddles for setting the day’s agenda, fostering team communication, and enhancing company culture. They highlight the importance of clear goals, active listening, and fun elements to keep staff engaged. The episode underscores the positive effects of meetings on team dynamics, customer satisfaction, and overall business success.

In 8 Years I’ve Been Through 68 Service Advisors [RR 942]

Apr 2, 2024

Recorded Live at Vision Hi-Tech Training & Expo, Jeremy O’Neal shares his journey of transforming a struggling business into a thriving enterprise, emphasizing the critical role of service advisor training.  Jeremy also highlighted how understanding the business, the owner’s goals, and team dynamics is essential before implementing any training program. It’s not just about fixing cars; it’s about creating an exceptional customer experience that drives business success.

Mentorship, Training and the Rise of Specialists [E941]

Mar 29, 2024

Recorded Live at Vision Hi-Tech Training & Expo, Rich Falco, and bilingual trainer Oscar Gomez, dive into the critical role of mentorship and training in the automotive industry. They discuss the rise of mechanical and technology specialists and the necessity for continuous education to keep pace with evolving technology. The conversation underscores the importance of experienced mentors guiding newcomers, advocating for a culture shift from traditional challenges to supportive mentorship.

Shop Owner Mastermind [THA 373]

Mar 28, 2024

In this Mastermind style podcast episode of the Aftermarket Radio Network’s Town Hall Academy, host Carm Capriotto discuss the significance of training, customer loyalty, and the challenges of business expansion. Matt Wagg, AJ Nealy, and John Long share their experiences investing in their teams’ development, creating memorable customer experiences, and the personal growth required for successful leadership. They also delve into the complexities of scaling from a single shop to multiple locations, discussing the importance of readiness, strategic planning, and learning from both successes and failures in the expansion process.

The Coach’s Toolkit: The Role of Coaches in Shaping Industry Leaders [RR 940]

Mar 26, 2024

Recorded Live at Vision Hi-Tech Training & Expo, discover the Coach’s Toolkit: The role of coaches in shaping personal growth and team development. Joe Marconi and Darrin Barney also tackle the challenges of screen addiction and social media’s impact on mental health and why the culture within your business is the engine that powers your shop’s success.

Business Growth and Personal Development: Education, Delegation and Elevation [RR 939]

Mar 22, 2024

Recorded Live at Vision Hi-Tech Training & Expo, Greg Bunch discusses the critical role of education, delegation, and elevation in the automotive industry. Greg shares insights on the challenges of transitioning from technician to shop owner and the necessity of adopting a mindset conducive to business growth. He emphasizes the importance of professional development and the dangers of becoming addicted to problem-solving and the impact on business growth.

The Evolution of Automotive Technology Training [THA 372]

Mar 21, 2024

The role of mechanical and technology specialists is changing faster than a pit stop at the Indy 500. My guests, including expert NAPA trainers Curt Eigenberger, Bill Weaver, and Randy Cowan, Always know that training is a key pillar to your strategic success. We’re not just talking about keeping up with the latest tech but about staying ahead of the curve. Do you know how?

Are You Addicted to Social Media? [RR 938]

Mar 19, 2024

Recorded Live at Vision Hi-Tech Training & Expo, Carm Capriotto, alongside shop owner Kim Auernheimer and industry professional Tracy Capriotto, dive into a myriad of topics relevant to the industry. They reflect on the evolution of the industry and the significance of the Women in Auto Care conference. Kim discusses her journey managing multiple shop locations and the nuances of catering to different communities, while Tracy offers insights on the benefits of personality tests like DISC for workplace harmony. The trio also examines the double-edged sword of social media’s role in both personal and professional realms, advocating for a more intentional and productive use of the platforms. This episode is a trove of wisdom, emphasizing continuous personal growth and adaptation in a digitally-driven world.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Thermal Management Fluids But Were Afraid to Ask [RR 937]

Mar 15, 2024

Recorded Live at MACS (Mobile Air Climate Systems) 2024 Training Event & Trade Show, Adam Kimmel discusses the refrigerant and thermal management industry. He highlights the significance of air conditioning technology in vehicles, the essential use of fluorine in refrigerants, and the evolution of refrigerants for environmental safety.

Daily Dose of Top Tier Training: Today’s Class [THA 371]

Mar 14, 2024

Research has shown that people will generally forget 90% of what they “learn” within 30 days unless it is reinforced.

Recorded Live at Vision 2024, David Boyes, President of Today’s Class, outlines the mobile app’s features, including gamification and personalized training paths. AJ Nealey and Patrick Roberts share how they’ve implemented the platform in their businesses, highlighting its impact on engagement, adaptability to individual needs and its role in fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth.

“It’s microdosing of training. It’s a set of daily questions on a daily basis. And what I love about it, it’s the question after the question. “How confident are you in your answer?” It’s low, medium, or high. You’re understanding their confidence level.” AJ Nealey

Measuring Technician Performance with Scorecards and Analytics [RR 936]

Mar 12, 2024

Greg Buckley discusses the importance of using analytics and performance metrics in the automotive industry. He draws parallels between managing a sports team and running an auto repair shop, emphasizing the need for owners to understand their team’s strengths and weaknesses. Greg explores the idea of incentivizing performance and accountability, similar to professional athletes. Greg shares his experience with nurturing technicians and the concept of having a “farm team” to develop skills. The conversation also touches on the need for better career pathing, training, and compensation methods to retain talent and improve the industry’s professionalism.

The Rise of the Mechanical and Technology Specialist [RR 935]

Mar 9, 2024

Carm Capriotto discusses the importance of establishing a new language standard for automotive repair professionals. He focuses on the need for clear, consistent job titles that reflect what we do for the consumer. It will help bring a necessary professional view of auto repair specialists.

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