Here is why I created Remarkable Results Radio: I shudder when a service professional is struggling and blaming the outside world for his/her problems. I love it when I see successful entrepreneurs and hear about their great ideas and how they overcame their obstacles. So I created a podcast that showcases aftermarket success stories from service professionals and industry thought leaders that will help you grasp an idea, affirm your strategies or make important changes to improve your business. Listen for FREE on-demand anytime and anywhere.

Three Ways to Get Your Aftermarket Insight

Podcast interviews from service professionals, technicians, trainers, and industry thought leaders, among others. These are conversations worth hearing. Find powerful interviews and enlightening series on every major trend that is shaping the automotive aftermarket.

Single subject Town Hall Format from aftermarket professionals sharing their knowledge, best practices, and passion in a video round-table presentation.



A platform to say what is top of mind. A short but intense rhapsody from a peer. This is in the style of the OP/ED section of your newspaper. The intention is to push a few boundaries and create a future dialogue. These short opines will get you thinking.

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