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The Voices, Ideas and Insights that are Shaping the Future of the Automotive Aftermarket - Reside Here

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Carm Capriotto, the aftermarket podcast guy, is connecting aftermarket professionals willing to share their wisdom so we all rise to new levels of success.

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Three Shows to Get Your Aftermarket Insight

Interviews from service professionals, technicians, trainers, and industry thought leaders, among others.  Powerful interviews and enlightening series on every major trend that is shaping the automotive aftermarket. The Voices, Ideas and Insights that are Shaping the Future of the Automotive Aftermarket reside here.

Single-subject Town Hall Format from a panel of aftermarket professionals sharing their knowledge and best practices. The ‘Academy’ is a learning summit for the automotive aftermarket professionals.



A platform to say what is top of mind. A short but intense rhapsody from a peer. This is in the style of the OP/ED section of your newspaper. The intention is to push a few boundaries and create a future dialogue. These short opines will get you thinking.

Weekly updates on special happenings in the Remarkable Results Radio Ecosystem and the Automotive Aftermarket.

Guests will join Carm to have a short discussion on their area of influence, a project they are passionate about or an area of their business they are focusing on.

The Voices, Ideas and Insights that are Shaping the Future of the Automotive Aftermarket Reside Here

Jump In With Both Feet and Find a Topic or Area of Interest

NEW! The Most Informative and Fun 25 Minutes You Can Invest In Each Week To Improve Your Career - Aftermarket Weekly

Aftermarket Weekly .com

A weekly collaboration with Tom Ham from Automotive Management Network. This fast and fun weekly LIVE broadcast on Tuesdays at Noon ET is full of interesting information you can use to improve your career and your business. Find all episodes cataloged in case you missed them. An important feature is a shop tour. Don't miss it. WATCH A RECENT EPISODE HERE.

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