As part of industry week in Las Vegas, the LIVE Town Hall Academy on November 2nd, 2018 will be held at Franks European.


Frank Scandura will hold shop tours and we'll do our LIVE Town Hall Academy titled "The Extreme Value of Shop Tours".  I would love to see you there. Just map 'Franks European' and follow the directions. We'll start at 9 AM PST.

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Podcast interviews from service professionals, technicians, trainers, and industry thought leaders, among others. These are conversations worth hearing. Find powerful interviews and enlightening series on every major trend that is shaping the automotive aftermarket.

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I think back to March 22, 2015, when service professional Dave Striegel owner of Elizabeth Auto Care from Elizabeth, PA was my first guest. I had extreme confidence in this medium, yet didn’t realize how strongly the industry would embrace the stories being shared by their industry colleagues.
My vision back then was to get successful service professionals to share their pathway on achieving remarkable results. Success is a journey, a marathon, not a sprint, and I wanted to know how.

Carm Capriotto

With that first idea and altruistic goal, to learn from our peers; the podcast has become an educational resource through storytelling for the entire aftermarket. 
The podcast branched out from just interviewing the service professional to include business coaches, married partners, technicians, women leaders in the auto care industry, trainers and association executives among others. We’ve heard of humble beginnings, extreme challenges, and near bankruptcies. We learned how not to do things and about lessons of experience and wisdom.
Through story telling I’m helping aftermarket professionals achieve remarkable results. I’m creating real-world knowledge transfer that embodies wisdom and expertise from successful service professionals and industry thought leaders.
Understanding their achievements will help you grow your business.
  • Solve problems through insights and ideas that bubble to the surface.
  • Affirm your own business and life strategies from the raw, personal and honest stories that are shared with you.
  • Get just one spark of a creative idea per week and imagine how you can generate substantial change and grow your business.
  • The content is easily accessible and archived on the web, on smartphones, my own listening APP, and tablets. It fits within everyone's available time frames and lifestyles.
 Is it worth your time? I know so, but you decide.


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Watch the recent 'Legend's' episode about the 1964 Ford Mustang or catch the Academy forum on Come Backs


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Here is why I created Remarkable Results Radio: I shudder when a service professional is struggling and blaming the outside world for his/her problems. I love it when I see successful entrepreneurs and hear about their great ideas and how they overcame their obstacles. So I created a radio show that showcases aftermarket success stories from service professionals and thought leaders that will help all listeners grasp an idea, affirm their strategies or make important changes to improve their business.