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Our Purpose is to Advance the Aftermarket by Facilitating Wisdom Through Story Telling and Open Discussion.


Are you Done Trying?

You put in the hard work, the late nights, and the inevitable 2 AM wake-up. You are trying your hardest to serve clients, maintain a great team, and make money, yet this isn’t the dream you had when you started. Is it time to stop going through the motions and start making real progress? Is…


Get to Night School

Recently, I got to thinking about night school, or what is commonly called today’s adult learning. Why would you want to do that unless you wanted to learn more about a hobby, interest, or business? What hit me was that hiring a business coach for an established business is akin to going to night school….


Leadership Lessons – Quiet Confidence and Unwavering Presence

As a leader, it’s easy to get caught up in the idea that you need to be a larger-than-life figure, constantly vying for attention and validation. But sometimes, the most impactful leaders are the ones who embody a quiet, unwavering presence – much like my friend Rex. Rex’s unique leadership style, characterized by his proud…



Podcast host Carm Capriotto, the pioneer of aftermarket podcasts, is connecting industry professionals that share their wisdom so we all rise to new levels of success.

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Hey Carm, Thanks for all you do in the Automotive World. I love listening to the Podcasts and the insight that is brought out every episode. I just started listening about a month ago and every time I've taken some great insight to use going forward.  Andrew Jansen

Carm, I want to thank you again for the service that you provide to our industry. We have needed someone for many years to gather the best in the industry with the idea of mainstreaming thoughts and processes that will make our hobby, obsession, passion or whatever fancy word we use as an excuse to keep ourselves in the bays instead of the boardrooms, the true profession that it is and you, my friend, have done just that. You and your weekly guests have inspired quite a few I am sure and I find myself looking forward to every podcast as well as trying to make myself available to join in live on Fridays.  Kevin Bartlett

Hi Carm, I’ve been meaning to tell you, thanks!

I’m not sure you realize (or maybe you do) how important what you do for the automotive industry is. Your podcasts have become a very meaningful part of my training. So much so, that if I have a question about anything in our shop I find myself searching for answers on the Remarkable Results website. Just this morning, during the Town Hall Academy, I picked up a few tips about our business insurance that I need to discuss with our agent.

Keep up the awesome job you’re doing. Best Regards,   Nick Modesti

Good morning Carm!
Well, I took your advice, called my local Boces, and was received with open arms! I first spoke to a very excited principal, who passed my number along to one of the instructors. After several phone conversations, Jason (the Boces Automotive Instructor), came and met me at our shop. Great conversation, fantastic interaction, and end results are that I am joining the advisory panel, helping them change the curriculum, and am becoming a twice a month "guest speaker" for the first and second-year classes.

We are beginning to figure out an internship program to help the students achieve their required practical work hours as well as figuring out how to plan shop tours/field trips to help introduce the kids to real working environments and situations so that they don't go blind into the real world ! Super excited. Jason said that I am the first person that has reached out to them that he knows of in the two years that he has been teaching there.

Thank you for your encouragement in doing these things! I really look forward to having some positive input on these kids and helping ng guide them to being successful. But it's a big country, with a lot of counties and schools and opportunity! I am glad that I am reaching these kids at the high school level. They also have an adult Ed class that I might get involved in. Go team !!!   Kevin Eckler

Thanks again for your podcasts Carm, I really enjoy listening to them and they absolutely help me to run a much more professional business.   Eric Mileham 

You are doing a wonderful job and you're setting the bar as a resource to better the industry. Sincere thanks. You're dedication is valued and appreciated by more than you know. Maryann Croce

The Podcast is Like a 40 Minute 20 Group.  Andy Bizub

Carm, I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your podcasts. I am an outside salesman for a NAPA jobber in Pennsylvania. I've been in the business for we'll over 25 years, starting on the counter and progressing through most every position at one time or another. One of the stores I worked at was supplied by your former warehouse. Your podcasts inspire me to help my customers (wholesale and retail) in any way I can. They also help me prepare for my future.

I'm currently back in school pursuing my Bachelor's Degree in Business Management with the goal of one day being an auto parts store owner and listening to the shop owners talk of their successes and failures really helps! I was browsing around your website hoping to find a list of books that have been mentioned on your podcasts. I usually listen to your podcasts while driving from customer to customer and am unable to jot down a book title when they are recommended. I did re-download Town Hall Academy 043 "Book club" so I can listen to it again this weekend for the recommendations from that podcast. A dynamic list of books on your website would be an awesome addition (just a suggestion - the website is pretty awesome already!). Thank you for the amazing content and keep up the great work!  Jay Woodford

I just wanted to drop you a quick email and give you a big thanks for the Advisor Role Play podcast! It was awesome! I used it last night for my team sales meeting. Keep it coming!   Gary Pontious Jr

I just wanted to drop a note to say thank you.  I just found out about you from my coach, Mike Kost from Elite about 2 weeks ago. I haven't been able to stop listening, and I have been so encouraged by tour podcast and all of your terrific guests.  I am a 16-year shop owner, started in this industry about 30 years ago pumping gas.  Made a TON of mistakes along the way, and many times have been ready to hang it up.  But by the grace of God, and with the help of good people along the way, I am still here.   Thanks again, and keep it up!     Daniel Winter AAM CMAT-L1

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