Aftermarket Radio Network 2023 Forecast [THA 313]

Recession is the main topic for everyone as we enter into 2023, almost 3 years post-pandemic. The Aftermarket Radio Network has collaborated together to offer their forecast for the year. Consider this your ‘one stop podcast player’ to hear insights from an accountant, technician, business coach and marketing perspective. Together, we continue to Advance the Aftermarket.

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Benefits of Toastmasters – Craig O’Neill [AW 142]

On Record with Craig O’Neill. Craig discusses the benefits of joining Toastmasters. Toastmasters is a nonprofit educational organization that teaches public speaking and leadership skills through a worldwide network of clubs. Through Toastmasters you’ll listen better, communicate more effectively, and lead teams and conduct meetings with confidence.

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Being Married to a Shop Owner: Spouse Perspective [RR 818]

What is it like being married to a shop owner and having your own career outside of the automotive industry? Recorded Live at the Transformers Summit, we are with Joe Bennecoff, husband of shop owner Nichole Bennecoffe, and Jennifer McHugh, wife of shop owner Patrick McHugh. It’s time to hear from the spouse’s perspective.

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Service Advisor Overload: Part 2 [THA 312]

We are on Part 2 of our Service Advisor Overload discussion because we couldn’t fit it all into 1 episode! Did you know most shops are missing $300-500k in gross profit dollars because their service advisor doesn’t have the time to tap into those dollars? You must build a wall of support around your service advisor.

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Profit Does Not Equal Cash in the Bank – Hunt Demarest [RR 817]

Recorded Live at the Transformers Summit with Aftermarket Radio Network host, Hunt Demarest, CPA at Paar Mellis and Associates and host of the Business by the Numbers Podcast. Hunt’s firm specializes in automotive repair clients and he gives us an inside scoop on common new client questions and concerns as well as some behind the scenes about his podcast!

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Are You Stuck in a Business Strategy?

“We fix cars and trucks … all makes and models” is a strategy. Are you a Euro Specialist?  Are you known for high-level diagnostics? Have you ever considered mobile diagnostics? Will you ever create a business plan to become an ADAS calibration center? Ever thought about becoming a fleet specialist? Are you heavily invested in…

Advice For New Shop Owners [THA 311]

If you’re thinking about transitioning from employee to shop owner, this episode is for you. Instead of guessing your way through the transition, let the Aftermarket Radio Network be your free library of industry peers across the country help you get started the right way.

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Ask Ortho – Eric Turkington and Kim Conti [RR 815]

Let’s talk about voice assistants for employee efficiency. Technicians need quick and reliable access to accurate data for servicing vehicles. What if they could stay in their bay and ask ‘Hey Ortho’ to check fluid types and receive a response within seconds? Join Eric Turkington, Vice President of Growth, and Kim Conti, Vice President of Product, as they discuss Ortho, the next high tech tool for the automotive industry.

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The Napkin

I admired a man who made deals on a napkin. The napkin has been an iconic representation of ideas and deals for a long time. From simple doodles to business deals, it has been used as a tool to write down agreements, develop ideas, and to store information. There is a lot of consolidation going…

Uncovering the Unconscious Incompetent – Chris Chesney [RR 814]

Recorded Live at the 2022 Transformers Summit with Chris Chesney, Training and Organizational Development at Repairify. Chris takes the common phrase, “I don’t know what I don’t know,” and flips it to “I don’t know THAT I don’t know.” With today’s technology expanding the way it is, there is too much information to memorize and know every piece of knowledge when it comes to car repair. How can we change the way technicians learn? How can we prove their understanding besides a certificate or course completion?

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Forget the Past: Focus on the Future [THA 310]

“Forget the Past: Focus on the Future”…sometimes easier said than done. The past is familiar and comfortable. We can also get hung up on our past mistakes, which hinders us from moving forward. Listen to 3 shop owners share their perspectives on the past and the future of the automotive industry.

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