What Is Your Duration of Service? Carolyn Coquillette [RR 810]

Recorded Live at the 2022 Transformers Summit with Carolyn Coquillette, founder and CEO of Shop-Ware. Carolyn discusses a spotlight of Shop-Ware called ‘Duration of Service.’ This feature tracks how long a customer’s car is in your shop. The customer experience and your profits depend on the number of hours each car is in which stage of production.

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What Does the Shop of the Future Look Like? [THA 308]

What does the future look like for the automotive industry? Listen to the perspectives of Jennifer Maher, Executive Director of the TechForce Foundation, Derek Kaufman, Managing Partner at Schwartz Advisors, Matt Fanslow, Lead Diagnostician and Shop Manager at Riverside Automotive, and Dustin Brown, Shop Owner of Brown Auto Experts with 3 locations. We have an open discussion about future trends, aftermarket challenges, and electric vehicles.

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Becoming More Profitable in 2023

In December 2022, we released a very important episode with author and customer experience consultant John DeJulius. It is my second interview with John. I met him at the Transformers 2022 Summit in December. Listen to John’s interviews HERE. John landed a ton of insight in our interview, but one that is worth mentioning in…

Are You Stuck? Fall in Love with Your Business Again – Mike Searls [RR 808]

Recorded Live at the 2022 Transformers Summit with Mike Searls, President of ThiN AiR Brand, a toy company. Mike is a serial entrepreneur and he brings his passion for reinvigorating businesses to this episode. His secret? Find out what works and do more of that, find out what doesn’t work and stop doing that, the faster you can do that, the faster you grow.

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Learn to Lead: Empower Your People [THA 307]

How do you truly empower your people? What does it take to be a strong leader of your business? How do you motivate and inspire your employees while avoiding burnout? We have an All-Star panel of industry peers willing to share their own experiences and learning curve as business owners. 

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Remote Ownership [THA 306]

Hear from 3 shop owners that run their businesses remotely. Yes, it is possible! If you feel like you can’t possibly relinquish control of the business, these owners are here to tell you why, how, and the benefits of being a remote owner. Spoiler alert: the secret sauce is the people, processes, and systems you have in place.

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Is your customer bathroom like the Ritz?

In a recent Town Hall on ‘Details’ we discussed the importance of a clean bathroom. Please don’t discount this entire premise; it is undoubtedly a critical determination and reflection on your quality and depth of work. While moderating the discussion, I had an idea and wondered why not establish a strategy stating that our bathroom…

Service Advisor Overload [THA 305]

How many different hats and roles do service advisors have? Are they your social media manager, fleet manager, shuttle driver, facility manager, vendor manager,  receptionist and more? The efficiency of your service advisor is critical for the overall health of your business. Watch Episode HERE Dave Schedin, CompuTrek Automotive Management Systems. Dave’s previous episodes HERE Clint White, Service…

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Are Your Employees Your Biggest Advocate and Fan?

There is so much traction inside our industry with shop owners that are building great cultures and top teams. It is refreshing to see the level of sophistication that has embraced our shop owners to accept the power of purpose and values that build a culture in their shops. Without it, you will never hire…

Transferring Technical Knowledge – Isaac Rodell and Keith Perkins [RR 802]

There is a struggle to improve the transfer of technical knowledge in our automotive service industry. The same people show up to training every seminar. Yet there are a few new faces, but more is needed to make a larger impact on the need and value of training. We all need to do our part and connect with people who do not seek out training on their own and encourage them by paying for their training thereby helping to support your business and their career.

Isaac Rodell and Keith Perkins are industry trainers and Mobile Diag and Programing technicians. You can reach Issac on Facebook: Isaac Rodiesel. This is Isaac’s first appearance on Remarkable Results Radio.

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Seller Beware [THA 304]

Matt Fanslow shares a recent interaction with a salesperson that wanted to help in the sale of the business. There were some warning signs, and with a call to an industry peer, Hunt Demarest, Matt stopped what could have been a costly mistake.

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Our Adoption Story [RR 800]

Celebrating the 800th episode with a personal story of adoption. Ann, my wife, and I are the adoptive parents of Matt and Tracy. Their nationality is South Korean, which makes us an interracial family. I’m telling this story to help others understand our journey of infertility to family.

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