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Automotive Aftermarket Professinals Listen To Learn Just One Thing!

Guest Host Chris Cloutier and Virtual Shop Tour with Sam Craven [AW 058]

Hitting Rock Bottom and Climbing out [RR 650]

Make Price Irrelevant [THA 228]

Satellite Location with Tom Grady [RR 649]

Selling Batteries with Tom Sciortino and John Armstead [CC 092]

ASE Service Professionals Month – Trish Serratore [Bonus 09]

G Jerry Truglia and Virtual Tour at Dorman Products [AW 57]

Journaling – Your Personal Case Study with Matt Fanslow [RR 648]

Shop New Build with Seth Thorson and Troy Vaninetti [THA 227]

The CEO Commitment with Mike Bennett [RR 647]

Bill Nalu and Virtual Tour with John Gustafson [AW 56]

Leadership Series Part 2 with Mike Davidson [RR 646]

Our Industry Needs a Change [THA 226]

EOS Part 5 – Issues – with Barry Barrett [RR 645]

Employee Amenities with JJ Greenfield and Kelly Michel [CC 091]

Chris Chesney and Virtual Tour with Judi Haglin [AW 055]

Taking Your Toolbox Home with Justin Barrett [RR 644]

Building Customer Trust [THA 225]

Technician Outlook with Jake Sorensen [RR 643]

Clint Dudley and Virtual Tour with Pete McNeil [AW 054]

Partnership Agreements with Charlene Parlett [RR 642]

Comebacks: Prevention, Reputation and Cost [THA 224]

Drop the Keys and Fix It [RR 641]

Improve Your Capabilities and Processes – Get LEAN [CC 090]

Dwayne Myers and Shop Tour with Jonathan Ortiz [AW 053]

Leadership Series Part 1 with Mike Davidson [RR 640]

My Biggest Mistakes [THA 223]

EOS Part 4 Data with Barry Barrett [RR 639]

Tom Ham and Shop Tour with Eric Henley [AW 052]

Interesting New Technology with Chris Cloutier [RR 638]