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Automotive Aftermarket Professinals Listen To Learn Just One Thing!

Avocados and Automotive – Rena Rennebohm [AW 124]

Localized Training Trend [RR 782]

Right to Repair Update and a Trip to Washington [THA 294]

Customer Perceptions Part 3 – Bob Cooper and Chris Monroe [RR 781]

Customer Buys Legacy Shop, Grew 400% – Todd Cole [AW 123]

Building a Reliable Mentor/Mentee Program – Marc Brune [RR 780]

What Should We Call DVI’s? [THA 293]

NAPA Focused on EV Tech, Tools and Parts – Susan Starnes [RR 779]

Satellite Location: Diamond in the Rough – Jorge Gilligan [AW 122]

Preparing For The Next Five Years [RR 778]

Brakes For Breasts 2022 Webathon for a Breast Cancer Vaccine [CC 108]

Why Speak to Fifth Graders? [THA 292]

Customer Perceptions: Part 2 – Bob Cooper and Darrin Barney [RR 777]

Maximizing Space and Efficiency – Bob Noreiga [AW 121]

Electric Vehicle Outlook with Derek Kaufman [RR 776]

Customer Amenities [THA 291]

Car Coach Reports with Lauren Fix [RR 775]

Big Success in a Small Town – Jeff Grassman [AW 120]

Mobile Air Climate Systems Association (MACS) – Peter Coll and Andy Fiffick [RR 774]

Numbers Don’t Lie, They Also Don’t Tell the Truth [THA 290]

Customer Perceptions Part 1 – Bob Cooper and Bill Greeno [RR 773]

Second Location: Opportunity Knocked – Andy Bizub [AW119]

“Uncopyable Sales Secrets: How to Create an Unfair Advantage and Outsell Your Competition” by Kay Miller [RR 772]

Flat Rate VS Salary Debate [THA 289]

The Women of NAPA AutoCare [RR 771]

Purchased, Renovated and Reopened in 6 Months – Seth Thorson [AW118]

Hypocrisy: Check Yourself, Before You Wreck Yourself – Matt Fanslow [RR 770]

Writing Ads That Attract Rock Stars [THA 288]

2022 Napa Technician Of The Year: Meg Lewis [RR 769]

Be Proud of Your Culture [AW 117]