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The Power of the Spoken Word

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Automotive Aftermarket Professinals Listen To Learn Just One Thing!

Training 2020 and Beyond – Future Techniques and Strategies [THA 173]

Exceeding Customer Expectations With Better Systems and Processes – Jeremy O’Neal and Chris Collins [RR 539]

Status of the Aftermarket – Journalist Mark Phillips [RR 538]

Insurance Reviews – What if Scenarios [THA 172]

A Supplier’s Strategy Amid Pandemic – Helping the Service Professional with Lee Walker [RR 537]

Recruiting and Job Search for Industry Technicians and Owners – Elie Massabki [RR 536 ]

Multi Shop Operations – Acquisition – Selling [THA 171]

Dealing With the Loss of a Job or a Business – With Dolah Saleh [RR 535]

Gamification – Changing Behavior with Kent Bullard [RR 534]

Looking Ahead to the New Normal -Part 1 [THA 170]

Debate: Just Say Yes – I Wish I Could – Darren Adams and Brett Bohlmann [RR 533]

Trainers Speak to Their Craft [RR 532]

The Relationship you Have with Your Accountant – Beyond the Numbers [THA 169]

Bright Light Shines from this Business Coaches Round-Table [RR 531]

Carrie Lynn Rodenberg and Kim Walker on Social Media [RR 530]

Success Stories from the Coaching Front Lines PART 2 [THA 168]

Derek Kaufman on the Future of Battery Electric Drive Vehicles [RR 529]

Tech Talk 9: OUTSPOKEN on Training [RR 528]

Success Stories from the Coaching Front-lines [THA 167]

Do You Understand Your Role? [RR 527]

Tech Update: AI and The Autonomous Vehicle [RR 526]

What Would I Tell My Younger Self [THA 166]

Are you a Shop Owner or a Business Owner [RR 525]

What Needs to be in Your Marketing Plan Right Now [RR 524]

Surviving an Economic Downturn [THA 165]

Automotive Instructors Move to Online Training Amid Pandemic [RR 523 ]

Stop Quoting Price Over the Phone – Maylan Newton [FTR 091]

Lift Safety with Rick White [RR 522]

Final Inspection – Quality Controls & Covid-19 [Bonus 07]

Financial struggles. Gain Control of your Finances [FTR 090]

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