How to Have a Four Day Work Week with Eric Henley [RR 627]

How to Have a Four Day Work Week with Eric Henley [RR 627]

As a shop owner, how does a 4 day a week schedule sound to you? Would you like some extra time with family and friends? In this episode find out how Eric Henley
from H-Teck Auto Care does it! Be careful, you might free up some quality time!

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Employee Review Process with Bryan Kelley [RR 625]

Employee Review Process with Bryan Kelley [RR 625]

Employee Review …two dreaded words for both the owner and the employee. But, with my guest Bryan Kelley’s unique approach it might be something everyone looks forward to. Bryan owns Valley Automotive Electric, Covington, WA, and is the ASA Northwest President. Brian and I did an episode on Hiring practices in Feb 2021 episode 611 and is the perfect pairing to this episode.

In this episode, we dive into a role reversal with employee reviews. Should it always be the owner that does the reviews? Are they the ones observing the day-to-day pulse of the business? Some are … some not. What if the employee reviews were done with everyone in the business as a collective group once a week? The culture of your business is dependent on the attitudes of your employees. It’s time to sit back and listen to what your people have to say.

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Hiring Practices with Bryan Kelley [RR 611]

Hiring Practices with Bryan Kelley [RR 611]

When we talk about hiring, there are a lot of questions that come to mind. You may have already in your business life hired and fired a hundred people. Hiring can be an art, especially if you are looking for just that right team member. Bryan Kelley realized that he needed to get a process down to help improve the quality of the individual he added to his team and business culture.

Bryan Kelley, the shop owner of Valley Automotive, Covington, WA and president of ASA Northwest, has been a great contributor to the podcast. He will share his hiring practices and the reason why he does them.

This is one of those gems of a podcast that keeps you in the front row of life in the auto service business.

We get into the critical importance to hire a cultural fit, interviews, processes and offers. Bryan also gets into job posting, job description and specific indicators you need to find in a good hire.

You can find Bryan Kelley’s other episodes, and this episode’s key talking points, they reside at This is why I podcast.

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Managing Holiday Stress Amid the Pandemic – Dr. Dave Weiman [RR 593]

Managing Holiday Stress Amid the Pandemic – With Dr Dave Weiman [RR 593]

This holiday might not be the same as it was before but learn from Dr. Dave Weiman some great advice on dealing with the holidays.
I’m with Dave Weiman, the president of Weiman Consulting, a leadership consulting firm in Philadelphia PA. He is also an adjunct Assistant Professor at Widener University’s Institute for Graduate Clinical Psychology, and he is a Certified Performance Coach through Johnson & Johnson’s Human Performance Institute.

Dr. Dave gives you some great tips to help you get through the season. As an example, he says to maintain your routines, especially during the holidays. It gives our lives a sense of structure and stability and helps provide continuity over time. This is just one coping tactic he provides. This is an episode that all in your circle should listen to. Send the link to the members of your team, your peer group, your spouse, and your family.

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Coaches Lab: Why Employees Leave [THA 195]

Coaches Lab: Why Employees Leave [THA 195]

You are about to embark on a brainstorming session with three of our aftermarket’s excellent business coaches that have a strong leaning toward people and culture. As you’ve learned throughout the last 194 episodes picking a panel and getting them to mesh seems to be a strength of mine and this one nailed our topic. And you benefit from this listen.

Employees leave for many reasons. This episode will give you more than five reasons and if you work on only three of them, you are on your way to creating a solid ‘sticky’ team. I say sticky because you want your people to stay, yet you need to create the right environment, culture, and engagement for it to work.

The panel: Dan Taylor, Senior Business Advisor at Transformers Institute, Dave Schedin, from Computrek Automotive Management Systems, and Murray Voth, owner and principal trainer at RPM training.

If you want the key talking points from this episode, they are already done for you. Go to the show page at Use them for an agenda to help you implement the insights from this Academy.

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Assessments: Hire Engaged, and Productive Employees Who Find a Home [RR 572]

Assessments: Hire Engaged, and Productive Employees Who Find a Home [RR 572]

There is a need in supporting businesses in enhancing their organizational eco-system through it’s single most important asset… The PEOPLE! The lifeline of a healthy business culture can be done at the tip of your fingertips

My guests today are; Carlo Sabucco, Mark Simons, David & Bonnie Schedin. They will be enlightening us with the value and importance of assessments. Assessments can identify people who have the highest probability of being successful in a role and provide practical recommendations for maximizing their performance.

learn the importance of two different assessments and how hiring with this knowledge will help your businesses leverage and streamline your hiring process and find a great match to enhance your team

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Live at the Grill with Chris Della Bella [THA 186]

THA 186 Live at the Grill with Chris Della Bella

Welcome friend to a first for the Town Hall Academy. I attempted to pull off a live cooking show with my friend Chris Della Bella, the Director of Market Development, Northern US for Advance/Carquest. We had some tech glitches, but we created a short and fun episode that accomplished our goal.

You know food is a universal language and breaking bread with people is one of the most intimate and fun relationship builder.

Imagine a cooking show in audio format. Our industry is known to hold cookouts for the team and with that idea in mind, we held a live cooking show. Sure you can listen to the podcast or go to the show notes page or my Youtube channel to watch Chris in action.

I hope you have plans this week to cook out for your team and your family while practicing social distancing.

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Recruiting and Job Search for Industry Technicians and Owners – Elie Massabki [RR 536 ]

Elie Massabki is the founder and CEO of Mechanics & Body Shops Marketplace, a company focused on helping auto repair shops find talent and empowering automotive professionals through permanent job placement, free career advice, resume reviews and an App to find permanent jobs with reputable businesses and side/temporary jobs quickly. Elie is an automotive enthusiast who…

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Aftermarket Acumen Part 3 [RR 508]

Donny Seyfer the executive officer of NASTF (National Automotive Service Task Force) and Partner in Seyfer Automotive in Wheatridge, CO. Listen to Donny’s previous episodes HERE. Jeremy O’Neal President and lead sales trainer for Advisorfix, began his career as a Service Advisor and moved into Service Management at the dealership level for VW, Audi, and Porsche. He consistently placed…

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Aftermarket Acumen Part 2 – HR Concerns [RR 506]

Sara Fraser is a millennial who has a love for life, travel, and connecting with other humans! She has over 15 years of retail management experience, the last 6 of them as an office manager for a used car sales and service center. To bring her customer service, marketing, and business knowledge to the automotive industry she has…

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RR 486: Dan Taylor – Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Leads to High Performing Companies – Part 3

RR 486: Dan Taylor – Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Leads to High Performing Companies – Part 3

There are 4 pillars that make our discussion stand today. These pillars are the ones that solidify the company’s cultural EQ. These are personal behavior, empathy, accountability, and training.

I’m once again with Dan Taylor on our 3rd episode on the power of emotional intelligence or most commonly called EQ. This is a big topic. Welcome to the third part of our emotional intelligence series.

So glad to bring you episodes that make you think and self evaluate. If you have any type of leadership role these EQ episodes are for you. Also, see Part 2 in Episode 474 and Part 1 in Episode 461.

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THA 144: Drug Testing in the New Age of Legalized Cannabis

THA 144 Drug Testing in the New Age of Legalized Cannabis

We are talking about Drug Testing in the New Age of Legalized Cannabis. You’ve got to pay attention to your HR policies and procedures as states continue to rule on medicinal cannabis, recreational Marijuana and the decriminalization of pot.

As drug testing is something shop owners do, what are the guidelines now with states legalizing Cannabis. What about an accident on a test drive. What type of tests are required? Have you talked to your liability insurance or workman’s comp carriers?

The panel does their best to sort this out and provide you with plenty to consider. I’m with Judy Zimmerman Walter, attorney Noah Frank, and Frank Scandura.

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RR 474: Dan Taylor – Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Leads to High Performing Leaders – Part 2

Dan Taylor – Emotional Intelligence leads to High Performing Leaders – Part 2

Leadership has its different styles and strategies. How well you lead depends on how you treat followers and how you treat yourself as a shepherd towards its own flock.

Throughout time, we learned that there are different types of leaders, leaders who have different mindsets, discipline, strategies and even outlook. As you have studied lessons of leadership you may have discovered a formula that works, grows your influence and builds a team. So much of your leadership skills are about your Emotional Intelligence or EQ. We are talking EQ in Part 2 with Dan Taylor, a Senior Business Advisor at Transformers Institute

We will be expanding on our discussion of Emotional Intelligence and its relevant effects on leadership as a whole and how it can impact the aftermarket industry.

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THA 140: Interview Tactics for a Cultural Fit

THA 140 Interview Tactics for a Cultural Fit

How many interviews have you done? How many have sparked a great hire? We are here to talk about that.
Welcome Kirk Richardson, South Street Auto Care, Rochester, MI, Jim Hayes, Shop General Manager at Pacific Motor Service in Monterey, CA 2 Shops and Dan Taylor, Coach at Transformers Institute.

This episode is packed with Human Resource wisdom and we get into interviewing tactics, form and format that will help you build your bench and make quality cultural hires that fit into your business like a glove.

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RR 466: Mike Davidson – Compliance to Wage and Hour Rules for Aftermarket Professionals

RR 463: Mike Davidson – Wage and Hour Laws and Keeping Compliant

As you go through this episode you’ll understand the intricacies of getting your employee’s pay reflective of the department of labor laws. It is not as easy as you have come to manage.

Mike Davidson from Parkway Automotive in Little Rock, Arkansas, been in the industry for more than 30 years and a business owner for over 18. Mike Davidson is an AMI graduate, an ASE Master Technician, is a part-time Elite Worldwide coach and was recognized as the Arkansas NAPA/ASE tech of the year seven years in a row. Mike helped start the Little Rock chapter of ASA and is currently an officer.

Mike tells the story of why he wrote the book. He’s been a big contributor to his aftermarket peers and this book is another example of Mike’s tenacity to get it right.
There are a lot of things to take note of especially when you need to conform to the letter of the law both Federal and State as it relates to wage and hour.

This is no smoke and mirrors. I recall friends who got burned on paying bonuses and which employees qualified to be salary.

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RR 461: Dan Taylor – Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Leads to High Performance Shops – Part 1

Dan Taylor – Emotional Intelligence Leads To High Performance

In the business of the aftermarket, we are always in search of leadership qualities to take our business and team to the next level. It is not necessarily how smart you are but how you manage your and your team’s emotions.

Let me set the stage; here is a quote from noted author Daniel Goleman: In a study of skills that distinguish star performers in every field from entry-level jobs to executive positions, the single most important factor was not IQ, advanced degrees, or technical experience, it was EQ: Emotional Intelligence.

This episode has the right ingredients to make you emotionally aware of the properties of your own emotions and how to incorporate them into problem-solving and to the overall emotional health of a shop. My guest today is Dan Taylor. He is the Senior Business Advisor of Transformers institute. Dan will help you understand the importance of Emotional Intelligence in leadership as a huge factor in team and customer retention.

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RR 456: Jennifer Grady ESQ – Harassment Training Required by Law

Jennifer Grady ESQ – Harassment Training Required by Law

Jennifer A. Grady, Esq. is the founder of the law firm The Grady Firm, P.C. Ms. Grady is an attorney, corporate trainer, and international speaker. She founded the firm in 2012 with a passion for helping business owners, entrepreneurs, and their families achieve the American Dream of freedom, opportunity, self-sufficiency, and success.

Are you aware that the lion share of small businesses must have required harassment training for their employees? In this episode, you have a chance to be personally updated on harassment training and the change in the law that requires training if you have 5 or more employees.

This episode helps you understand the serious issues of sexual harassment in the workplace. Never discount the fact that your business is resistant to a harassment claim. We rarely talk about this topic and it is time.

Learn how you can improve your position or understand what you need to do to implement strong policy in your company so you can minimize your exposure and also be compliant to the letter of the law.

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THA 119: Improving Employee Loyalty

Improving Employee Loyalty

Fuel your engine today with our discussion on Improving Employee Loyalty with my shop owner panel Donnie Hudson from Troy Auto Care in Troy, MI, Roy Foster from Roy Foster’s Automotive in Reno, NV and Steve Finzel from Finzel’s Master Tech in Terre Haute, IN They’ve built a family culture in their shops and you can too.

You’ll hear how they did it and understand why they created the programs that build loyalty and retention from their people. I know you’ve heard this adage before: “Take care of your people and they will take care of your customer.” This episode will give you a great idea on how to do that.

Prepare for many strong ideas coming at you so. Pick a few and start to implement them in your business. The panel admits, it did not happen overnight but was nurtured for years. So you need to start. Keep in mind that it is imperative you seize onto a new idea, own it, implement it and watch it transform your business.

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THA 108: The Value of a Professional HR Support Company

The Value of a Professional HR Support Company

OK Let’s Talk HR and Professional Employer Organizations (PEO). The Academy team includes Kevin & Lisa Eckler, Foreign Car Specialists, Poughkeepsie, and PEO specialists; Jim Belliveau, from Acadia HR and Greg Bauer, from ESC Employer Services

Shop owners Kevin and Lisa Eckler brought me this topic because it has made a huge difference in their business. As Kevin says he wants control and trusts no-one. The sheer fact that he brought on a PEO company to be his HR department is a testament to the fact that he is still in control and has a ton of trust.

As Kevin says, they started on his handbook, it needs to work legally because if there is a problem the policy will be carefully scrutinized. Benefits are another huge option in a PEO. So many in the industry have told me that this is the year they are going to expand their team benefits so they can have a competitive advantage and also to become a retention tool. A PEO can help with your benefits program.

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