Incentive Pay Ideas for Technicians [THA 282]

Did you know incentive pay plans are both monetary and nonmonetary? Your business must be profitable and have a clear vision with the right culture set in place for incentive plans to work. How are benefits, bonuses, and incentives different? Keep listening to find out how to incentify your employees to achieve their dreams.

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ASE Board Chairman Brad Pellman [RR 718]

ASE has made a commitment to its certifications and continues to push forward with its own app to make recertifications a learning opportunity. Not only do certifications benefit the technician and business owner, but it is also a tool to educate customers. It’s time to promote your business and employees and show your professionalism in the industry as ASE celebrates its 50th year.

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How to Pass a Wage and Hour Audit from DOL [RR 704]

How to Pass a Wage and Hour Audit from DOL [RR 704]

When was the last time you thought about your business being audited? The proverbial ‘Hi I’m from the government and I’m here to help!’ type of audit. Well, they are very real and we hear of stories and fines that get levied because we are not paying attention to specifically wage and hour laws. If you thought about it more often, you would be taking all the precautions to avoid penalties and fines. This episode is all about an audit and how to play by the rules. Don’t wait until the department of labor calls, take action to ensure your business is conforming to the law.

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Rethink Your Compensation Plans – Darrin Barney [RR 691]

Rethink Your Compensation Plans [RR 691]

In this episode, Darrin Barney discusses an overview of a class he presented at ASTE 2021 titled “Pay Plans Used by the Top Shops in America.” Some excellent ideas and insights that every shop owner can use in their business. As your business and employees change, so should your compensation plan. Darrin also explains the importance of guiding principals, goals, and employee retention.

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Hiring Practices with Bryan Kelley [RR 611]

Hiring Practices with Bryan Kelley [RR 611]

When we talk about hiring, there are a lot of questions that come to mind. You may have already in your business life hired and fired a hundred people. Hiring can be an art, especially if you are looking for just that right team member. Bryan Kelley realized that he needed to get a process down to help improve the quality of the individual he added to his team and business culture.

Bryan Kelley, the shop owner of Valley Automotive, Covington, WA and president of ASA Northwest, has been a great contributor to the podcast. He will share his hiring practices and the reason why he does them.

This is one of those gems of a podcast that keeps you in the front row of life in the auto service business.

We get into the critical importance to hire a cultural fit, interviews, processes and offers. Bryan also gets into job posting, job description and specific indicators you need to find in a good hire.

You can find Bryan Kelley’s other episodes, and this episode’s key talking points, they reside at This is why I podcast.

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Incentive Plans [THA 191]

Incentive Pay – THA 191

We are talking about Incentive Pay. You will conclude from this episode that there is no silver bullet to this answer. There are a lot of moving parts to create compensation plans unique to your business culture for the results you, your employee, and team need to have to best serve your customer and to create financial rewards.

I invited a great panel to discuss incentive pay: // Seth Thorson, from EuroTech Auto Service, based in New Brighton, MN and also the owner of LMV Bavarian a BMW tech support company. Bryan Kelley is here from Valley Auto Electric, Covington, WA, Active and chairman of ASA Northwest and Bill Haas, Haas Performance Consulting, and Business Manager of NACAT, the North American Automotive Teachers

The detailed key talking points can be found at along with Bryan’s chart on 23 motivators of people. Remember you can use them to help create your own plan or meeting agenda.

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Unscripted with Andy Bizub and Lucas Underwood [RR 553]

Unscripted with Andy Bizub and Lucas Underwood [RR 553]

This episode speaks for itself. Raw and Unscripted. And intended to push a button or two maybe one of yours. It’s a collection of ideas and thoughts from my guest’s world which resulted in nothing more than some extraordinary talk.

My guests are shop owners, Andy Bizub and Lucas Underwood. They are veterans of the show and have multiple episodes between them. Andy Bizub owns Midwest Performance Cars in Chicago, two locations and Lucas Underwood from L & N Performance Auto Repair, Blowing Rock, NC

They share the challenges of attracting and retaining customers. Lucas had guidance from his coach that told him that some shop owners often fall in love with their problems and not the solutions. While Andy remains choosy in all of the customers that come through his shop. He programs his business to attract his right customers. This and much more.
Find the key talking points for this interview with Andy Bizub and Lucas Underwood at

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Financial Help For Your Team [THA 177]

THA 177 Financial Help For Your Team

This is an episode I’ve wanted to do for some time. This living paycheck to paycheck syndrome can be corrected. Many spend beyond what they make and they get a raise and the differential is also gone. It is usually a spending problem, not an earning problem.

My panel that includes Danielle Bohlmann, Owner, HWY 7 Service Center, Newell, IA, Dave Martin, Owner, Martin’s Auto Repair, Phoenix, AZ, Frank Scandura, Owner, Frank’s European Service, Las Vegas, NV and Drew Horton, Technician, HWY 7 Service Center, Newell, IA

A bunch of great insights here and you can find them on the show notes page at These key talking points will make for a great meeting agenda.

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Aftermarket Acumen Part 4 – Technician Pay [RR 510]

Donny Seyfer the executive officer of NASTF (National Automotive Service Task Force) and Partner in Seyfer Automotive in Wheatridge, CO. Listen to Donny’s previous episodes HERE. Jeremy O’Neal President and lead sales trainer for Advisorfix, began his career as a Service Adviser and moved into Service Management at the dealership level for VW, Audi, and Porsche. He consistently…

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Flat Rate vs Hourly-Bonus Hybrid Pay Plans [THA 157]

The Panel: Jeff Matt from Victory Auto Service in Minneapolis and St. Petersburg, FLA, was featured in episode 48. Jeff owns six locations with one being in Florida. He has over 40 team members and has grown through acquisition. Jeff opened Victory in 1997 as a one-bay shop and has slow steady growth over the years.…

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Matt Fanslow – Kobayashi Maru – Lessons From Star Trek [FTR 77]

Matt Fanslow is the diagnostic tech/shop manager at Riverside Automotive in Red Wing, MN. His primary responsibilities are to diagnose driveability and electrical/electronic issues, and perform most all programming, coding, initializing, adoptions, etc. Basically, if it needs to be figured out or has wires, it goes to Matt. He’s been a tech since 1996. Matt is also…

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RR 478: ASTE Panel Discussion – Technician Pay – Retention – and Benefits

ASTE: Technician Pay, Retention, and Benefits

This episode is packed with great gems of wisdom and gives you a bird’s eye view not only on some great benefits and pay ideas, but as we all must understand it starts with having an enduring business culture. All the pay in the world doesn’t trump an acidic culture.

I’m with Lucas Underwood an Automotive diagnostic specialist, he owns L & N Performance Auto Repair, Erick Bock owner of Bock Auto, and Rick White, President and Lead Coach for 180BIZ, an auto repair shop training and business coaching company.

Building a business focuses on the team you have and how to treat it like a family! We also tackled the creative benefits that entice and motivate employees more. And learn what are the most important tactics to attract and keep technicians?

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RR 466: Mike Davidson – Compliance to Wage and Hour Rules for Aftermarket Professionals

RR 463: Mike Davidson – Wage and Hour Laws and Keeping Compliant

As you go through this episode you’ll understand the intricacies of getting your employee’s pay reflective of the department of labor laws. It is not as easy as you have come to manage.

Mike Davidson from Parkway Automotive in Little Rock, Arkansas, been in the industry for more than 30 years and a business owner for over 18. Mike Davidson is an AMI graduate, an ASE Master Technician, is a part-time Elite Worldwide coach and was recognized as the Arkansas NAPA/ASE tech of the year seven years in a row. Mike helped start the Little Rock chapter of ASA and is currently an officer.

Mike tells the story of why he wrote the book. He’s been a big contributor to his aftermarket peers and this book is another example of Mike’s tenacity to get it right.
There are a lot of things to take note of especially when you need to conform to the letter of the law both Federal and State as it relates to wage and hour.

This is no smoke and mirrors. I recall friends who got burned on paying bonuses and which employees qualified to be salary.

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THA 120: How Can We Provide Our Technicians a $100K Yearly Pay Package?

How Can We Provide Our Technicians a $100K Yearly Pay Package?

We covered a large swath of reasons to review technician pay and to create a fair and adequate compensation plan based on criteria that is a win, win, win for the tech, the owner and the customer.
Our panel consists of Seth Thorson, shop owner at Eurotech Auto Service New Brighton, MN, Jerry Kezhaya, shop owner at The Auto Shop in Plano, TX, Frank Scandura shop owner at Frank’s European, Las Vegas, NV and Matt Fanslow, Shop Manager/Lead Diagnostician at Riverside Automotive, Red Wing, MN.

You’ve heard of the struggles and have most likely had your own issues with losing and hiring technicians. Our discussion is not the scientific answer however it goes a long way to helping you make decisions to retain, create loyalty and ward off the loss of our smart and talented technicians to other shops and other industries.

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FTR 033: Kirk Richardson On Technician Pay Plans

Kirk Richardson is a young and successful entrepreneur. Born into a blue-collar, hard-working family, he was a below average student in high school and college. At the age of 22, he left school and started his first business. He bought his first three bay shop at the age of 24. Seven years later he bought his…

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