Attract, Develop, and Retain Top Automotive Talent [CC 113]

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Building the dream team in the automotive industry goes beyond hiring technicians—it’s about creating a culture that fosters growth, respect, and development.

Join our panel of shop owners as they share their experiences and strategies in building an outstanding team. Topics include the significance of culture, passive and active recruiting, development through apprenticeship and training programs, and retention strategies like understanding employees’ goals, compensation, and creating an enjoyable work environment.

Want to learn more? Join Chris Lawson’s ‘Repair Shop Growth Systems Live 2024’ May 31st – June 2nd in Mt. Arlington, NJ.

Chris Lawson, TechnicianFind.Com. Chris’ previous episodes HERE

Shawn Gilfillan, Automotive MagicKenvil and Lake Hopatcong, NJ. Shawn’s previous episodes HERE

Russell Crosby, Russ’s Wrench Auto Repair, Clinton, NJ. Russ’s previous episodes HERE

Rob Morrison, Morrison’s Auto Rite, Jamaica Plain, MA

Roy Niemi, A & D Auto & Body Repair, Haslett, MI

Show Notes

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  • Repair Shop Growth Systems Live 2024, May 31st – June 2nd, Mt Arlington, NJ:
  • Attracting Employees (00:00:01) Discussion on strategies and stories for attracting skilled technicians and employees to automotive repair shops.
  • Upcoming Summit (00:01:11) Introduction of a summit focused on attracting, growing, and retaining employees in the automotive repair industry.
  • Personal Stories of Attraction (00:02:26) Shop owners share personal stories and strategies for attracting and hiring employees, including promoting unique employee benefits and culture.
  • Writing Attractive Job Ads (00:10:03) Discussion on the importance of highlighting ongoing training and development opportunities in job ads to attract skilled technicians.
  • Employee-Centric Job Ads (00:14:31) Highlighting the core elements that technicians look for in job opportunities, including compensation, growth opportunities, and respect for work-life balance.
  • Creating an Apprentice Program (00:16:21) Establishing in-house mechanic apprentice program with local institutions and colleges to attract and develop young technicians.
  • Focusing on Personal Growth (00:17:09) Prioritizing individual growth and ambitions, not just automotive knowledge, to attract and retain young staff.
  • Hiring and Fostering Culture (00:18:09) Emphasizing the importance of hiring and fostering culture through team involvement in the hiring process and internal recommendations.
  • Attracting and Retaining Talent (00:19:43) Introducing as a solution for finding skilled automotive technicians and retaining a strong team.
  • Recruitment Strategies (00:21:05) Recruiting individuals with strong work ethic and potential, focusing on personal and professional development, and utilizing mentorship programs.
  • Building a Candidate Bench (00:24:17) Emphasizing the importance of keeping and organizing job applications to build a candidate bench for future hiring needs.
  • Engaging Families and Open Communication (00:29:00) Involving employees’ families in company activities, promoting honesty and open communication, and addressing personal well-being through a life coach.
  • Listening and Individual Management (00:31:14) Highlighting the importance of active listening, intuition, and individualized management to improve employee retention.
  • Attracting and Retaining Employees (00:31:57) Strategies for supporting employees’ financial well-being and making work enjoyable.
  • Creating a Fun Work Environment (00:32:37) Implementing games, profit-sharing, and unique incentives to make work enjoyable.
  • Recruiting and Developing Future Technicians (00:35:40) Strategies for attracting potential superstars from marginal shops and nurturing talent.
  • Employee Compensation and Long-Term Care (00:40:33) Ensuring fair compensation and care for long-term employees to retain talent.
  • Profit Sharing and Business Understanding (00:45:33) Educating employees about profit sharing and the mechanical perspective of business operations.

Thanks to our Partner, Technician Find

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