20 Group Peer Review [THA 273]

How often do you have an outside perspective on your business to offer improvement ideas? What about 35 outside perspectives? Last month Brian Weeks hosted a team of shop owners from his peer group, from around the country, to dig deep into his business. Keep listening to find out what helpful tips and insights they offered and what they learned from each other.


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The Joy of Hiring [RR 716]

How did you develop your hiring process? Did you learn from other colleagues? Did you look online? Do you make decisions based on your intuition? Do you cross your fingers and hope for the best because you are desperate to fill a position? It’s time to take proven methods and guidance with Maylan Newton’s book “The Joy of Hiring”. You’ll also hear from a shop owner that implemented the concepts from this book into her hiring routine. She says it has completely changed her process and improved her hiring skills.


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How to Pass a Wage and Hour Audit from DOL [RR 704]

How to Pass a Wage and Hour Audit from DOL [RR 704]

When was the last time you thought about your business being audited? The proverbial ‘Hi I’m from the government and I’m here to help!’ type of audit. Well, they are very real and we hear of stories and fines that get levied because we are not paying attention to specifically wage and hour laws. If you thought about it more often, you would be taking all the precautions to avoid penalties and fines. This episode is all about an audit and how to play by the rules. Don’t wait until the department of labor calls, take action to ensure your business is conforming to the law.


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Yellow and Red Envelopes with Seth Thorson [RR 635]

Yellow and Red Envelopes with Seth Thorson [RR 635]

In this episode multishop owner Seth Thorson, Eurotech Auto Repair, explains two important envelopes he has in his office. One is yellow and one is red and they contain key information if he unexpectedly was away from his business.

As shop owners you are constantly working on your business, but did you ever think about what would happen to it if you weren’t around? Where would someone find important passwords or contact information for sustaining your business? No one plans for accidents to happen but it’s important to prepare for the unexpected for your business’s survival, and for your family and employees.

The key talking points for this episode reside at remarkableresults.biz/e635

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Cares Act & Payroll Protection Program Update with Hunt Demarest, CPA[THA 196]

CARES ACT and PPP Update with Hunt Demarest [THA 196]

I’m with Hunt Demarest CPA in this Payroll Protection Program or PPP update.

Hunt says that there is a document that says the deadline for PPP forgiveness is October 31, 2020. That is not true and Hunt explains. If you did get PPP funds there is a deadline to apply for forgiveness and he shares the timing on that. If you got an EIDL loan that must be paid back. Check with your banker or accountant. Don’t ignore it.

Hunt provides some tax consequence talk, but more importantly, you need to work with your banker, accountant or tax preparer to be sure you are compliant with the law i

Hunt is from Paar Mellis an accounting firm that exclusively works with aftermarket shop owners. Hunt has contributed in past episodes and he always offers great advice. Nothing in this episode is to be construed as gospel. You must do your own research and consult with your own professionals.

If you want the key talking points from this episode, they are already done for you. Go to the show page at remarkableresults.biz/a196.

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Assessments: Hire Engaged, and Productive Employees Who Find a Home [RR 572]

Assessments: Hire Engaged, and Productive Employees Who Find a Home [RR 572]

There is a need in supporting businesses in enhancing their organizational eco-system through it’s single most important asset… The PEOPLE! The lifeline of a healthy business culture can be done at the tip of your fingertips

My guests today are; Carlo Sabucco, Mark Simons, David & Bonnie Schedin. They will be enlightening us with the value and importance of assessments. Assessments can identify people who have the highest probability of being successful in a role and provide practical recommendations for maximizing their performance.

learn the importance of two different assessments and how hiring with this knowledge will help your businesses leverage and streamline your hiring process and find a great match to enhance your team

The key talking points and important links found at remarkableresults.biz/e572/

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The Value of a Strong Banking Relationship [THA 175]

  The Panel:   Denise Guyton-Boyer, SVP Commercial Lending, FCB a Division of ACNB Bank. Denise’s banking career has included branch management, consumer and residential lending and commercial lending. She attended Community College, University of Maryland School of Banking, Xerox University of Commercial Lending. Mark Roberts is the owner of Roberts Properties, Inc, Managing Partner of…

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Insurance Coverage Review – Part 1 [THA 161]

https://youtu.be/QBQiSKOEIG4 Bambi Crozier, wife and co-owner with Neil Crozier, of Car Clinic in Lowell, AR (Northwest Arkansas), has a passion for the hardworking shop owner. Her vision to Change the Face of Automotive Care motivates and inspires every aspect of her daily operation. She entered the industry in 2012 as an entrepreneur shortly after moving…

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THA 150: Three Financial Challenges – Coaches Perspective

David Justice has been an auto care professional for over 30 years. He grew up in the family business working for his father. At, a young age David purchased his father’s business and went on his own. Over the years David had multiple Shell Gas stations. Find David’s other episodes HERE. Cecil Bullard is President of the Institute for…

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RR 410: Tom Ham – Running Your Business Remotely

Tom Ham: Running your Business Remotely

Tom answers some big questions like: Does it take the right culture and people to make working remotely work? What kind of self-discipline to you need? And how does technology make it feel like you are there? We cover a full spectrum of how Tom makes it work.

Tom Ham gives us the blueprint on how to run a remote office and what are the expectations that come along with it.

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THA 059: Critical Daily Actions That Matter

Shop Owners Must Do’s: Daily Actions that Matter: Why Routine Matters.

We had a very deep discussion on critical daily actions that will keep your business compliant and running smoothly. You’ll walk away with a strong sense of discipline in building a daily task list that you stick with. Without proper planning and a strong checklist, that you are accountable for (or that you delegate), too many slips through the cracks and eventually crashes into your well-intentioned routine.

Bambi Crozier wife and co-owner with Neil Crozier, of Car Clinic in Lowell, AR, Mark Goldsmith Mark’s Independent Service in Chatsworth, CA and Rick White Rick is President and Lead Coach for 180BIZ bring their great insights on the importance of planning to be a strong business leader and watchdog.

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THA 055: The Importance of Back Office Operations – Part 2

The Power Center of your Business is in the Back Office PART 2

Amy Mattinat, Jacquie Walter Hower, Maryann Croce and Kim Auernheimer discuss Human Resources and Marketing. Two very important responsibilities of the CEO and back office team.

Highlights: The legal document called an employee handbook, hire slow-fire fast, know your candidate’s personality and hire for a culture fit.

Track your marketing efforts, never shoot in the dark you may not be spending your money wisely. Have a good referral program for your advocate customer and your brand’s image needs to be consistent and must match the face you put in the web and social media. This group also shares some great marketing ideas.

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THA 044: The Importance of Back Office Operations – Part 1

The Power Center of your Business is in the Back Office.

In this Part One Amy Mattinat, Jacquie Walter Hower, Maryann Croce and Kim Auernheimer discuss controls, operations and accounting/finance.

Highlights: Cash accountability, bank statements, trust and verify. The three stages of a business and the power of communication. With good systems, you can find where any breakdown occurred. Also discussed is team buy-in, QuickBooks, keeping good records, budgeting and cash flow.

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