EOS Part 2: Vision with Barry Barrett [RR624]

We are on part 2 of our 7 part series on the Entrepreneurial Operating System with Barry Barrett a certified EOS implementer. The EOS system includes simple concepts and practical tools that help entrepreneurs get the most out of their business. There’s finally a system to build your leadership team through vision, traction and healthy disciplines
In this part we are covering “Vision,” the foundation of your business. As a business owner, it is critical to get everyone on board with where you are going and how you will get there. And that starts with establishing your core values and focus within the business and mapping out short-term and long-range goals. It’s time to put your ideas and brainstorming thoughts on paper.

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THA 077: Business Coaches LAB – Standards

Business Coaches LAB on Standards

Standards, in a business is the bar, the rules that set the level of quality, service, experience, caring, and engagement. The problem is so many times the owner is so busy doing whatever he’s doing in his business mistakenly believing his job is to make sure cars are fixed.

Owners forget about the standards that set the tone and pulse of the business when it comes to customers, processes, training, conduct, dress code, ethics, financial, execution and performance among others.

You do not want your ‘standards’ to be set by others so you must create them if not chaos is ensured and as panel member Cecil Bullard says, “In business, there is no floating. You either going up or down.”

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THA 070: Business Coaches LAB – Leadership

Business Coach LAB on Leadership

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality”. –Warren Bennis

The passion behind the vision is what makes people leaders. This is a first in an episodic series called the Business Coaches LAB. With me for the ‘Leadership LAB’ is Cecil Bullard, Bob Greenwood, Jude Larson, Rick White and Murray Voth. Find the coaches bio, previous podcast episodes and their companies website on the show notes page: remarkableresults.biz/a070. Also, find the cliff note ‘talking points’ there that can act as a great action to do list for you.

We get into some very deep discussion on the value of leadership, but also on how you can start to be a better leader. Yes, leadership can be learned and practiced. The value of this lesson will bring you rewards for years to come.

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