CEO Margaret Palango Takes the Lead [RR 692]

CEO Margaret Palango Takes the Lead [RR 692]

I’m so honored to be speaking with the new CEO of Auto Shop Solutions, Margaret Palango. In this episode, Margaret shares how she went from a stay-at-home mom to her newly appointed position as CEO. You have to create opportunities for yourself and go for what you want. Her new role will encourage more women to join our industry. Listen and be inspired and strive to grow your confidence so you can reach your goals, take big leaps and make a difference.

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Jimmy Lea’s Top 7 Proven Marketing Methods [RR 687]

Jimmy Lea’s Top 7 Proven Marketing Methods [RR 687]

The online realm of marketing can be overwhelming by just thinking about it. How do you successfully market your business online? Stop spending money on methods that don’t produce or may even work against you. You need to measure and manage your marketing for the most significant results possible. I’m in the ASTE 2021 studio with Jimmy Lea, Kukui evangelist, to discuss the top 7 methods you can implement in your shop today that are proven to put your shop on top.

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Cybersecurity: Defend and Protect Your Business and Network [RR 581]

Cybersecurity: First Line of Defense for your Business – RR 581

Chris Cloutier has brought his wisdom and insights to the podcast over the years. // he and his brother own Golden Rule Auto Care and is CEO of Jay Mikulovich is the founder and CEO of Revival Technology LLC. We will be traversing the world of cybersecurity.

As we all know, cybersecurity is the defense and protection of your computers, mobile devices, or any electronic gadgets connected to the internet against any form of malicious software and hackers. You may be saying why me, Carm. I don’t need to care about this.

Many say differently. You’ve got to take a proactive position to minimize threats that loom to affect computer systems. Learn from this episode, the best practices needed to protect your business from threats that include ransomware, viruses, and malware.

Don’t ignore this. We tend to overlook securing our network and systems with the attitude that it will not happen to me. Find the key talking points at

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RR 337: Mandy Pennington from Net Driven – Influence Your Customer in Their Digital Hangouts

Influence your Customers In Their Digital Hangout.

Mandy Pennington is the Director of Internet Marketing at Net Driven and she brings an array of ideas to improve the influence you have on your customer where they interact with you in their digital world.

The more listening and empathizing you are engaged with your customers the more effective you can make your marketing and experiences. Be your customer’s ‘Day Maker’. Take ownership of your website and your social media channels so you can influence your customer in those micro-moments. Meet them where they are.

We talk SEO, your customer purchase journey, and digital marketing trends for 2018 & beyond. We discuss protecting your online Image and the very big push for having a mobile-friendly website. It will make a difference in your digital marketing.

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THA 065: Your SMS Data – Who Controls It?

Do You Have Control of Your Business Intelligence Data?

Data is king. It is ok to share your data if you know who you are sharing it with? If and when you share your customer database with vendors; what do you want them to do with it and how should you expect them to treat it thereafter?

These topics and many more are covered in the lively and wide-ranging discussion and debate over data and what happens to your data once you sign an End Users License Agreement (EULA).

Guests include Karim Morsli, Winkler Automotive Service Center, Bill Nalu, Interstate Auto Care in Madison Heights, MI, Chris Cloutier, owner of Golden Rule Auto Care in Dallas, TX and president of and Greg Buckley, Buckley’s Personalized Auto Care in Wilmington, DE.

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RR 240: Marion Miller from Complete Marketing Resources

Have You Ever Wondered If Your Website Is Keeping Pace with The Needs Of Your Customer?

Marion Miller from Complete Marketing Resources is a website expert. Her company has received Top 10 Automotive Website honors in 2015 & 2016. She is keeping pace with changing technologies and especially with what works for consumers.

Among ten top talking points we talk about the power of your home page, the evolution of web-based search (will you be ready for this change), the value of blogging, and the top three ingredients to an award winning website.

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THA 011: Your Website – Tactics To Improve

Your Website – Tactics to improve Traffic and other Tech Talk as discussed by two industry experts, Danny Sanchez from Auto Shop Solutions and Todd Westerlund, CEO of Kukui. Along with shop owners Ryan Clo from Dubwerx in Cincinnati, OH and Doug Grills from Autostream in the Greater Baltimore/Washington, DC area.

Great talk on being mobile, Google Analytics, SEO, review marketing being sure your site converts customers, website design, analytics and call tracking, and working with Google Premier Partners.

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RR 156: Kathleen Long from Repair Pal

It doesn’t take much for consumers to be disloyal to their repair shop.

Kathleen Long the VP of Customer Success and GM of the Shop Network at RepairPal shares results of their constant surveying of the automotive consumer. This episode is packed with quantifiable and conceptual strategies to improve the service professionals total customer service experience.

This data brings a perspective to what needs to be done by the service professional to accommodate the consumer’s needs and perceptions that will grow their service business.

Episode highlights include warranty, reviews, pricing, the showroom or lobby, bathrooms, loaner cars, quality vs convenience, texting, and a good bedside manner. There is something here for everyone.

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RR 136: Dave Erb from Hire Frederick

Dave Erb has been in the auto industry for over 30 years. His experience ranges from working in a parts store to every position on the automotive service side of things. Dave purchased his first failing shop in 1997. He sold his businesses and is now channeling his first love ‘marketer helping shop owners grow…

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RR 104: Todd Westerlund from Kukui

Do you want to further your uptake on how to communicate with millennials? Want to catch a discussion on ‘gamificaton? (what’s that … you are just a click away)

Kukui CEO Todd Westerlund and I sat down and had a lively talk that will fill up a yellow pad of ideas. This is not GEEK talk at all, just an enlightening and open discussion where will you will learn at least one new thing.

Audit the other discussion points on lifestyle marketing and taking advantage of social networks. Get your straight up talk on marketing to millennials here.

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