Jimmy Lea’s Top 7 Proven Marketing Methods [RR 687]

Jimmy Lea, KuKui Evangelist with more than 15 years experience in sales and business development for software-as-a-service, financial services as well as hardware products, Jimmy embodies the fabric of the independent automotive industry.

Key Talking Points

  • You must exist digitally, google is the godfather of the internet  
  • 70% of all searches are done from google, 90% are done from a smartphone 
  • Currency/trust- when google has “trust” in you, you will be in front of the pack 
  • Organic- the amount of content and keywords on your website
  • Website- pay attention to the homepage, the header, “above the fold at the top,” logo is top left (brand recognition), your reviews next to logo (credibility), phone number (call to action), schedule an appointment button (generational button)
  • Reviews- set it up right, let customers know what they can expect, give a description of the vehicle
  • Postcards- it will never go away, design it big and bold to get the recipient’s attention. Retention (thank you, service/repair reminders) and acquisition postcards. 
  • Where is your market? Instagram? Facebook? 
  • Social media- engaging every single day, there is no perfect time to post on social media. Build a habit first. 
  • Technician testimonials- appeals to customers and future technicians 
  • Don’t stop marketing- especially when you’re busy. 80% building relationship 20% selling.
  • Texting- text marketing, one to one texting reminders/thank you/ask for reviews, webchat texting

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