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Archive for December 2015

RR 074: Catering to the Female Customer

Why Listen? Did you always want to know what it takes to create a women friendly repair shop? What kind of amenities? Do women car care clinic bring value? Is the bar higher for women? Heavy talk that customer service to women needs the same respect that you give men. We discussed service reps, communication,…

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RR 072: Tony Molla on the 21st Century Repair Shop

Tony Molla, Vice President of ASA, The Automotive Service Association and I hand a frank discussion on ‘The 21st Century Repair Shop’. You will take-a-way a perspective on the: Need for a learning culture Impact of technology Need for owners to be involved in the industry, to network and to be involved in 20 groups…

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RR 071: Chris Price from Saratoga Shell

Chris Price from Saratoga Shell in San Jose, CA is just a stone’s throw from Apple Headquarters. He says that the medium income in the market is $350,000 and houses start at $2.5 Million. Only a handful of markets in the country can boast those stats. Chris is a 25 year industry veteran with 3…

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RR 070: G Jerry Truglia with ATTS

G Jerry Truglia is well known for his automotive training through his company ATTS: Automotive Technician Training Services, where he covers topics ranging from hybrid vehicles, electricity, to Heavy Duty Truck repair. G is also a very proud founding member of the non-for profit Technician Service Training group (TST).  TST is a 501(c)(3) educational not-for-profit and…

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RR 068: Shari Pheasant from Horse Power Strategies

Shari Pheasant is owner with her husband of a professional repair shop in Reno, NV and the COO of the Institute for Automotive Business Excellence, and also the founder of Horse Power Strategies. This episode brings a focus to Shari’s passion for and focus on personal growth and professional development through equine based strategies. Her…

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RR 067: Joe Valind from Auto Safety Center

As a high school senior Joe got his first automotive mechanic job in September 1995 through his high school co-op program. As the Lord’s providence would have it, the placement was with Roger Berth at the Auto Safety Center. (The shop he owns today)  In January 1996 Joe graduated from West Bend East High School…

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