RR 070: G Jerry Truglia with ATTS

G Jerry Truglia is well known for his automotive training through his company ATTS: Automotive Technician Training Services, where he covers topics ranging from hybrid vehicles, electricity, to Heavy Duty Truck repair. G is also a very proud founding member of the non-for profit Technician Service Training group (TST).  TST is a 501(c)(3) educational not-for-profit and is devoted to the following since its inception. The purpose of TST is:

  • Keeping our fellow technicians up to date with the latest technology.
  • Providing quality training seminars and educational materials at a reasonable price.
  • Delivering practical, useful repair information.
  • Keeping technicians informed of industry trends.
  • Increasing consumer awareness of our skills and professionalism

In this episode G will let you know what the hot training topics are going to be in the near future and what he sees is a shift in the way learning happens. When I asked him about finding good techs, he was very pointed and concerned about this most important industry topic.

This very comprehensive and enlightening episode exposed the passion G has about training and the future of the industry. Since he’s been at the training game for years I’m not surprised that you’ve not been to one of this training seminars, seen one of his you tube video’s or been to one of his webcasts.

He will let you know what the hot training topics are going to be in the near future and what he sees is a shift in the way learning happens. When you hear the sound bite in the beginning of this episode he sums it up by saying ‘If You Don’t Update You Evaporate’. Wow, no wiser words spoken in the face of rapid technology changes every day.

G Jerry Truglia assists technicians at AutoClinic in Mahopac, New York about 40 miles north of NYC. This allows him to stay involved  and connected to real world automotive problems, train technicians and validate real world problems that he uses to frame articles he writes and design curriculum. G also works with other repairs shops as well.

Here is a slice of G Jerry’s resume:

  • World Class ASE Triple Master (Auto, Truck, School Bus) A9,  L1, L3, CNG, Undercar, Service Consultant
  • Participated in writing the L1 and L3 test for ASEAutomotive Service Excellent Master Auto, Master Truck, L1, CNG,
  • Undercar Specialist and School Bus Certified
  • Member Council of Advanced Automotive Trainers
  • National Train the Trainer
  • ATTP Master Instructor, New York State , CT and New Jersey
  • ATTP Master Instructor
  • Author / Co Author/ Technical adviser on three OBD II books
  • Truglia’s 2001 book Getting to Know OBD II won a Motor Magazine Top 20 Award
  • Society Automotive Engineers / Service Technician Society Board
    Member and Technical Committee Adviser, STS 2003 President
  • MACS Instructor
  • Fluke Master Instructor
  • SPX NYS Dyno Instructor
  • Rutgers University Instructor
  • Picked as one of the Top Instructors for the EPA & SAE Video on OBD II
  • Published articles for CAAT, Standard Motor Products, Tool & Equipment Magazines plus other publications, assisted in NAPA N.I.A.T. training courses which are CASE Certified
  • Motor Top 20 award winner for assistance on two Tools for Education products
  • Provider of OBD II Training and or training material for the State of Alaska, Ohio, Oregon, Maryland, Nevada, Virginia, New Jersey, New York, Wisconsin and the US EPA
  • Guest speaker at SAE Congress and IM Solutions


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