Aftermarket Radio Network 2023 Forecast [THA 313]

Recession is the main topic for everyone as we enter into 2023, almost 3 years post-pandemic. The Aftermarket Radio Network has collaborated together to offer their forecast for the year. Consider this your ‘one stop podcast player’ to hear insights from an accountant, technician, business coach and marketing perspective. Together, we continue to Advance the Aftermarket.

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Short Term Goals WILL Change Your Behavior – Bob Cooper [RR 693]

Short Term Goals WILL Change Your Behavior – Bob Cooper [RR 693]

Don’t just write down a few goals for 2022. Allow them to change your behavior. As we near the end of 2021, we all start to think about New Years Resolutions. But did you know only 3% of people have clearly defined goals? The other 97% that don’t how to set clearly defined goals — face fears of failure and rejection. This is a one-of-a-kind episode with Bob Cooper CEO at Elite Worldwide, that will set you on a path to change yourself and your business. It’s not about the 97 yards you’ve traveled down the field but the three ahead of you that will score a touchdown.

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Do You Have Financial Peace of Mind? – Bill Haas [RR 690]

Do You Have Financial Peace of Mind? [RR 690]

This episode highlights Bill Haas’s ASTE training class titled “Advanced Financial Strategies for Peace of Mind.” Do you go to bed at night with your head spinning, thinking about numbers, finances, profit and stability? Bill discusses simple financial tactics to ease that worry and stress. Stop hiding behind the phrase “I’m not a numbers person” and start taking control of your numbers.

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Dealer Technicians Build Shop Partnership [RR 667]

Dealer Technicians Build Shop Partnership [RR 667]

Six years ago, two technicians at a dealership decided to start their own business. Jorge and Jason dove headfirst into business together with some major learning curves during the journey.

Like so many green owners, (by green I mean new and inexperienced in running a business) they thought they had all the answers and didn’t need outside help. Sound familiar? Find out how that changed and why it was a major turning point for them.

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Brainstorming on Shop Ownership – A Business Not a Hobby [RR 607]

Brainstorming on Shop Ownership – A Business Not a Hobby [RR 607]

Chris Cotton once again shares his experience on shop ownership. Chris warns that buying your first shop and or getting into business as a new auto repair shop is not a cakewalk. Just because you know stuff about cars and love working on them doesn’t make it easy. You don’t treat it like a hobby, you treat it like a business.

Strong words of wisdom from Chris warning those who venture into shop ownership must have strong financial goals to reach. You need to have a lot of brainstorming or planning sessions to come out successfully. You will not be an overnight success. A fun and fast-paced episode. Make listening to it your homework.

You can find Chris Cotton’s other episodes and the key talking points at

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Proof of Concept [THA 206]

THA 206 Proof of Concept

The pandemic was the test of preparedness, fortitude, leadership, nerves, among others. Our topic “Proof of Concept” is the story behind the strong getting stronger.

The leaders who listened and implemented the strategies being served up by the industry pundits especially coaches over the last 3 to 4 years found themselves in a good place. You’ve heard them enforce on the podcast, … essential tactics like strong business culture, a commitment to training your team, firing non-productive or toxic employees, DVI, Cloud-based software, text to pay and the list goes on like strong leadership. Smart Marketing. Managing KPIs, Good financial statements, building processes, and systems, Etc, etc. In essence, the strong found their pandemic recovery easier than others. That is what we are talking about today: ‘Proof of Concept’

Joining me is Chris Cotton, AJ Nealey, and Michael Gallini. They all agree that they are in a better spot because they implemented and worked the strategies and tactics that the industry is known to create success and sustainable profits. Glad you are here, Let’s Talk About It.

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What Will 2021 Be Like? [THA 204]

THA 204 What will 2021 Bring?

Welcome to the 204th episode of the Town Hall Academy as 2020 is ending and 2021 takes over. Covid-19 continues its wrath and still a huge part in our daily lives. Most important is to move forward with the anticipation and excitement of a new year.

So let’s talk about it. I’m with Gene Morrill owner of Certified Automotive in Glendora, CA, Greg Buckley CEO of Buckley Personalized Auto Care in Wilmington, DE and Joe Marconi from Osceola Garage, Baldwin Place, NY.

2021 will continue to be a year of transition. It won’t be easy. The panel talks about moving the couch, reviewing your fundamentals and believes it’s not over yet. If ever a time to be proactive not is it. We still have a lot of unknowns so pay attention to everything because there are many unknowns. The panel did an excellent job assessing their approach to the new year.

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Wealth Building: Become a Financial Adult [RR 575]

Wealth Building: Becoming a Financial Adult [RR 575]

Jerry Kezhaya and his wife Dr. Laura Shwaluk bring you a powerful discussion on wealth and money. Jerry and Dr. Laura own The Auto Shop in Plano, TX. They are also leading Business Builders Mentor and Mastermind USA, helping entrepreneurs accelerate their businesses and open doors of mental blocks that prevent them from succeeding.

We discuss Debt, Wealth Building, Entitlement, Consumerism and Determining a Need or a Want. Surprisingly, 85% of 65 years or older don’t have access to $25,000. That is a very sad percentage knowing that you have worked almost all of your life, but do not reap the benefits!

Let this episode be your springboard to bounce you back to financial stability. The episode talks about Fiat Currency, the distinction between spending and investing, spending habits, and other in-depth financial mechanisms wired deep within you. As you listen, there are a lot of variables on why we fail with money. But there are also a lot of things to help us with what to do about it.

Get Jerry and Laura’s bio and talking points and previous episodes at

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Why Coaching is a Business Life Saver – Rick White [RR 562]

RR 562: Rick White on Coaching

Rick White, President and Lead Coach for 180BIZ will help you understand and appreciate the shop owner and business coach dynamic. Coaching is about relationships and communication.

Rick and I talk about why a shop does not have a coach and how failure only happens when you refuse to learn from it. Find the talking points, Ricks bio and key talking points at

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RR 493: Do More of 2020 – Goals – Standards

RR 493 Do More in 2020

Since 2020 is on our doorstep you may just write down a few thoughts that get sparked by this discussion. The whole idea here is to share this with you so you can work toward greatness. If you are successful, I know you work at it and strive to get better each day. I also know your fuel comes from learning new things and inspiration from others.

This discussion originated as a CarmCast broadcast live on my Facebook Page. I thought it so good I wanted to share on Remarkable Results Radio My panel is Tom Palermo from Preferred Automotive Specialists and Danny Sanchez from AutoShop Solutions. I asked ‘What are you going to more of in 2020?’ The result was so good that I wanted to share their insights with a much larger audience, hence releasing it here as an RRR podcast.

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RR 341: Mark Bergasse, Carlo Sabucco, Glenn Colling, Todd Sarson. Friends First-Competitors Second.

Friends To The Rescue.

Mark Bergasse from Marks Auto Service in Oakville, ON, had a life-changing medical condition. A heart attack that precipitated a quadruple bypass. His wife Sandy called their friends Glenn Colling of Eastside Auto Service, Todd Sarson of Stop N Go Automotive, and Carlo Sabucco of Sils Complete Auto Care Centre. They share their story of support to Mark and Sandy.

This story is about friendship, caring and the power of humanity. Are you prepared for a possible business or life-changing moment? Is your network in place? Are your friends or competitors ready to step up. Mark, Todd, Carlo and Glenn share the backstory on the value of friendship first, competitor second.

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THA 061: Know Your Daily Sales Break Even Number

The Rule of Holes: Know When To Stop Digging

Knowing your break-even point — the point at which total cost and total revenue are equal is important to running a business. It is not just good enough to reach your daily break even, you must exceed it if you are to stay in business.

Knowing the break-even point is helpful in deciding gross margin on parts, labor rates, setting sales budgets and preparing a business plan. If you do not reach your daily break-even then there is a great chance that you had a loss of profit for the day.

This episode provides a worksheet download for calculating break-even. The numbers will come from your financial statements. Your accountant can also provide them. The key to knowing your break-even set the tone when you are reaching for your profitable sales goal. You’ll know what the minimum excepted number is without digging yourself into a hole.

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RR 285: Ryan Blair – Blair Automotive

Super Growth rate of 40% Has Its Challenges to Expense Control and Cash Flow.

Ryan Blair of Blair Automotive is a highly honored Audi technician and worked at an Audi dealership for eight years before deciding to start his own Audi/VW specialty shop.

As an independent, he has brought a high level of differentiation and a better than dealer experience to his customer. His new location was a perfect ground zero for his increased sales.

We find Ryan with big growing pains and a huge scale up when he moved into his new 12 bay facility. He has no regrets to get the shop where it is and admits he stretched and has personally guaranteed his expansion. Ryan has the perfect outlook and is building a strong business long into the future.

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