A Blessing in Disguise From My Biggest Mistake [THA 200]

A Blessing in Disguise From My Biggest Mistake [THA 200]

Welcome to the 200th milestone episode of the Town Hall Academy. The industry’s premiere and original single subject forum. Thank you for your support in listening and watching the forum and making it a staple of information and insights for our automotive service industry.

Wisdom comes from many sources. If you think about the many mistakes you’ve made there are hundreds. But the blessing that can come from failure is to think of the challenge you faced and the outcome. Your panel today digs deep in their heart and shares with you the triumphs that came from some tough and low spots in their careers. I thank Emily Chung, Kelli Weatherby, Matthew Lachowitzer and Kevin Eckler for their transparent and emotional rendering on how they overcame a huge mistake and found blessings in their decision to act.

Matt Lachowitzer owns and founded Matt’s Automotive Service Center, Emily Chung owns and operates AutoNiche auto repair shop in Markham, Kelli Weatherby co-owner, with husband Lee, co-owns Accurate Automotive in Mesa, AZ., and Kevin Eckler, along with wife Lisa, owns Foreign Car Specialists.

The key talking points from this episode are already done for you on the show notes page at remarkableresults.biz/a200.

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THA 022: Hiring for Team Dynamics

What would you do differently if you knew you could never fire anyone?

Hiring the right team member continues the culture and team dynamic in your business. Hiring the wrong person can crash your culture and create friction in your team.

You need to hire slow and fire fast and hire for attitude, not aptitude; because we usually fire for attitude.

This team of aftermarket professionals brings their experience along with great advice on how to hire smart and for the long term.

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THA 015: How to Improve Employee Loyalty

How to Improve Employee Loyalty and create engaged team members.

Listen to Ryan Clo, Dwayne Myers and Jude Larson talk about the power of gratitude, the importance of sharing your vision, creating a powerful work environment, the value of training for personal improvement, pay and bonus programs, mentoring and why you need to share your numbers.

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