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RR 034: NACE-CARS 2015

Enjoy a narrative from Carm Capriotto as he recounts the four days spent in Detroit at the NACE/CARS 2015 Expo and Conference in July 2015. Listen to his observations and actual quotes from speakers along with specific ‘hot’ subjects having an impact on the aftermarket right now! Get out your pen and paper and get…

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RR 033: Donny Seyfer from Seyfer Automotive

Co-Owner of Seyfer Automotive, in Wheat Ridge, CO. Donny Seyfer, a 3rd generation owner, has over 30 years of automotive experience as a technician, manager and service consultant. His Dad started in 1961 and his grandfather was building race cars before that. Seyfer Automotive provides general repair, and maintenance with a special focus on diagnostic…

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RR 032: Malcolm Sissmore on Telematics

Malcolm Sissmore is a wealth of knowledge on telematics and provides great insight on the subject.  Malcolm is with Delphi Product and Service Solutions. He is the North American Sales Director: Traditional Markets & Telematics and the Country Director Canada. Many of our guests have discussed telematics technology as a potential disruptor or opportunity. Besides…

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RR 031: Todd Holiday from Winchester Tire

Meet Tod Holiday the second generation owner of the 43 years young Winchester Tire and Alignment in Memphis, TN. Like so many of our podcast entrepreneurs this is a great story on growing up in a family business when before school and after-school were all about being at the business helping out. (I’m sure you…

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RR 030: Donny Seyfer Chairman ASA

In May 2015 Donny Seyfer was named Chairman of ASA. He says it is a ‘NEW’ organization that is changing in many positive ways. Donny shares his inside view on the Automotive Service Association and discusses the biggest benefits to the membership. He also talks about their big expo and conference NACE/CARS, in July 2015,…

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RR 029: Andy Massoll from Curt’s Service

Curt’s Service started out as so many shops did back in the day as a Sunoco Station. That was 34 years ago that Curt Massoll got the bug. Andy Massoll, second generation owner of Curt’s Service in Oak Park Michigan. Guest Andy Massoll is second generation owner and has a top shop designation from Motor…

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RR 028: Leigh Anne Best from Brakes For Breasts

(NOTE: This episode was recorded and released in July 2015. The picture above is the presentation for the 2015 fundraising efforts. $141,868 was collected.) In 2011, Leigh Anne Best and fellow shop owner Laura Frank began the “Brakes for Breasts” fundraiser with 5 local auto shops in Ohio. In 2012, they expanded “Brakes for Breasts” to 27 shops across 17…

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RR 027: Bogi Lateiner from 180º Automotive

Bogi Lateiner

Meet Bogi Lateiner from 180º Automotive in Phoenix, AZ.  She graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Oberlin College in just three years with a double major in Womens’ Studies and Pre-Law. Listen to her story on how she got where she is today. Her nine year old shop has an all-female tech team, working eight bays…

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RR 026: Craig Clark from Alfred State College

Craig Clark PhD

Where are we getting our future technicians? Without one doubt this is a big aftermarket concern. There are many great post-secondary training institutes or colleges in the US. One that I happen to know a lot about is in Wellsville, NY. It’s Alfred State College part of the State University of NY system. Craig Clark,…

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