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Archive for January 2016

RR 084: Sheri Hamilton from ASA-Midwest

ASA Midwest Executive Director Sheri Hamilton does not only lead the shop owners in six Midwestern states, she is also the Conference Manager of VISION Hi-Tech Training and Expo. And who hasn’t heard of VISION. VISION Hi-Tech Training and Expo 2016 will be a sell out. Why Listen? Learn a little history of the event and…

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RR 082: Joe Miles from Kaiser Tire & Auto

Joe Miles owner of Kaiser Tire and Auto Service Center in Louisville, KY along with his wife Julie purchased this legacy business on April 1, 2015. (April fool’s day)  That makes for an interesting story. He is no stranger to the industry however as a new business owner Joe shares how his decision came about. Kaiser…

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RR 081: Jody DeVere from Ask

Jody DeVere, CEO of Ask works with automotive retail locations to become Certified Female Friendly, learning how to create a culture and experience that attracts and retains loyal women customers. Jody DeVere is a internationally recognized speaker, trainer, often quoted industry pundit and spokesperson for the automotive industry on the women’s market. She has…

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RR 080: Michael Morgan from Frost Transmission

Enjoy an easy going episode with Michael Morgan of Frost Transmissions in Rainbow City Alabama. It is so rare that 3rd generation business get as far as Frost Transmissions. You’ll understand how when you hear Michael’s story. This humble guy has built a great team and shares great wisdom on his journey to remarkable results.…

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RR 078: Behind the Scenes on the Connected Car Part 1

To say you are in for a deep and powerful discussion about the connect car is an understatement. Your panel consists of four very ‘connected’ individuals as it related to the connected car. With vehicle technology a big part of the Consumer Electronics Show in early 2016, it demonstrates the importance and value of this…

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RR 077: Jeff Peevy of AMI

Meet Jeff Peevy, President of the Automotive Management Institute (AMI), a 34-year industry veteran who has spent the past 20 years involved with education and research. Why Listen?  Jeff discus’s the important role knowledge and learning plays in your organization’s future and why a learning culture is so important. He shares with you exciting improvements…

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RR 076: Alan ‘Ollie’ Gelfand

Skateboarding legend Alan ‘Ollie’ Gelfand owns German Car Depot in Hollywood, FL. His career path to entrepreneur shop owner has taken on a very some very interesting turns. From Skateboarding legend to auto cross state champion to repair shop owner Alan ‘Ollie’ Gelfand has a great story and he is not bashful to tell it.…

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RR 075: Brian Cruickshank from University of the Aftermarket

Brian Cruickshank’s 22-year aftermarket career has been spent primarily in communications, marketing and higher education. He served for 15 years as a journalist and editor at Babcox Media where he covered virtually every level of the motor vehicle aftermarket. His most recent media assignment was Editor-in-Chief of Counterman Magazine where he covered traditional and retail…

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