A Crisis is Rarely a Motivator for Change: Why Wait? – Chip Eichelberger [RR 825]

Did you know most people will die from a preventable disease? 42% of the first symptom of heart disease is sudden death. How much time are you spending on your most valuable asset, yourself? Are you investing in the health of your employees? Everyone thinks they have an infinite amount of time until something happens. Recorded Live at the Institute Summit, Chip Eichelberger discusses actionable solutions to create a healthier lifestyle. It’s never too late to make a small difference in your life. 

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Core Values: Know Them, Live Them [THA 314]

How do you stop having a job and start having a business? It all begins with the foundation of core values. Don’t ‘thesaurus’ your way to writing them down once on a piece of paper. Your core values are the essence of who you are and what you stand for. And guess what? Your company’s core values involve your entire team too. 

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Building Better Team Members by Building Better People – Matt Lachowitzer [RR 821]

How has Matt Lachowitzer been able to expand his multi store business while maintaining the culture within it? How did his team support each other through the sudden passing of a key manager? It all starts with building better people. So how do you do that? How do you find those unicorns that want to grow with your company and lead better lives themselves?

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Learn to Lead: Empower Your People [THA 307]

How do you truly empower your people? What does it take to be a strong leader of your business? How do you motivate and inspire your employees while avoiding burnout? We have an All-Star panel of industry peers willing to share their own experiences and learning curve as business owners. 

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Remote Ownership [THA 306]

Hear from 3 shop owners that run their businesses remotely. Yes, it is possible! If you feel like you can’t possibly relinquish control of the business, these owners are here to tell you why, how, and the benefits of being a remote owner. Spoiler alert: the secret sauce is the people, processes, and systems you have in place.

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Numbers Don’t Lie, They Also Don’t Tell the Truth [THA 290]

The gang’s all here; we have the entire Aftermarket Radio Network together for an important episode inspired by the movie Moneyball. We all have experience with people who are not our top performers, but are we better to have them on the team than not? You know them; they are consistent, reliable, steady, and contributors. Are they worth replacing? Will they become the best or top performers, or do they help strengthen our overall performance? A great discussion among your peers.

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The Value of Exit Interviews [THA 278]

We’re talking Exit interviews. Some shop owners do them religiously. Some don’t want to face the music. Some don’t know what to do in an exit interview. 

Is it a smart time not to burn a bridge? Is there a format to follow? We are going to attempt to answer these questions and more in today’s Town Hall Academy. You can learn a lot about yourself and your company in exit interviews.

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The Many Roles Of The Shop Owner – Dr. Dave Weiman [RR 749]

As we grow as leaders and build a strong culture in our businesses, we take on many different roles. These are unwritten roles that many small business people need to know that may have to step into. Such as a marriage counselor, a person of faith, an intervention confidant, and more. I’m with Dr. Dave Weiman, a great and wise contributor to the podcast, as we discuss the management of all the different hats we put on as business owners.


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Know Your Strengths [THA 268]

How well do you truly understand yourself and the people you work with? Are you going beyond the surface-level interactions and diving into personal development? In this Town Hall Academy, my panel not only discusses the different strength finder assessments but also the ‘why’ that drives and motivates different personalities within your business. A very important episode.


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Important Employee Benefits [THA 267]

Did you know money isn’t the main motivator for employees? How many people are willing to work 40+ hours a week in an unhappy environment while being undervalued? What benefits set your business apart from other shops in your area? And, are you reminding your team of their benefits package so they understand their value within your business?


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Brought His 14 Team Members to Vision – Travis Troy [RR 726]

I asked Travis Troy, point-blank, what did it cost him to take his entire team to Vision this year. I talked to so many shop owners at Vision KC 2022 that closed their shops to take their entire team for some of the best training and networking both Technician, Service and Management. I stopped counting at 30 the number of shop owners who closed their shops there had to be 100 or more based on my simple survey results. Some strategies were to uplift and cross training their people into leadership roles by selecting that type of training. Travis and his partner Josh know they’ll get a huge return on their training investment. The message: get out of your comfort zone.


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Out with the Old, in with the New [AW 095]

Guest hosts and shop tour with Rich and Linda Brauer, 59 Auto Repair, Plainfield, IL. They’ve been in business 28 years and was the 2021 NAPA Shop of the Year. Rich and Linda discuss the importance of being open to new ideas and change, rather than saying “that is the way we’ve always done it.” 


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Power Panel: To Your Health [CC 105]

I’m bringing my power panel back for an important and often overlooked topic, getting healthy. Do you exercise if so what kind of exercise are you getting? My panel explains what they do. How long does it take to get results? How does stress affect our health? How do you curb cravings? My panel shares their routines and challenges. Don’t wait until there’s a health scare to change, lead a healthier life.


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Financial Help For Your Team [THA 262]

Where did you learn about finances? Did you learn it from your parents? Finances are one of the most important elements in our lives, yet most of us never really understand it or discuss it with our spouses or employees. Listen to 3 shop owners that make finances a part of the conversation in their business and for their people.


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The Big Picture Program [RR 715]

I recently had the privilege to connect with Karen Monaco, a teacher for a local school district and advisor for the Big Picture Program during a local independent shop owner meeting. This national program puts students at the center of their own learning through “leave to learn” internships and shadowing at local businesses. If you’re not involved with education, this is your wake-up call to get started. All it takes is a phone call. My goal is that this episode shows you the way to engage our young people in our industry.


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Workplace Motivation [THA 260]

It’s easy to discuss culture and workplace motivation, everyone understands people want to work in a positive environment. But did you ever stop to think about what truly motivates people? Guess what, it is unique to each person. Do you understand the tangible goals for each individual in your business based on what motivates them personally? Spoiler alert, money isn’t the main motivator for people.


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Handling A Toxic Employee with Dr. Dave Weiman [RR 713]

How do we handle a toxic employee? How long have we noticed their behavior and never addressed it? Is it hard for owners to let someone go that they hired and thought would be a great fit for the team? Dr. Dave Weiman, psychologist, and owner of Weiman Consulting explain the behavioral background of a toxic employee. Every business owner needs to listen to this episode!


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What Is The Best Thing You Can Do As An Owner? Leave! [RR 712]

Another episode recorded at AAPEX 2021. In this episode, you’ll hear from three different perspectives, a hands-off visionary owner, his partner and director of operations, and a 26 year old service director that started as a technician. Find out how these three successful businessmen work cohesively together while continuing to look toward the future. You’ll be inspired.


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Father Daughter Teams [THA 259]

If you’re lucky enough to work with family, you know how special it is to have their support and passion. But inserting a family member into a business takes work to maintain a healthy culture. In this episode, you’ll hear from the perspective of two father-daughter teams and how they successfully made the transition.


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Preventing Employee Apathy [THA 258]

Preventing Employee Apathy [THA 258]

How do you prevent apathy in your business? We know hiring is a crucial component in setting your culture the right way, but culture isn’t a set it and forget it concept. In this episode, learn some important tactics my panel uses in their businesses to keep a pulse on their people.


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