Our Adoption Story [RR 800]

Celebrating the 800th episode with a personal story of adoption. Ann, my wife, and I are the adoptive parents of Matt and Tracy. Their nationality is South Korean, which makes us an interracial family. I’m telling this story to help others understand our journey of infertility to family.

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Fixing Fuel Pump Comebacks – Malcolm Sissmore [RR 796]

Live at AAPEX 2022, we are in the studio with Malcolm Sissmore, VP of Sales and Marketing for Delphi Technologies. Malcolm discusses aftermarket solutions for the 65 million work trucks on the road in the United States. He also has a simple solution for contaminated fuel tanks. Delphi Technologies has designed a tool to remove metal particles in a fuel tank. Guess what, it is free to the aftermarket!

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Paul Scanner Danner: His Life, His Brand, His Impact [RR 791]

For my 5th episode with Paul ‘Scanner’ Danner, we sat in the ASTE studio and caught up on his life, his world. There are some great pictures if you watch the video version of the episode of him in 1994 and now. He reminisces about his Dodge Power Wagon, his family, and the Scanner Danner Brand. Paul was at ASTE to learn and continue to hone his craft. Paul has his son working with him in the creative process to keep ‘Scanner Danner’ relevant and up to date.

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What We Can Learn From Our Dentist [RR 789]

Why is adapting to technology important? Keeping up with the latest technology is key to any successful enterprise. It is a requirement today. It increases flexibility, streamlines operations, and helps you adjust your forward progress. I’m with Chris Cloutier and Craig ONeill at ASTE 2022, and we discuss the four ‘Ts’ … technology, touch, trust, and transparency. The inspiration for this episode stemmed from Tracy receiving a video from an orthodontist’s office and how it can be easily implemented in our industry. 

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Right to Repair Update and a Trip to Washington [THA 294]

As one of the top 10 industries in America, we need to advocate consumer choice in a competitive market, and if we don’t do what is pro-consumer and pro-aftermarket, the dealers will get all the business. I’m with Bill Hanvey, CEO of the AutoCare Association, Paul McCarthy, CEO of the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA), and Ryan and Andrea Goff, shop owners that went to Washington to speak to their representative and to show support for the Right To Repair initiative.  Have you signed the petition? Go to RepairAct.com so easy to tell your congressperson you support the Right to Repair.  Stay tuned for an important episode that affects ALL OF US.


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Preparing For The Next Five Years [RR 778]

If only we had a crystal ball to peak at the next 5 years. As a shop owner, you might still be booked out 2-3 weeks, but with gas prices, inflation, the great resignation, interest rates, and new and used car costs, what do you need to pay attention to in the short term to continue to be profitable and relevant? 

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Why Speak to Fifth Graders? [THA 292]

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something. Raising the image and perception of our industry starts with getting involved with schools. If you’re involved in your local community college or high school, I would like to put out a challenge that you also visit the elementary and middle schools. The students are buzzing with energy, questions, and already have a leg up on technology. If you’re not involved with any schools, what’s stopping you?  You can’t afford to not put your time into students, teachers, and school counselors. The impressions you leave on the youth are critical to creating opportunities for our industry’s future.


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Numbers Don’t Lie, They Also Don’t Tell the Truth [THA 290]

The gang’s all here; we have the entire Aftermarket Radio Network together for an important episode inspired by the movie Moneyball. We all have experience with people who are not our top performers, but are we better to have them on the team than not? You know them; they are consistent, reliable, steady, and contributors. Are they worth replacing? Will they become the best or top performers, or do they help strengthen our overall performance? A great discussion among your peers.

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Hypocrisy: Check Yourself, Before You Wreck Yourself – Matt Fanslow [RR 770]

It seems like the hot topic of late is customer service. Businesses are short-staffed… and everyone is asking for customers to be patient. But what happens when something goes wrong? How does that business handle that situation? How does the customer react? I’m joined by another network show host, Matt Fanslow. We discuss the hypocrisy that exists when a business owner is now the customer.


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Are You Selling Customer Experience or Price? [THA 284]

Price, price, price…our lives seem tied to it. And when it comes to customers, sometimes the price is the only question they feel they can ask. Instead of chalking them up as ‘price shoppers,’ are you using it as an opportunity to build a relationship and educate them on the value of your services? Many struggle with this. My panel discusses ways to make price irrelevant. Stay tuned and shift your perspective on price.


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The Extreme Value of a ‘SWOT’ for your Business [THA 283]

How often are you checking on the overall health of your business with your team members involved? Are you identifying and working on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, known as SWOT? How do you start a SWOT analysis? What are the benefits? How do you find your blindspots? Does knowing your SWOT give you a competitive advantage? My panel takes a deep dive into the value of SWOT and shares their own experiences.


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The Many Roles Of The Shop Owner – Dr. Dave Weiman [RR 749]

As we grow as leaders and build a strong culture in our businesses, we take on many different roles. These are unwritten roles that many small business people need to know that may have to step into. Such as a marriage counselor, a person of faith, an intervention confidant, and more. I’m with Dr. Dave Weiman, a great and wise contributor to the podcast, as we discuss the management of all the different hats we put on as business owners.


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How To: Change Your Mindset – Murray Voth [RR 727]

What’s the real reason why you became a business owner? Did you want to be your own boss? Have a flexible schedule? Were you certain you could do things better? My guest Murray Voth explains there’s an ‘entrepreneurial fizz” with so many technicians becoming business owners. But changing your mindset from tech to business owner doesn’t come easy or naturally.


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Can the Independent Aftermarket And OE Work Together? [RR 725]

I have a question for you, are the OEMs really after the service and repair market? Or do they need us as much as we need them? Can we work together, and will that give us access to important information? Rob Merwin joins me, the publisher at Aftermarket Matters, and brings his intel on the Right to Repair Act and topics he reports on. He has big dreams of everyone working together.


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Are You Dreaming Big Enough? [RR 721]

Are you dreaming big enough for yourself and your business? Imagine what next year could look like if you take action today. Don’t let past failures cloud your vision and passion. My guest Bryan Gossel shares his humble beginnings going through bankruptcy with his first business, to his successful 3 store operation today. Listen closely to his journey and story.


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Practicing Automotive with Heipp, Fanslow and Manna [RR 720]

There’s nothing like hitting the record button and letting Bob Heipp, Matt Fanslow and Scot Mana have a wide open discussion about the automotive industry. What does it take to really fix cars? Are we doing a good job explaining it to our customers? How do other industries compare to ours? Should we really be using the term ‘diagnosing’ when what we are doing is performing tests and analyzing? My panel continues to advance the aftermarket, with great talk that will make you think.


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The Leap From Employment to Ownership [THA 263]

100% of business owners leave their business, either by design or due to unfortunate circumstances. The dialogue between the owner and potential successor needs to happen as soon as possible. But how do you start that conversation as an employee? In this episode, we role-play that discussion with Bob Ward, financial advisor and consultant from Wardden LLC. We also hear from James Maurer, a former service advisor and now an owner in transition, and Craig Tice, a 20-year technician looking to become a business owner. Let this episode be your blueprint to get the ball rolling.


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The Power of EOS: 2 Day Leadership Meeting [RR 719]

My panel, back to discuss the Entrepreneurial Operating System and their annual 2-day meeting. If you are longing to create leaders throughout your company, please follow every episode we’ve done on EOS so you can appreciate the strategy, system, and process of EOS. My shop owner panel has never been so excited and rewarded for having implemented the EOS model. They discuss their 2-day annual meeting with their leadership teams and the powerful team and leadership building that was a result of their annual 2-day. This gives you a glimpse of what is to come if you get on board with EOS.


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ASE Board Chairman Brad Pellman [RR 718]

ASE has made a commitment to its certifications and continues to push forward with its own app to make recertifications a learning opportunity. Not only do certifications benefit the technician and business owner, but it is also a tool to educate customers. It’s time to promote your business and employees and show your professionalism in the industry as ASE celebrates its 50th year.


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Ego Is The Enemy [RR 717]

Everyone needs an ego to start something new. Ego and self-confidence work hand in hand. But if you’re not careful, ego can run rampant and stifle both your personal and professional growth. As a business owner, what are you trying to build? Are you hiring the right people and letting them grow? Or has your ego become a roadblock to your success?


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The Joy of Hiring [RR 716]

How did you develop your hiring process? Did you learn from other colleagues? Did you look online? Do you make decisions based on your intuition? Do you cross your fingers and hope for the best because you are desperate to fill a position? It’s time to take proven methods and guidance with Maylan Newton’s book “The Joy of Hiring”. You’ll also hear from a shop owner that implemented the concepts from this book into her hiring routine. She says it has completely changed her process and improved her hiring skills.


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EV Charging Station: What You Need to Know [THA 261]

Going against a tide is never easy, but if you don’t start, you will be left behind.  Ever thought of an EV charging station at your shop? There are a bunch of things to consider. Listen firsthand from shop owners that have an EV charging station at their locations. Find out why they did it, especially knowing it wouldn’t be a revenue builder today. Gain insight and knowledge to keep you current on EV charging station considerations.


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The Big Picture Program [RR 715]

I recently had the privilege to connect with Karen Monaco, a teacher for a local school district and advisor for the Big Picture Program during a local independent shop owner meeting. This national program puts students at the center of their own learning through “leave to learn” internships and shadowing at local businesses. If you’re not involved with education, this is your wake-up call to get started. All it takes is a phone call. My goal is that this episode shows you the way to engage our young people in our industry.


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