Are You EV Ready? [THA 388]

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“Within 15 minutes on the first day, I knew. And I turned to Carm and just said, ‘This is going to be really, really good.'” Matt Fanslow

Recorded at the NAPA Autotech Research and Training Center in Canton, Ohio, Matt Fanslow, Jim Przybylski, and Allen Bass discuss the development and execution of NAPA Autotech’s revolutionary EV Ready Training Program. They discuss the intricacies of curriculum design, the importance of hands-on learning, and the benefits of real-world application in training. Tune in for valuable information, industry tips, and a closer look at NAPA’s commitment to advancing the automotive aftermarket.

Matt Fanslow, Senior Technology Specialist and shop manager, Riverside Automotive, Red Wing, MN. Matt’s previous episodes HERE

Matt Fanslow Podcast: Diagnosing the Aftermarket A to Z

Jim Przybylski, NAPA Autotech

Allen Bass, Regional Manager, NAPA Autotech Training. Allen’s previous episodes HERE

Show Notes

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  • Curriculum Development (00:00:01) Introduction to the topic of curriculum development and the challenges faced in training development.
  • NAPA EV Ready Training (00:05:41) Description of the NAPA EV Ready Training program and its significance in preparing technicians for electric and hybrid vehicles.
  • Real-world Training Approach (00:06:50) Emphasis on the practical, real-world approach of the training program and its relevance to actual field experiences.
  • Continuous Improvement (00:09:41) Discussion about the continuous improvement and adaptability of the training content based on feedback from instructors, students, and customers.
  • Team Effort in Training Development (00:10:50) Insight into the collaborative effort and teamwork involved in developing and refining training content.
  • Hands-on Learning and Flow of Training (00:16:27) Importance of hands-on learning, logical flow, and preparation for effective training delivery.
  • Networking and Bonding (00:17:32) Discussion on the importance of networking, bonding, and informal debriefing during training classes.
  • Class Size and Safety (00:21:42) Discussion on the ideal class size for hands-on seminars, focusing on safety when dealing with high-voltage systems.
  • Owner and Supervisor Engagement (00:24:05) Encouraging owners and supervisors to attend training classes to understand the importance of necessary equipment and changes in the automotive industry.
  • EV Lifestyle and Customer Perspective (00:29:50) Exploring the lifestyle and customer perspective of owning an EV, including the convenience and intelligent features of EV vehicles.
  • Class Scheduling and Location (00:31:17) Information on the frequency of classes, open participation, and the selection of training locations.
  • Future of EV Training (00:33:12) Teasing upcoming advancements in EV training and the industry’s focus on high-voltage components.

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