I Want $1 Million For My Business [THA 240]

I Want $1 Million For My Business [THA 240]

In this episode, my panel will be dissecting a pertinent issue when it comes to selling any business, which is wanting more than it is worth. Many have worked for years and want to get 1 million for their business.

As a business owner, you’ve been painting a very specific picture in your mind about retirement. Where you’ll live, what you’ll be doing, and most importantly, what will your nest egg look like. Too often your ideal price tag does not line up with the bottom line financials of your business and its true market value and what the buyer is willing to pay. And, if you’re a buyer, how do you bridge that gap from want to real value? The panel rolls up their sleeves and discusses both sides of buying and selling a business.


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Selling Batteries with Tom Sciortino and John Armstead [CC 092]

Selling Batteries with Tom Sciortino and John Armstead [CC 092]

How many batteries are you selling in your business per week and per year? Are you testing each battery that comes through the bays no matter what? You might be missing an opportunity to not only make a sale but also gain a customer’s trust that their battery needs to be replaced before it fails. No one wants to get stuck because of a dead battery. Listen and learn from two guys that aren’t shy about sharing how many batteries they sell per week!

Head to the CarmCast Page on my website https://remarkableresults.biz to listen or watch archived episodes.

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Drop the Keys and Fix It [RR 641]

Drop the Keys and Fix It [RR 641]

Think about the latest procedure or surgery you had. You put all your trust in your doctor and the medical staff as you were getting put under anesthesia. Can we translate that trust into auto repair customers? How do we gain “Here are my keys, I trust you, fix it and let me know when it’s done” type of customers? In this episode, Andy Bizub and Charlie Marcotte break down the fundamentals of connecting with customers and what that means to your business.

The key talking points for this episode reside at remarkableresults.biz/e641

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Tires as a Profit Center [THA 219]

Tires as a Profit Center [THA219]

Did you know that roughly 33% of tires that come through your shop on customer’s vehicles need to be replaced? Are you willing to see that money go to someone else? It’s time to turn your business into a one-stop shop for your customers! Find out how in this episode with shop owners who love tires!

You can also watch the show’s video and get the key talking points at remarkableresults.biz/a219

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The Virtual Service Advisor [RR 621]

The Virtual Service Advisor [RR 621]
Amidst the pandemic scare, shops have taken advantage of VoIP, cloud services and new technologies to serve their customers. Some have had to put their service advisor working from home for various reasons. Imagine having support for your counter in the virtual world. Is there is a future for a Virtual Service Advisor?

Our guest today, Robbie Bunch became a virtual service advisor because of the pandemic and has excelled at it. His previous experience helped make this a reality for a shop he supports. Not only is Robbie Bunch doing Virtual Service Advisor work for a shop he continues to work for his other business “Platform Digital Marketing.”

Robbie and I toss out the idea of creating an entire industry of Virtual Service Advisors to support shops when your business is growing but not in need of a full-timer or when you lose a Service Advisor and while you are looking to hire a new person to rely on a Virtual Service Advisor to take up the slack. This episode will get you thinking.

The key talking points reside at remarkablersults.biz/e621.

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Service Advisor Role Play #5 [THA 213]

Service Advisor Role Play #5 [THA 213]

Our role play subjects cover closing the expectation gap on the appointment setting call and understanding the importance of building anticipation in making the sale after the results of the DVI. We also covered how to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Service Advisor in calming the customer while building value in their services and retaining the sale. Lastly, we talked about the effective way in deferring services at the cash-out. All important and vital in building you or service advisor team.

The panel includes Clint White from Shop Vision, Dan McWilliams from Quality Service Center and Ben Lesueur from Oxford Automotive. They put their service advisor strategies for you to follow.

Find ways to compare and improve your confidence and comfort in the face of your customer. Together we have something here. This episode’s key talking points are already done for you. Find them at remarkableresults.biz/a213

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Stop Selling From Your Wallet [THA 208]

THA 208 Stop Selling From Your Wallet

Too many times we think about our own money tolerance instead of the customer needs. We think what others believe is a lot of money to us is not. We also can’t fathom people paying what they do for services because we would not. We have different lines in the sand when it comes to price perception and if you sell from your own wallet you’ll limit yourself, do what is not necessarily right for your customer and limit your potential, not only for yourself but for the business.

In other words, don’t make the decision for your customer. Let them decide. We play a really insightful game that you need to do with your team.

I’m with Brian Gillis of You Net Results, who brought this excellent topic and the neat game we play, also Andy Arndt of Arndt Automotive in Malta, IL. And Keith Knowlton of LKS Auto Repair, Bremerton, Wa. They bring sound, practical, and professional advice for all of us to stop selling from our own wallets. Too many times we think about our own money tolerance instead of the customer’s needs.

This episode’s key talking points are already done for you. They reside on the show notes page at remarkableresults.biz/a208.

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Proof of Concept [THA 206]

THA 206 Proof of Concept

The pandemic was the test of preparedness, fortitude, leadership, nerves, among others. Our topic “Proof of Concept” is the story behind the strong getting stronger.

The leaders who listened and implemented the strategies being served up by the industry pundits especially coaches over the last 3 to 4 years found themselves in a good place. You’ve heard them enforce on the podcast, … essential tactics like strong business culture, a commitment to training your team, firing non-productive or toxic employees, DVI, Cloud-based software, text to pay and the list goes on like strong leadership. Smart Marketing. Managing KPIs, Good financial statements, building processes, and systems, Etc, etc. In essence, the strong found their pandemic recovery easier than others. That is what we are talking about today: ‘Proof of Concept’

Joining me is Chris Cotton, AJ Nealey, and Michael Gallini. They all agree that they are in a better spot because they implemented and worked the strategies and tactics that the industry is known to create success and sustainable profits. Glad you are here, Let’s Talk About It.

The key talking points from this episode are already done for you on the show notes page at remarkableresults.biz/a206.

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Buying & Selling: A Tale of Two Deals [THA 199]

Buying and Selling – A Tale of Two Deals [THA 199]

An episode that showcases a sale and an acquisition and the story behind these aftermarket transactions from two couples who each had a great opportunity.

Kevin and Sarah Bickford bought the Fox River Tire & Auto, Richie and Leslie Zimmerman owned and sold 3 Shops to a big box brand. The reasons and method of these two transactions will help you realize how these opportunities take an immense amount of work and maybe some luck.

The key talking points from this episode, they are already done for you. Go to the show page at remarkableresults.biz/a199.

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Service Advisor Advice from Steve Shaw [RR 586]

Service Advisor Advice from Steve Shaw [RR 586]

Service advisor consultant trainer Steve Shaw of Steve Shaw Training brings his unique brand of training. Steve has some great ideas and concepts that can help you grow sales therefore dropping that margin gain directly to the bottom line. Steve Shaw teaches service advisors to get customers’ permission.

Steve shares 5 key reasons customers buy And he wants you to change the wording when you sell maintenance. There is also a simple approach to selling tires.

Steve also adds techniques in this episode. He advises, if you follow the tools and training you will sell more. He extends his understanding of customer behavior to your advantage. This episode can answer why customers buy and offer some great ideas on selling maintenance and tires.

Find the show notes at remarkableresults.biz/e586.

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Make Customer Service your Single Biggest Competitive Advantage [RR 559]

Make Customer Service your Single Biggest Competitive Advantage [RR 559]

If you are a customer service advocate, one who believes in the Customer Experience you’ve come to a well of information that will confirm your strategies and help to create a new and powerful commitment to your customer.

Author John DeJulius and business coach Alan Beech talk about John’s book ‘Customer Service Revolution’. This is a highly recommended read from me and you can find it on the books page on the website.

John DeJulius says you can’t out market or outspend your competition … You need to out love them with an exceptional customer experience. He also says that exceptional experiences is one of the only sustainable differentiators among competitors.
Learn about secret service systems and soft skills training. You have to know your customer even at the tiniest level like learning what their coffee preferences are. You can out-service the competition this way. Exceeding their expectations ensures having a repeat customer.

Find the key talking points and bios for John DiJulius III and Alan Beech’s at remarkableresults.biz/e559

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Service Advisor Role Play #4 [THA 159]

Jeremy O’Neal President and lead sales trainer for Advisorfix, began his career as a Service Advisor and moved into Service Management at the dealership level for VW, Audi, and Porsche. He consistently placed in the top 3% of Service Advisors across the nation. With a passion for helping others, Jeremy started coaching Service Advisers in…

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Zero Dollar Customers – Tom Palermo [RR 511]

Tom Palermo is General Manager of Preferred Automotive Specialties in Jenkintown, PA. Tom is a world class Master Technician and a Certified ASE Advanced Level Technician, is certified from ASE including Master Auto, MasterTruck, Master Truck Equipment, Master School Bus, Master Collision, Master Transit Bus, L1, L2, C1, X1, P2, F1 Besides the 2015 NAPA/ASE…

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Are You Selling Tires? [THA 155]

https://youtu.be/wVGKlTmEsFE Jae Malinowski has been in the automotive trade for 25 years, starting in the auto-body industry at 18, he then transitioned to auto sales for a couple years. When a chance encounter with a headhunter introduced him to the tire industry. He started out in a management training program starting doing commercial tires to…

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THA 148: Generating Repeat Business

THA 148 Generating Repeat Business

We are talking marketing, mining and relationships with Kelli Weatherby, Accurate Automotive Mesa, AZ with husband Lee and David Roman from Done With Care – Auto Repair, Merriam, KS

Kelli and David shook the trees as it relates to the all-important follow-up visits, referrals, texting, emails, customer shop tours, mystery shoppers, the importance of using your own organic content for your emails and social posts.

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THA 141: Selling Your Business – Valuation Strategies

THA 141 Town Hall Academy on Selling your Business – Valuation Strategies

This episode on ‘Selling your Business – Valuation Strategies’ will provide a great lesson on tactics to obtain a great value for your business. The caveat is that you need to have a successful business and we do discuss some strategies on how to make that happen.

I’m delighted to have Greg Bunch, owner of Aspen Auto Clinic a five-store operation in Colorado Spring, CO and the President of Transformers Institute that provides proven strategies to transform your business, Bob Ward from Wardden, LLC believes that a Perpetual Business is profitable and sustainable without you as you prepare for sale or succession and Joel Zaleski a partner at Cardinal Brokers.

This panel will inform you as we continue an important industry discussion on succession and business valuation. There are many misnomers about what can I sell my business for. If you’ve never done the research you’ll find out it is much different than what you may want for your business. You’ve got to have something to sell to a potential buyer. If your only real asset if location, you could do well, however you need much more than that if you want to sell and retire after years of hard work.

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RR 458: John Passante and Rob Tinson – Is Face To Face Communications Gone?

Fundamental Communicating and Selling. Is Face To Face Communications Gone?

Guests Dr. John Passante is a legacy automotive aftermarket Human Resource Professional and President/CEO of the Organizational Development Group. He is an adjunct professor at the University of the Aftermarket, listed in Who’s Who in Training and Development and in the Automotive Hall of Fame. John is also an Executive Coach to many aftermarket leaders.

Rob Tinson has held key sales and marketing roles in the industry. Rob is Director of Sales for North America at Schrader TPMS Solutions a leading manufacturer of Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems, a part of Sensata Technologies.

Do you understand the basics of communicating and selling? Learn the intricacies of creating a partnership before making a sale. Understand the importance of humanizing a lot of things which were oversimplified by the use of technology.

Life works better when we communicate either using tech or better yet face to face. (Do you remember how to do that?) Communication is very important because it is where we build trust and credibility and how partnerships are built.

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THA 130: Service Advisor Role Play #3

THA 130 Service Advisor Role Play

My guests are role-playing these three situations: #1: Brakes- the client knows what is wrong and the car has been inspected somewhere else, $2: Oil change- just looking for a price and #3: The Check Engine Light is on – how much to replace the catalytic converter?

My panel includes Rena Rennebohm CEO of Empowered Advisor, Dave Nelson From Antero’s Automotive, Greenwood Village, Colorado and RJ Milnes from DK Automotive Repair, Antioch, CA
Let features and benefits be the service advisors strong tools and during a call, you are interviewing the customer and they are interviewing you, both looking for a good fit. If cheep is what they want and you can’t deliver you’ve learned.

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THA 129: Customer Financing Options

THA 129 Customer Financing Options

What options do you have to help your customers with credit choices. There are many vendor credit options to choose from and they are great. Maybe you don’t use them, maybe you should. No one wants a customer to walk out on a major purchase especially safety related. This session is here to help you capture more of the big-ticket jobs.
You just may hear a financing option idea or two that you’ve never considered. And that is exactly what we do here, push the envelope on strategies and ideas to help you grow as a leader and build your business.

Hear about the acceptance rate of vendor finance programs and a few creative ideas on how to lock in customers with a pre-payment plan. Ever do a comparison of buying new or used vs fixing the vehicle that needs all the work? Have you ever heard of the M & D loan? You are about to.

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THA 128: Valuing and Positioning Your Business For Sale

Are you ready to sell your business? Do you know how to prepare? Is it a buyers market or a seller’s market? Do you understand some of the financial principles that drive a transaction? About 50% of you will be impacted by this discussion in the near future.

We cover a large swatch of ground as we talk about the incredible opportunity for sellers as the industry consolidates, getting your financials right, processes, leases, and the all-important EBITDA number.

The panel includes three members of Cardinal Brokers: Norm Gaither, Dennis McCarron, Joel Zaleski and a shop owner who recently sold his business Jeff Pohlman Retired from Jeff Pohlman Tire a 5 Locations operation.

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RR 447: Jonnie Wright – Customer Service: What Are The Three Things You Want To Get Better At?

Jonnie Wright – Customer Service: What Are The Three Things You Want To Get Better At

Keeping customers satisfied is what most businesses strive for and it is what keeps them coming back.

Listen to the story of customer service from Jonnie Wright. Jonnie owns The Buyosphere. Jonnie and I get into a very deep conversation on customer service, generations, the future of phone skills, secret shopping, and reviews. Later in the episode, you will learn that the most important customer becomes the one you w

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