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Delayed Maintenance: The Power of Appointments [THA 189]

THA 189 Delayed Maintenance – The Power of Appointments

This episode is about delayed maintenance and the power of appointments. You are going to find fascinating data and information that will help you make strategic changes in your business.

I’m with Bill Thompson, President, IMR Inc. / and shop owner Brett Beachler, Beachler’s Vehicle Care and Repair, Peoria, IL

To see the data referenced in this Academy episode you can watch the video on the show notes page or find each chart on the show notes page.

BTW there is a ton of great advice here but don’t take my word for it, listen until the end, even in two sessions. Get all the key talking points on the website at

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Margaret Palango – 20 Questions in 30 Minutes [RR 570]

Margaret Palango – 20 Questions in 30 Minutes [RR 570]

Margaret is the Executive Vice President at Autoshop Solutions in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina Area. She shares some great and applicable advice on grit and positive thinking while emphasizing on the importance of building trust and building better teamwork.

Margaret Palango also talks about how she relies on her intuition whenever there is a difficult decision to make. She never regrets listening to her intuition. She made her intuition stronger in her professional life.

Find the key talking points, Margaret Palango’s bio and links to his previous episodes at

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Make Customer Service your Single Biggest Competitive Advantage [RR 559]

Make Customer Service your Single Biggest Competitive Advantage [RR 559]

If you are a customer service advocate, one who believes in the Customer Experience you’ve come to a well of information that will confirm your strategies and help to create a new and powerful commitment to your customer.

Author John DeJulius and business coach Alan Beech talk about John’s book ‘Customer Service Revolution’. This is a highly recommended read from me and you can find it on the books page on the website.

John DeJulius says you can’t out market or outspend your competition … You need to out love them with an exceptional customer experience. He also says that exceptional experiences is one of the only sustainable differentiators among competitors.
Learn about secret service systems and soft skills training. You have to know your customer even at the tiniest level like learning what their coffee preferences are. You can out-service the competition this way. Exceeding their expectations ensures having a repeat customer.

Find the key talking points and bios for John DiJulius III and Alan Beech’s at

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Six Shops in Eleven Years: The Story Behind This Explosive Growth [RR 557]

Six Shops in Eleven Years: The Story Behind This Explosive Growth [RR 557]

I’m with Matt Lachowitzer, a 6 location shop owner. Matt had aspirations to become a lawyer, but a fork in the road led him to be a technician and now shop owner; 6 shop locations in under 11 years. That is an amazing feat but it required a lot of work, a strong culture, pure process disciplines, and a total focus on the customer experience. Matt also has a body shop and an ADAS calibration center.

On his way to owning 6 locations, Matt Lachowitzer dropped out of school and started working In a local GM dealership. Matt shares how he grew and transformed his business with a top culture, an incredibly strong community presence, the Teddy Bear treasure, and the Girl Scout Cookie campaign that supports local food pantries and our veterans.

Learn all about these programs and more along with how he has integrated a lottery system in training and engaged his technicians to own and teach their in house training program.

Matt’s full bio and the key talking points can be found on the website at

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Fake Reviews: How to Handle Them [THA 181]

Fake Reviews – THA181

Fake Customer Reviews, we’ve covered reviews in the past but never have we focused on Fake reviews; the Why they Happen, What to do about them and What should a response look like.

On the panel is Lauren Anderson from eight location Victory Auto Service, Minneapolis, MN, From Mighty Auto Pro in Medina, OH, and co-founder of Brakes For Breasts, Leigh Anne Best, and Mike Della Cruz, National Sales Manager,
And as per usual this panel delivered the goods and beyond, which is why you love listening to the Town Hall Academy.

See the show notes at for the key talking points. Whoever in your company that manages reviews this is a must-listen.

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Why We Have Loaner Cars [THA 180]

THA 180 Why We Have Loaner Cars

This episode showcases two shops that have loaner cars. The industry seems to be split on having loaners. This episode opens up a strong position and the reasons they have loaners.

My panel includes Greg Buckley, from Buckley’s Personalized Auto Care, Wilmington, DE and Tom Lambert, from Shadetree Automotive, Layton, UT

Greg just added three new vehicles and Tom has thirteen. There are support companies that help you with a digital and GPS loaner transaction. Find the show notes at

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