The Role of The Reservationist in Auto Repair [RR 922]

Discover how “reserving” a service advisor’s time, not just the bay, can transform your client relationships and service quality.

Learn about the rise of virtual service advisors and how they’re reshaping the industry.

Find out how a well-trained reservationist can boost your shop’s efficiency and profitability.

Rui Martins, Evolve AD

Show Notes

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  • Evolve AD (00:00:26) Explanation of the company and its focus on aftermarket development.
  • Introduction to the concept of reservations (00:02:06) Discussion about the concept of reservations and its importance in the service aftermarket.
  • Challenges of using the term “reservation” (00:03:08) The challenges faced in using the term “reservation” and its significance in controlling client’s time.
  • Reserving the service advisor’s time (00:04:54) The concept that reservations are for the service advisor’s time, not the bay.
  • Role of the reservationist (00:05:49) The role of the reservationist in handling administrative duties before the client’s arrival.
  • Virtual service advisors (00:07:01) Virtual service advisors and their potential role in the industry.
  • Impact on productivity and profitability (00:11:11) Discussion about the impact of reservations on productivity, production volume, and overall profitability.
  • Handling client inquiries and setting appointments (00:14:34) Explanation of how reservations handle client inquiries and set appointments, potentially involving the service advisor.
  • Importance of reservations in client servicing process (00:11:50) Importance of accurate and well-developed reservations in the client servicing process.
  • The importance of getting the primary concern (00:18:10) Discussion on the significance of accurately capturing the client’s primary concern on the work order.
  • Deferred work and timing conversations (00:19:23) Exploration of how deferred work and timing conversations can be handled during the reservation process.
  • Challenges of managing remote workers (00:20:34) Discussion on the challenges and fears associated with managing remote workers and strategies to overcome them.
  • Skill set and training for reservations (00:24:21) Consideration of the required skill set and training for individuals in the role of reservations.
  • Reservations’ role in administrative functions (00:27:25) Explanation of how reservations can handle administrative functions, such as managing switches and follow-ups in customer relationship management.
  • Estimators in large shops (00:31:49) Exploration of the concept of having a dedicated estimator in large shops and its impact on efficiency and productivity.
  • Delivering white glove service (00:33:57) Discussion on how reservations can be an essential tool in delivering exceptional customer service, known as “white glove service.”

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