Service Advisor Role Play #7 [THA 366]

Through role playing exercises, our panel demonstrates different approaches to selling and communicating with customers. They emphasize the importance of understanding customer needs, building rapport, and being direct when necessary. The discussion covers the significance of tone, trust-building, technical knowledge, and authenticity in customer interactions. The episode concludes with a focus on continuous learning and the value of a supportive work environment.

Rena Rennebohm, CEO and Creator of Empowered Advisor. Rena’s previous episodes HERE.

Matt Bellinger, Service Plus, Watertown, NY

Ali Norton, Rozema’s Car Care in Hudsonville, MI.

Lee Fleming, SA Coach with Empowered Advisor

Megan Dineff, Ervine’s Auto Repair and Grand Rapids Hybrid, Grand Rapids, MI

Show Notes:

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  • Megan’s role-play (00:03:31) Megan, as the “friendship advisor,” interacts with a customer and presents service recommendations.
  • Discussion on customer buying style (00:06:48) Analysis of Megan’s approach as a “friendship advisor” and its relevance to customer interactions.
  • Matt’s role-play (00:09:44) Matt, as the service advisor, interacts with a direct dominant customer and presents service recommendations.
  • Discussion and feedback on Matt’s role-play (00:11:37) Feedback and analysis of Matt’s role-play, focusing on adapting to the direct dominant customer’s buying style.
  • Discussion on adapting to customer style (00:13:06) Importance of reading and adapting to the customer’s communication style and preferences.
  • Ali’s role-play (00:17:50) Ali, as the service advisor, interacts with a technical customer and engages in initial conversation.
  • Technical training impact (00:21:48) Discussion on the impact of technical training on service advisors and its potential misuse.
  • Adapting to customer buying style (00:25:20) Advisors discuss the importance of adapting to the customer’s buying style and the need to gauge their interest in technical information.
  • Reading customer tone and style (00:27:26) Advisors share experiences and techniques for reading and adapting to customer tone and buying style.
  • Building trust with new clients (00:33:44) Strategies for building trust and relationships with new clients, focusing on value proposition and setting expectations.
  • Providing the Best Customer Experience (00:36:30) Tips on how to communicate to customers that they will receive the best experience at the auto repair shop.
  • Empowering Customers to Ask Questions (00:37:23) Encouragement for customers to ask questions and for service advisors to be open to asking technicians for information.
  • Being Authentic with Customers (00:38:19) The importance of being authentic with customers and ensuring that correct information is provided, even if it means putting them on hold.
  • Learning from Customers (00:40:23) The value of learning from customers and the impact of technical training on the industry.

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