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The Power of the Spoken Word

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Automotive Aftermarket Professinals Listen To Learn Just One Thing!

Labor Rates: A Function of the Business Not the Market [THA 187]

The Women Stereotype: Creates Friction, Insecurity, and Gender Issues [RR 567]

Mike Tatich – 20 Questions in 30 Minutes [RR 566]

Live at the Grill with Chris Della Bella [THA 186]

Giving Back: His Calling to Expose the Automotive to High School Students [RR 565]

The Moment of Impact – Validate Your Leadership – Paul McCarthy and John Passante [RR 564]

Apprentice Program – Grow Your Own Technician [THA 185]

Patrick McHugh – 20 Questions in 30 Minutes [RR 563]

Why Coaching is a Business Life Saver – Rick White [RR 562]

Decade the Seventies – Talking Auto Repair [THA 184]

Ryan Clo – 20 Questions in 30 Minutes [RR 561]

Improve Your Leadership Influence: Join Toastmasters [RR 560]

Selling Your Business – The First Steps [THA 183]

Make Customer Service your Single Biggest Competitive Advantage [RR 559]

Unscripted – Mitch Schneider – The Broken Arm Episode [RR 558]

Bussiness Side of ADAS – Part 2 [THA 182]

Six Shops in Eleven Years: The Story Behind This Explosive Growth [RR 557]

Africa’s First Technician Holding Three ASE Master Technician Certificates and L1, L2 and L3 [RR 556]

Fake Reviews: How to Handle Them [THA 181]

If How To’s Were Enough We’d All Be Rich and Skinny- Dave Schedin [RR 555]

Wife Raised the Kids and After 27 Years and Partnered With Husband to Open a Shop [RR 554]

Why We Have Loaner Cars [THA 180]

Unscripted with Andy Bizub and Lucas Underwood [RR 553]

Aftermarket Pros Talk Tesla [RR 552]

Boutique Training: Specific – Focused – Hands On – The Training Comes To You [THA 179]

A Simple Letter of Intent Transformed an Employee Into a Shop Owner [RR 551]

Key Trigger For Success – Communicate Better with Our Younger Generation [RR 550]

Your Cash Position – Staff Reductions – Overall Outlook Coming out of COVID-19 [THA 178]

Female Impact: Getting Through [RR 549]

Tire Pro Wants Your Customer Experience to Be Your Differentiator [RR 548]

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