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The Power of the Spoken Word

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Automotive Aftermarket Professinals Listen To Learn Just One Thing!

Bonus Episode 3 – Town Hall Academy on Insurance Coverage

Kelly Moore – Enticing our Youth to have a Career in the Aftermarket [RR 518]

Are You Paying for Training? The Right Thing To Do [THA 162]

Stop Being Afraid – Bryan Gossel [RR 517]

Shops Putting Others Down. WHY? – Tom Palermo [FTR 088]

Our Customers Don’t Know How We Make Our Sausage and it is Time They Learned [RR 516]

Insurance Coverage Review – Part 1 [THA 161]

Growing Your Business and Striving for Greatness – Kirk Richardson [RR 515]

Kevin Lekas – ASE Renewal APP – Certification Without Expiration [FTR 087]

Aftermarket 2030 Consolidation – Opportunities – Challenges – Succession Planning [RR 514]

Open Forum: Ask the Shop Owner – Part 2 [THA 160]

In Search of Silver Bullets – Scott Shotton [RR 513]

Kim Aurenheimer – Fall In Love With Your Business, Again [FTR 086]

Aftermarket Acumen Part 5 – Succession [RR 512]

Service Advisor Role Play #4 [THA 159]

Zero Dollar Customers – Tom Palermo [RR 511]

Bob Greenwood on Billed Hours Per RO [FTR 085]

Aftermarket Acumen Part 4 – Technician Pay [RR 510]

Shop Owner Open Forum [THA 158]

Teaching Students at Kustom Built Cars [RR 509]

Ben Johnson – The Power of WHY [FTR 084]

Aftermarket Acumen Part 3 [RR 508]

Flat Rate vs Hourly-Bonus Hybrid Pay Plans [THA 157]

Becoming the CEO – Bob Greenwood [RR 507]

Jerry Holcom – Banking on Our Future – TTEF Scholarships [FTR 083]

Aftermarket Acumen Part 2 – HR Concerns [RR 506]

Localizing National Training [THA 156]

Don’t Get Over-focused on KPI’s Without Putting the Customer at The Center [RR 505]

Steve Finzel – Too Many Fluids [FTR 082]

Aftermarket Acumen Part 1 [RR 504]

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