Going Electric in California [THA 320]

California is mandating 100% of new cars and light trucks sold will be zero-emission vehicles by 2035. How will electric vehicles change the composition of our industry? What are the service opportunities? Should you start working on hybrids if you haven’t already? Hear from the perspectives of 3 California shop owners that are ready and prepared for the future. 

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What Does the Shop of the Future Look Like? [THA 308]

What does the future look like for the automotive industry? Listen to the perspectives of Jennifer Maher, Executive Director of the TechForce Foundation, Derek Kaufman, Managing Partner at Schwartz Advisors, Matt Fanslow, Lead Diagnostician and Shop Manager at Riverside Automotive, and Dustin Brown, Shop Owner of Brown Auto Experts with 3 locations. We have an open discussion about future trends, aftermarket challenges, and electric vehicles.

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Transferring Technical Knowledge – Isaac Rodell and Keith Perkins [RR 802]

There is a struggle to improve the transfer of technical knowledge in our automotive service industry. The same people show up to training every seminar. Yet there are a few new faces, but more is needed to make a larger impact on the need and value of training. We all need to do our part and connect with people who do not seek out training on their own and encourage them by paying for their training thereby helping to support your business and their career.

Isaac Rodell and Keith Perkins are industry trainers and Mobile Diag and Programing technicians. You can reach Issac on Facebook: Isaac Rodiesel. This is Isaac’s first appearance on Remarkable Results Radio.

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Electric Vehicle Outlook with Derek Kaufman [RR 776]

Derek Kaufman is constantly scanning future trends in vehicle design and aftermarket challenges, including how recent events in electric vehicles are affecting our near-term and longer-term futures. This is your podcast resource, committed to bringing the future and forward-looking information you can use to inform and map your road ahead.


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Prepare for the Future [THA 277]

How do we prepare for the future? In this episode listen to the insights from the perspective of a shop owner, technician, instructor, COO, and trainer. Times have changed, so how do we get the younger generation passionate about our industry and our high-tech vehicles? What does the future of ADAS and electric vehicles mean to the aftermarket? 


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EV Charging Station: What You Need to Know [THA 261]

Going against a tide is never easy, but if you don’t start, you will be left behind.  Ever thought of an EV charging station at your shop? There are a bunch of things to consider. Listen firsthand from shop owners that have an EV charging station at their locations. Find out why they did it, especially knowing it wouldn’t be a revenue builder today. Gain insight and knowledge to keep you current on EV charging station considerations.


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CarmCast Power Panel [CC 102]

CarmCast Power Panel [CC 102]

This CarmCast featured an anything goes format, a ‘Power Panel.’ No question Bryan Kelley and Greg Buckley would make for a great power panel. What better way to start off 2022 than some comprehensive discussions marking trends like Multi Shop Ownership. We hit some great wisdom on developing Trust, Delegation, EVs, Work-Life Balance, and more. No doubt you’ll pick up a gem or two to help make your 2022 a banner year for you. Let me ask you … how do you recharge? Well, I asked my panel. Compare your rechargeability to theirs. Thanks for listening to the podcast where ‘Your Learning Curve Never Sounded So good!’


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All Electric Vehicle Business Model – Dave Giles [RR 672]

All Electric Vehicle Business Model – Dave Giles[RR 672]

This is a fascinating business model and one that Makes EV’s a specialty, no different than Euro Shops. With OE commitments and government mandates to roll out EV’s and reduce the production of the internal combustion engine, we all need to be schooled in the ‘What’s Next’ indoctrination. It is time to look ahead before you get left behind. David Giles discusses how his electric and hybrid-only business has become a huge success. Keep in mind progress is impossible without change.


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Electrificaton of our Industry – Service Impact and Trends [THA 232]

Electrification of our Industry – Service Impact and Trends [THA 232]

How do you prepare for the future? It starts by acknowledging it will be here before you know it. In this episode, my panel discusses electric and hybrid vehicles with statistics and real shop research that help outline the road ahead.

Don’t be left behind. Don’t be a naysayer. Embrace and understand the role of EV’s and Hybrids. Learn all you can so you can prepare your business for the future. A critical and important podcast so you benefit. remarkableresults.biz/a232

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Playing the Long Game [THA 231]

Playing the Long Game [THA 231]

How do you “Play the Long Game?” Are you making an effort every single day or do you tend to coast when things are going well? Forecasting the future should always be on your mind with fresh ideas and plans in place to get there.

In this episode, my panel shares their ‘long game’ on finding technicians, reasons why hybrid and electric vehicle repair is a must and keeping customers for life.

Spoiler alert: they discuss things EVERY shop owner can implement. No excuses, it’s time to dive in.
Don’t forget you can find talking points to all episodes on my website remarkableresults.biz

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Are You Fixing Hybrids Cars? [THA 221]

Are You Fixing Hybrid Cars? [THA 221]

If you’re waiting for a sign to get into hybrid repairs then consider this your wake-up call! You can either sit back and let a specialization opportunity pass you by, or take action and embrace hybrid repairs whose cars have been around for 21 years. Our lineup includes Craig Van Battenburg, Automotive Career Development Center (ACDC), Cameron Lee, Ernie Lee’s Service Center, and Raleigh Hybrids and Eric Carlson.

They are here to help guide you through hybrid repairs, marketing, tooling, and training. The key talking points for this episode on Hybrids reside at remarkableresults.biz/a221

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Theft of Catalytic Converters with Peter Neilson [RR 545]

Peter Nielson is the Hybrid Guy in the hybrid and electric car space of our industry. His company Certified Auto Consulting, came about to help other niche companies inside the hybrid and electric car market grow. As an independent contractor for sites like TorqueNews, he use his professional skill set to help others achieve success. Peter…

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Shop Owner Open Forum [THA 158]

Panel: Rachael Wacha, City Auto Repair, Gainsville, FL Kate Jonasee, K-Tech, Sebastopol, CA (MSO) Donnie Hudson, Troy Auto Care, Troy, MI (MSO) Jeremy Winters, Service Manager at Weavers Auto Center, Shawnee, KS Talking Points:   Kate’s big thing was the improvement in her company culture and the psychology of herself as a leader was impactful. Rachael, getting…

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THA 134: Market Changes and What I’m Doing About Them

THA 134 – Market Changes and What I’m Doing About Them

We are dropping topics on Hybrid repair and marketing, building technician, avoiding a viral social goof, customer ADAS training, and communication tactics among others.

With me in this episode are three shop owners who really enjoyed sharing their battle scars of success, for that matter they continue to earn their scars as we all do. From Xpertech Auto Repair is Kathleen Jarsik, from Englewood, FL, Kurt Valvis, Co-Owner, Guys Foreign Car Repair, Metairie, La and Brent Robinson, Co-owner with his brother Brian in Snellville Auto Center, Snellville, GA and Loganville Auto Center, in Loganville, GA.

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THA 131: Preparing Your Shop For the Next Five and Ten Years

THA 131 The Future – Preparing Your Shop For the Next Five to Ten Years

What is your future? Have you planned it? What are you doing to ensure your success in the next 5, 10 or 15 years? If you do nothing you get what you currently have and that may not sustain you to far into the future.

Your panel: Kelli Weatherby, co-owner, with husband Lee, in Accurate Automotive, Inc. in Mesa, AZ., Bill Nalu, owner of Interstate Auto Care, Madison Heights, MI and AJ Nealey, Nealey Auto Service, Edgewater MD. This diverse group has some similar yet some different strategies for their future. It is so refreshing to hear the dialogue and then compare their tactics to your current or long term plans.
We are in a dynamic industry that is in a heightened change curve. Keeping up at all levels will bring you spoils. And keeping your eye on your business with the future in sight is an important responsibility you have to your employees and your family.

We talk BHAG’s, Debt, Branches, Succession, Training, refinancing, and SWOT among others.

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RR 361: Scott and Michael Waddle. Owner and Prodigy. Father and Son.

Father and Son / Owner and Prodigy

Scott and Michael Waddle of Precision Auto Service, Langley, British Columbia. Shows us that a tandem of father and son can unlock different creative and innovative skill sets applicable to the modern shop of today.

Listen to how Scott is nurturing his son’s gifts and transforming them into assets their shop can use. Michael’s innovative work on automotive electrical and lighting systems is phenomenal considering that he is 15 years old this year. Even though Michael still can’t do the heavy lifting within the shop, this doesn’t stop him from his creative thinking. He is creating apps for the business. Learn about them.

Scott continues to provide training and enrollment plans for his son’s future providing an inspiration to every family owned shop and maybe a succession strategy too.

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RR 334: Deb and Craig Van Batenburg from ACDC – Part 2

Looking Thirty Years Into the Future

The evolution of electric, hybrids, hybrid/electric and the internal combustion engine and how we will do business in the future. Deb and Craig Van Batenburg share their view of the pace of tech changes and evolving business models.

Craig believes in zero emissions and that climate change is real. He feels that students at high school and college level must learn to work on hybrid and electric cars and that the transition from the internal combustion engine will happen faster than anyone knows. The driver for a rapid change will be the cost of a barrel of oil.

Deb and Craig are sought after speakers and trainers for OE, aftermarket and through worldwide clients. Their training company, Auto Career Development Center (ACDC) is all hands on and only accepts nine students per class.

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RR 252: Eric Carlson from Ervine’s Auto Repair & Grand Rapids Hybrid

Michigan Shop Owner Makes Hybrids His Specialty Niche

Eric Carlson from Ervine’s Auto Repair and Grand Rapids Hybrids has found that his specialty in Hybrids has been a welcome addition to his business and his market is responding. With hybrids as loaners, his hybrid business is growing at an unexpected rate.

Eric shares his story that includes the purchase, 24 years ago, of a business that was on its last leg. His supplier gave him a heads up on the opportunity. Eric has been recognized multiple times as the NAPA Technician of the Year, in the Grand Rapids region. He also tells about his commitment to ASE and the time he was as a subject matter expert. He helped work on the Hybrid tests.

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RR 116: Craig & Deb Van Batenburg from ACDC

Craig Van Batenburg is the CEO of ACDC and a former repair shop owner. His wife Deb is his partner and vice-president. Craig is engaged full time in the understanding of the technology used in hybrid and electric cars. His 45 years of automotive experience serves him well.

Craig Van Batenburg gives some great insight into why his career took the path to Hybrid repair and training. He says back in the early seventies he worked at a Honda dealership. With a huge passion for Honda’s, at 26 years old he opened a shop to work on Honda’s only. He bought the first model Honda Insight which was the 23rd hybrid sold in Massachusetts. His wife Deb went to Kent State and was always into recycling and politics. NOTE: This is the first husband and wife interview on Remarkable Results Radio Podcast.

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