Back to the Basics: Gear Doesn’t Buy Skill [AW 190]

Oscar Gomez shares his transition from technician to educator, emphasizing the importance of foundational knowledge in the automotive field. Oscar discusses his teaching methods and the challenges of getting technicians to attend training sessions, revealing that many technicians are reluctant to seek further education because they don’t see personal financial benefits. Oscar’s commitment to education is evident in his offering of financial support for students and his passion for teaching, which extends to bilingual classes.

Oscar Gomez, Master Automotive Training

Show Notes:

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  • The importance of technical training (00:00:19) The significance of continuous technical training for professional technicians.
  • Oscar’s journey to becoming a trainer (00:02:30) Oscar’s experience as a trainer, including his first national event and the impact of having a respected trainer in his class.
  • Transition from technician to trainer (00:04:00) Oscar’s family background in the automotive industry and his initial career aspirations, which led to his transition from technician to trainer.
  • Mentorship and career growth (00:06:15) The pivotal phone call from his mentor and the impact of mentorship on Oscar’s career growth and expertise as a technician.
  • Recognizing potential and imposter syndrome (00:08:54) The role of mentorship in recognizing potential, overcoming imposter syndrome, and the value of continuous learning and self-improvement.
  • Importance of mastering the basics (00:10:43) The significance of mastering the basics in automotive diagnostics, the common tendency to overlook basics, and the impact on diagnostic efficiency and accuracy.
  • Lack of understanding basic electrical concepts (00:13:40) The importance of basic electrical knowledge for technicians, especially in the context of working on hybrid vehicles, and the potential dangers of lacking such knowledge.
  • The importance of proper diagnosis (00:15:21) Emphasizing the significance of accurate diagnosis in automotive repair and the consequences of incorrect parts replacement.
  • Transition to becoming a professional trainer (00:16:40) Oscar’s journey from teaching emissions to focusing on diagnostic training and the pivotal moment that led to his shift in focus.
  • The value of investing in education (00:18:30) The impact of mentorship and the importance of continuous learning and skill development in the automotive industry.
  • Bilingual training and expanding educational outreach (00:20:00) Oscar’s venture into Spanish training.
  • Challenges in promoting technical training (00:21:38) Addressing technicians’ reluctance towards training, their misconceptions about its value, and the need for a mindset shift.
  • Empowering technicians through education (00:23:52) Encouraging technicians to prioritize self-improvement and the role of training in enhancing their career prospects.
  • Gender diversity in the automotive industry (00:26:13) The positive impact of female technicians and the need for more women to enter the automotive field.
  • Importance of training with new tools (00:27:20) Highlighting the necessity of training alongside tool purchases and the pitfalls of underutilizing expensive diagnostic equipment.
  • Online training vs. hands-on learning (00:29:11) The preference for hands-on, kinesthetic learning among technicians and the challenges of online training for automotive professionals.
  • Financial Support (00:31:26) Oscar explains his in-house finance option and a seven-day money-back guarantee for training, driven by his passion for education.
  • Student Vetting (00:33:06) Oscar discusses the assessment process for students and shares stories of students traveling long distances to attend his classes.
  • Vision KC Conference (00:34:18) Oscar expresses his excitement at being selected to teach at the Vision conference and acknowledges the support of mentors.

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