Navigating the Tesla Terrain: Insights from Seth Thorson [RR 908]

Recorded Live at ASTE 2023, Seth Thorson shares insights on owning a Tesla, including the availability of parts, diagnostics, and his experiences with long-distance driving in a Tesla. He addresses misconceptions about EV charging stations and the topic of EV fires. Seth’s expertise and passion for Tesla and EVs are truly inspiring and informative.

Seth Thorson, Eurotech Auto Service and LMV Bavarian. Listen to Seth’s previous episodes HERE.

Show Notes

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  • The availability of Tesla parts (00:02:19) Discussion on how Tesla parts are now available.
  • Working on Teslas and aftermarket parts (00:03:10) Explanation of the current approach to pricing and margins for Tesla parts, the availability of aftermarket parts, and the goal of capturing market share.
  • Updates and features of Tesla vehicles (00:06:03) Information on the upgrade process for Tesla vehicles, the meaning of MCU (multimedia control unit), and the different features available in different versions of the car.
  • Tesla Toolbox Training (00:07:27) Discussion on how to use Tesla Toolbox diagnostic and reframing the concept of a scan tool for Tesla vehicles.
  • Tesla Drivetrain Theory and Diagnostic (00:07:27) Explanation of the drivetrain theory and diagnostic for Tesla vehicles, including the issue of bearing failures in large drive units.
  • Cooling Systems in Tesla Vehicles (00:08:27) Description of the cooling system in Tesla vehicles, including temperature, components, and fluids used. Discussion on the potential involvement of HVAC companies in working on EV cooling systems.
  • The range and charging process (00:15:37) Seth Thorson explains how he adds 180 to 200 miles of charge in 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Effect of cold weather on Tesla vehicles (00:16:39) Seth Thorson discusses how the early Tesla models with resistive heaters lose 20-30% of range on cold days, while the newer models with heat pumps are more efficient.
  • Future of EVs and alternative fuels (00:19:55) Seth Thorson talks about following the money and how he believes EVs are the future, while alternative fuels like hydrogen and e-fuels may be stopgap solutions.
  • The lifestyle of owning an EV (00:22:36) Discussion about how owning an EV requires planning and knowing where to stop for charging.
  • Charging and payment systems for EVs (00:22:57) Explanation of how Tesla and other companies have systems that can transfer VIN data and tie it to credit card information for easy billing.
  • The future of EV companies (00:23:36) Discussion on the survival of EV companies and the ease of developing EV technology compared to traditional combustion engines.

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