ADAS Calibration Challenges: The Need for Continuous Learning [RR 895]

Recorded Live at ASTE 2023 Scott Brown discusses the evolving technology of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). He dives into the challenges and benefits of calibrating ADAS systems in vehicles, the future of level five automation and importance of technicians staying updated on technology advancements.
Scott Brown, Founder of Diagnostic Network. Scott’s previous episodes HERE.

Show Notes

  • Watch Full Video
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) by Steve Zack, Kurt Shadbolt and Scott Brown 
  • The evolution of ADAS technology (00:01:17) Scott Brown discusses his early exploration of ADAS technology and how it has become more focused over the years.
  • Understanding computer vision in ADAS (00:02:12) Scott Brown explains how computer vision works in ADAS systems and the importance of training cars to recognize objects in their environment.
  • Advancements in camera technology (00:04:25) Scott Brown discusses the advancements in camera technology, including the ability to remove radar sensors and rely solely on cameras for functions like cruise control and pedestrian detection.
  • The Lane Assist Experience (00:08:03) Discussion about lane assist technology and the adjustment to driving without it.
  • Tesla’s Shift to Vision System (00:08:40) Explanation of Tesla’s decision to no longer use radar sensors and instead rely on their vision system for ADAS.
  • Static calibration challenges (00:16:38)
  • Increasing use of cameras for dynamic calibration (00:17:32)
  • Benefits of backup cameras (00:18:20)
  • The importance of technology in automotive education (00:25:18) The need for updated curriculums in automotive schools and the role of technology in education.
  • The potential career opportunities for students in automotive technology (00:27:29)
  • The Tesla’s Full Self Drive Experience (00:32:16)

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