Advice For New Shop Owners [THA 311]

If you’re thinking about transitioning from employee to shop owner, this episode is for you. Instead of guessing your way through the transition, let the Aftermarket Radio Network be your free library of industry peers across the country help you get started the right way.

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Seller Beware [THA 304]

Matt Fanslow shares a recent interaction with a salesperson that wanted to help in the sale of the business. There were some warning signs, and with a call to an industry peer, Hunt Demarest, Matt stopped what could have been a costly mistake.

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Unbreakable Bond Between Brothers with Fernando and Jonathan Osorio [RR 632]

Unbreakable Bond Between Brothers with Fernando and Jonathan Osorio [RR 632]

A common phrase people use is “family over everything.” But how many people truly live that mantra? Fernando and Jonathan Osorio are more than just two brothers owning an automotive business. We hear about their approach to business coaching while their business was only a few months old and the emotional bond when Fernando donated his kidney to save Jonathan’s life.

Prepare to be inspired as you listen to this heartwarming episode. Thanks to the Osorio brothers for sharing this great story.

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Brainstorming on Shop Ownership – A Business Not a Hobby [RR 607]

Brainstorming on Shop Ownership – A Business Not a Hobby [RR 607]

Chris Cotton once again shares his experience on shop ownership. Chris warns that buying your first shop and or getting into business as a new auto repair shop is not a cakewalk. Just because you know stuff about cars and love working on them doesn’t make it easy. You don’t treat it like a hobby, you treat it like a business.

Strong words of wisdom from Chris warning those who venture into shop ownership must have strong financial goals to reach. You need to have a lot of brainstorming or planning sessions to come out successfully. You will not be an overnight success. A fun and fast-paced episode. Make listening to it your homework.

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RR 409: AJ Nealey: Living the Dream. Turned His Vision Into His Reality. No, is Hard To Say for AJ!

AJ Nealey: Living the Dream. Turned His Vision Into His Reality. No, is Hard To Say for AJ!

AJ Nealey from Nealey’s Auto Service in Edgewater, MD shares a bit of his legacy as a racer but concentrated on the transformation he made from a one bay shop at home to a 9 bay facility. This is a story for a movie of the week. It comes with guts, risk, and reward. All the right ingredients. It shows that the proper attitude, business plan, and the right advisors can contribute to uncompromising success.

It started with an entrepreneurial passion. AJ is from a family of legacy entrepreneurs. His passion filled with the eagerness to learn and the sustained understanding of how things work.

So many great take-a-ways here to help in your own personal success strategy. Remember there are so many ways to run a great business. Our goal with the podcast is to cast these ideas to you in hopes that you will pick one up and run with it.

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RR 360: Shop Talk 3 – Millennial Shop Owners.

Shop Talk: Volume 3 – Millennial Shop Owners.

Young, energetic and committed to becoming great leaders. The panel consists of Justin Barrett of Barrett Automotive, Cornelia GA, Brett Bohlmann of HWY 7 Service Center, Newel, IA, and Tony Tatich from TMT Complete Auto Service Center in Bremen, IN.

Listen to these great young professionals discuss their current challenges and the advantages and disadvantages of being a young leader. This episode also addresses how maintaining a shop culture, hiring people that complements that culture, building relationships with customers and offering a unique experience.

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RR 359: Mike Maleski. PSK Performance – Underappreciated So He Opened His Own Shop.

Underappreciated So He Opened His Own Shop.

Mike Maleski is the Owner of PSK Performance in Pittsburgh, PA. He is a Highly Certified Factory Honda Technician that also holds multiple ASE, STANDARD, MECP, And Pennsylvania Certifications and Licenses.

He is a forever student who seeks to address some of the issues that have been plaguing the industry such as the technician shortage, sub-par labor rates and keeping the dreams of underappreciated technicians alive.
He shares his insight into the life of an automotive technician as they climb through the ranks.

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THA 051: First Moves When Opening a New Shop

Find A Blue Print Outlined For Finding Success If You Are Going To Open An Automotive Aftermarket Service Repair Shop.

There is some secret Sause shared here including a few preferred methods on how to start, setting up your spending plan, how important location is and the need to know the demographics of that local community. Is the income level such that money can be spent on vehicle service and maintenance?

We talk financial, (knowing your numbers) debt, cash flow. All very important parts of a CEO’s responsibility. May great technicians, who are unemployable, strive to start their own business because they want to do things their way. Most find out it is not an easy task. There are responsibilities beyond financial and cash flow like, marketing, the tax man, HR laws and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

This panel does a great job of explaining the challenges you’ll need to deal with, so you can find your successes sooner rather than later. It is a slow process, but success shouldn’t take years to achieve.

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