Technician Productivity Redefined [AW 189]

Joe Marconi discusses the importance of team collaboration, efficiency, and continuous training in the automotive industry. He highlights the need for effective leadership, a positive company culture, and sound systems and procedures to guide technicians and improve productivity. The conversation also covers the significance of accurate estimating and effective labor rates, the rising costs in various industries, and the importance of a positive and growth mindset in business.

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Keeping an Eye on Bay Productivity [THA 356]

Did you know most shops only utilize 20-30% of their bay capacity? Let’s explore the concept of effective bay rate and the potential benefits of monitoring and analyzing bay usage. What is the potential revenue that can be realized by addressing these inefficiencies?

Our panel highlights the importance of focusing on bay efficiency rather than just technician efficiency and the need for shops to adopt lean six sigma principles to maximize productivity.

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Making Dispatch Work [THA 330]

What are the challenges of making dispatch work in the automotive aftermarket industry? Our guests share their experiences with dispatch in their companies, emphasizing communication, flexibility, and teamwork. They also discuss the qualities of a good dispatcher and the need for policies and procedures in unexpected events. They stress the importance of simplifying technical information and building trust with customers. The episode concludes with a discussion of the interaction between dispatchers, customers, and technicians and the immense responsibility that comes with the job.

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The Art and Science of Dispatching [RR 849]

Dan Taylor and Reggie Stewart to discuss the art of dispatch in the automotive repair industry. They emphasize the importance of efficiently dispatching and scheduling jobs, using the team’s strengths and weaknesses, the need for accountability, daily tracking of labor inventory to ensure goals are met, and the challenge of accommodating walk-in customers while maintaining productivity. They stress that dispatching is crucial to the business’s success and suggest creating a simulator or role-playing exercise to teach dispatching effectively.

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Aftermarket Radio Network 2023 Forecast [THA 313]

Recession is the main topic for everyone as we enter into 2023, almost 3 years post-pandemic. The Aftermarket Radio Network has collaborated together to offer their forecast for the year. Consider this your ‘one stop podcast player’ to hear insights from an accountant, technician, business coach and marketing perspective. Together, we continue to Advance the Aftermarket.

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Next Best Improvement: Lean [THA 266]

How do you calculate the common phrase “work smarter, not harder?” This episode is all about getting lean in your shop. Are you tracking the steps it takes to do something simple like an oil change? Are your parts and supplies not only organized but purposefully placed in areas for efficiency? My panel discusses simple ways to get started with Lean Six Sigma. 1 simple change can save you time and money.

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Improve Your Capabilities and Processes – Get LEAN [CC 090]

Improve Your Capabilities and Processes – Get LEAN [CC 090]

I recommend you watch the video so you can see the incredible organizational strategies Craig Caudill has implemented at Fine Tuned Auto in Erie CO. Use it as a template for your shop. Head to the CarmCast Page or to watch the video and find the key talking points for this episode.

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Creating the Right Environment for Shop Efficiency [THA 201]

Creating The Right Environment for Shop Efficiency [THA 201]

There are a lot of variables when we talk about shop efficiency. There is culture, environment, leadership, and more. There is no single formula that can solve shop efficiency. But if there are the right guidelines, our panel today, certainly has the answers. A big fat thank you to Chris Monroe, Joe Marconi, and Kevin Vaught for sharing their expertise with you. So many small things done right makes for improved efficiency.

Chris Monroe is a coach who owns Monroe Tire & Service at Shelby, NC., Joe Marconi is a coach who also owns Osceola Garage at Baldwin Place, NY., and Kevin Vaught is a former multi-shop owner and is an Elite Worldwide Business Development Coach.

The key talking points from this episode are already done for you on the show notes page at

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THA 064: Workplace Organization the 5S Method

Workplace Organization: Waste. Clutter. Standardize. Improved Efficiency.

5S came from the Japanese and the concept of Kaizen, continuous improvement. 5S is a method to improve workplace organization. The 5S’s are Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain. The benefits of 5S helps you eliminate waste, and in many cases reduces your steps, minimizes injuries, and removes clutter.
Start by finding the simplest task. Perfect it and move on to the more complicated.

This panel has the expertise and experience to help you on the process of improving your workplace organization. Pat Brown retired from Cooper Tire and learned lean and took the manufacture training to translate 5S into shop management working with Twenty Groups for DSP (Dealer Strategic Planning) Twenty Group, Keith Tucker form Triple ‘T’ Tire in Dyersburg, TN and Brad & Ryan Goff from Rogers Tire in Caldwell and Meridian, ID.

Learn about 5S and how these shop owners translated the method into improve processes where they saw a measurable difference in their operation including the generation of more revenue.

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THA 016: Lean Processes – Relentlessly Work On Eliminating Waste

A commitment to Lean Process Improvement will yield a better customer experience.

Lean processes minimize technician activity outside of their work bay, creates uniformity in all communication pieces between service writers and technicians, can benefit the shop by hiring alternative staff for cleaning needs throughout the shop.

Lean also help you realize the value in the placement of equipment throughout the shop space and why it makes for a more efficient operation. Be sure to match the correct technician to every job when possible, play to their strengths … and so much more.

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