Taking Your Toolbox Home with Justin Barrett [RR 644]

Taking Your Toolbox Home with Justin Barrett [RR 644]

Justin is the owner of Barrett Automotive and has been trying to pack up his toolbox in the shop for good for the last 11 years. How many other owners out there have trouble leaving the bays?

The temptation is to default to being a technician, you were always most comfortable in that role or to help your team cover the overload. But when you’re a business owner, you have to hang up that hat and put on a different one. Justin shares his struggle.

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Technician Outlook with Jake Sorensen [RR 643]

Technician Outlook with Jake Sorensen [RR 643]

Are you having trouble finding qualified technicians? Have you ever thought about starting an apprentice program but you don’t know where to begin?

In this episode, Jake Sorensen breaks down all the classic questions and concerns that arise with apprentice programs. It’s time to stop complaining about a technician shortage, and start becoming the solution. Are you willing to invest in your employees and your business? If so, keep listening. This episode can change your trajectory for the future of your business.

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ASE Educational Foundation [RR 630]

ASE Educational Foundation [RR 630]

Many of us support education at the high school and college level giving of our time, guidance, and advice to advisory boards. If you are not I highly recommend getting involved. There are not enough independent voices on advisory boards. This is an important show where you will learn the role of the ASE Education Foundation in our schools and who is the biggest poachers of technician talent.

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Have You Started Your Apprentice Program? [THA 216]

Have You Started Your Apprentice Program? [THA 216]

How many times have you heard “there is a technician shortage problem.” Is there really a technician shortage or is the real problem that there is a shortage of qualified technicians?

In this episode, we discuss the entire apprenticeship journey through the eyes of Jason Molinar. Find out how Jason literally switched gears as a pharmacy technician to becoming McNeil’s Auto Care’s most recent apprentice graduate.

As a business owner, the solution to staffing issues and shortages is…you. Now’s the time to build an apprentice program and “grow your own” technician. Jason’s story is powerful and should motivate you to start. A must listen to help ensure your business continues into the future.

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Never the Cheapest but the Best Value Shop – Travis Guy [RR 618]

Never the Cheapest but the Best Value Shop – Travis Guy [RR 618]

Welcome to the 618th episode of Remarkable Results Radio.

In keeping with my goal to showcase our young owners and their rise to ownership, you’ll love this story as my Guest Travis Guy came into the family business via the hospitality industry. Specifically Disney. Do you think he may have learned a lot about how to embrace a customer? A fun and transparent interview with Travis, He says he sees the flaws we have as an industry and tells it straight about being paid for our worth and value.

Travis Guy hails from Yourba Linda Auto Service, Placentia, CA along with his brother Tim, and Dad Danny makes up the family business. He gives you a refreshing take on the state of our industry from a young owner’s perspective. We can learn a few things from Travis.

The key talking points for this episode with Travis resides at remarkablersults.biz/e618.
Thanks for being here in the front row of life in the automotive service business.

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The Difference: Dealership Tech Now Works for an Independent. Why? [RR 588]

The Difference: Dealership Tech Now Works for an Independent. Why? [RR 588]

I’m with Matt Manzone and Jim Fleischman. Matt is an ASE certified master tech and service writer and works at Jim’s shop Automotive Alley in Arcade, NY.

Why this interview. Matt is a former dealer technician. Hearing the reasons why Matt Manzone went to work for an independent is important to how you think and approach hiring dealer techs. Jim also shares some of his process to bring Matt on board to work in his company.

We discuss the differences of techs at dealerships against techs at independent shops. Matt and Jim also talk about the dilemma of leaving your job of 14 years for the same yet new job. The talking points can be found at remarkablersults.biz/e588

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Apprentice Stories [THA 193]

Apprentice Stories [THA 193]

In your circles do you find that the discussion is trending toward finding top talent? All aspects from networking, writing great ads, improving hiring systems and improving your business culture is credited to finding and keeping top talent.

How much success are you having finding great talent out of the available pool? I believe the time has come, in a big way, to “grow your own”. For many that concept seems nebulous. Something you hear about, know you should do, but can’t even begin to know where to start.

I’ve done at least 10 podcasts on apprenticing and career pathing. Most recently Town Hall Academy #185 dedicated to understanding apprentice programs. This episode is a bookend to #185 and I call it Apprentice Stories. Listen to two apprentices and a mentor talk candidly about the process and results.

Anything worthwhile takes time and effort and installing an apprentice program in your shop is as right as having lifts in your bays.

I will have links to important apprentice programs you can embrace listed in the show notes at remarkableresults.biz/a193

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Leverage the Smart Phone to Maximize Technicians Learning Potential [RR 568]

Leverage the Smart Phone to Maximize Technicians Learning Potential – RR 568

An important take on training with David Boyes and Pat Pate from todayclasstechnician.com

If you are interested in a system that is designed to teach with Adaptive Learning interactions with wrong answers greeted with why it was wrong and why the correct answer is correct, You may just have discovered a powerful new tool to keep your learning curve high.

You’ll find this a very interesting episode that you may just start your research on this method of training. Show notes and bios at remarkableresults.biz/e568/

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Giving Back: His Calling to Expose the Automotive to High School Students [RR 565]

Giving Back: His Calling to Expose the Automotive to High School Students [RR 563]

My guest today demonstrates paying it forward. Luke Walker from Columbus, OH shares his 10-year success path from a one-bay shop into a 16 bay, $4M business.

He credits great people, coaching and a strong culture. A fascinating part of Luke’s story is his giving back to the community. As you listen, think about how you can help impress the automotive industry on the young people in your community. He is leading and supporting an after school program that unwraps automotive systems to students that may show technical/mechanical gifting and encourage them to our industry.

Talk to me at carm@remarkableresults.biz Thanks!!!! for sharing your thoughts. Find the key talking points, Patrick’s bio and links to his previous episodes at remarkableresults.biz/e565

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Apprentice Program – Grow Your Own Technician [THA 185]

THA 185 Apprentice Programs – Growing Your Own Technicians

Do you need a technician? What are you doing about it. There is some great talent available as an outcome of the pandemic; however, it won’t last.

Here is another episode on apprenticing. This is a recurring curring theme on the podcast. I will put up a link on the show notes page that displays all podcasts that helps you learn about apprentice programs.

The panel: Pete McNeil, shop owner, Mc Neils Auto Care, The NAPA 2020 Shop Owner of the Year, Sandy, UT, 2 Locations. (Expanded Sandy location to 16 bays and use it for education). Jake Sorensen, Technician, the 2019 NAPA ASE Technician of the Year, He is an ASE Master technician with L1,2 and 3 advanced level certifications. He is the shop manager and diagnostic technician at McNeil’s Auto Care in Sandy, UT and Alexia Murphy, Program Specialist, Department of Workforce Services, State of Utah

The key talking points listed on the show notes page will make a great meeting agenda or outline for change find them at remarkableresuts.biz/a185

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Anthony Williams – Update on the Automotive Institute for Science and Technology (AIST) [RR 496]

Anthony Williams is the Automotive Liason for the Automotive Institute for Science and Technology – AIST. Contact Anthony: a.williams@automotiveinstitute.org 719-641-2575   Talking Points:  A brief recap on schoolProject-Based Learning vs Traditional schoolingDoing is the basis for learning in a real-world setting Find student natural aptitude  Career Education combined with Core content (English, Math, Science, Etc.) PTECH…

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RR 482: Technician Shortage Solution – College Apprentice Program

RR 482 – Technician Shortage Solution – College Apprentice Program

Think of the possibilities of hiring a young apprentice that is currently going to an automotive technical college. You get a chance to groom and mentor the young student and indoctrinate them into the world of the independent service provider.

This is one of the most powerful solutions to the technician shortage. This is not a quick fix and most quick fixes are just that ‘quick and not long term.’

The IGONC developed in concert with North Carolina a phenomenal apprentice program that brings a job, at a decent wage, for two years and paid college tuition. The students applied and were accepted into the program.

Please use this information to catapult your association, your local group to work with post-secondary automotive colleges and your state to create and fund a program like this. I’m sure the leadership team at IGONC will be happy to help you and give you all the guidance you need to make apprentice programs like this a viable component to creating our future technicians.

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RR 478: ASTE Panel Discussion – Technician Pay – Retention – and Benefits

ASTE: Technician Pay, Retention, and Benefits

This episode is packed with great gems of wisdom and gives you a bird’s eye view not only on some great benefits and pay ideas, but as we all must understand it starts with having an enduring business culture. All the pay in the world doesn’t trump an acidic culture.

I’m with Lucas Underwood an Automotive diagnostic specialist, he owns L & N Performance Auto Repair, Erick Bock owner of Bock Auto, and Rick White, President and Lead Coach for 180BIZ, an auto repair shop training and business coaching company.

Building a business focuses on the team you have and how to treat it like a family! We also tackled the creative benefits that entice and motivate employees more. And learn what are the most important tactics to attract and keep technicians?

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RR 451: Dan Gilley – Attracting the Right Talent with the Right Stuff

Dan Gilley – Attracting the Right Talent with the Right Stuff

Every new and young technician today have a lot more shops to choose from. Let’s face it, there is a lingering issue of the technician shortage. If you are a business owner, what do you need to do to attract and/or retain talented individuals that possess the ‘right stuff’.

If you are a business owner, how would you attract an employee? What are the things you would do to improve your shop and make it as attractive and organized as it could be? Dan Gilley will bring light to decisions addressing the best interests of the would be future candidates/employee of a shop. Dan Gilley is the President and CEO of RLO Training.

In this episode, you will understand the utmost priorities needed by shop owners to address the how to attract the right kind of employees and what are the necessary tactics in order to keep them. As Dan would say, it’s either you attract them or repel them. Is it just for the paycheck or the team?

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FTR 052: Build Your Bench – Kyle Holt and Jay Goninen

Build Your Bench – and Be a Proactive Recruiter.

Kyle Holt President of SP/2 and Jay Goninen from ‘Find a Wrench’ speak to their expertise as supporters and recruiters of technician talent. They have the depth of experience and are speaking to you from their heart about your need to recruit talent when you don’t need the help. They will tell you why.

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THA 118 Recruiting Students to Discover a Career in Automotive

THA 118 Recruiting Students to Discover a Career in Automotive

Enjoy some great new ideas and real-world issues as I welcome Seth Thorson, shop owner, Eurotech, Brighton, MN. Seth created a $25,000 endowment for automotive careers. We discussed in episode 340, David Macholz, Academic Chair of Suffolk County College – Automotive Technology and Aaron Dalton, Coordinator- School to Career Programming at the North Kansas City Schools.

On the podcast, we’ve not shied away from big issues in the industry. The only way our investment in this great dialogue actually gets traction is if you do your part. I can relate the discussion we are having today with a thought on philanthropy. Hats off to what you do for your community. Honorable. However, the future of our industry is dependent on recruiting, training and retaining technicians. Call it an investment in your own personal philanthropy.

Getting involved in local education at all levels to share our hi-tech industry with administration and to support the educators that are teaching young students on the automotive is a very important role you have. Especially as an independent. If you don’t then who? You will have less to give to your community if you don’t invest in your future.

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RR 418: AIST – The Future of Automotive Education

AIST – The Future of Automotive Education

This episode recorded at Vision 2019 in KC brings you into the loop on Automotive Institute of Science and Technology (AIST) in Colorado Springs, CO. This new ‘non-traditional’ public charter school that will use the P-TECH model (Pathways in Technology Early College High School), designed to provide students the foundation they need to be successful in the automotive aftermarket industry when they graduate.

Students will be able to enroll in a 4- or 6-year program, starting their freshman year of high school through their second year of college and all publicly funded. AIST will offer students three pathways: Automotive Technology, Business, or Engineering (mechanical and electrical) and will be project based.

With me is Anthony Williams, Special Projects Manager with Advance Auto Parts who had the seed of the idea for AIST and speaks to his dream becoming a reality. And Chris Chesney Sr. Director, Customer Training Carquest Technical Institute.

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RR 416: Preparing Your Shop For Tomorrows Technicians – How To Attract and Retain Your Team

Preparing Your Shop For Tomorrow’s Technician: How To Attract And Retain Your Team

We know as a united industry that retaining and attracting talent into our bays is our number one concern. Sure keeping pace with technology advancements is up there, but if you don’t have the talent inside your shop to repair our high tech cars, tech becomes less a challenge.

This power panel from Vision KC 2019 and brought to you by the Midwest Auto Care Alliance, tackles this tough subject that we need to face head-on. With me is Tyler Hubbard from I-70 Auto Service, Aaron Stokes – from Eurofix and Shop Fix Academy, Chris Chesney – Sr. Director Customer Training at CARQUEST Technical Institute, Brian Bates – Eagle Automotive Service and Greg Buckley – Buckley Personalized Auto Care.

You’ll hear discussion on why our industry needs to stop eating our young, setting career paths for your technicians, why orientation and not onboarding is the way to integrate new technicians into your business, buying tools for our technicians, and building the right culture and operating principles and so much more. We even had time at the end for Q & A from the audience.

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RR 408: Scott Shotton – Straight Talk on Entry Level Technicians, Tips on Becoming an Aftermarket Trainer and Post-Secondary Automotive Education

Scott Shotton: Straight Talk on Entry Level Technicians, Tips on Becoming an Aftermarket Trainer and Post-Secondary Automotive Education

Scott and I dig into automotive education at the college level. We talk about the knowledge level and experience that our automotive graduates have and what their expected career path can be. Any seasoned technician knows where he started and what it took to get where he/she is today. That hasn’t changed, however, we may have higher expectations of our new grads and that is why each needs to have a career path set for them that includes an ongoing training program

Scott gives accolades to our top aftermarket trainers and gives advice to aspiring trainers.

We also get into the grow your own technician issue, the A,B,C technician designation, and mobile as a career path.

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RR 383: AAPEXedu 2018 The Road To Great Technicians – Roundtable

AAPEX EDU 2018 The Road To Great Technicians

A fundamentally valuable discussion as we get ready to deal with the tsunami of seeding our industry with our future technicians that will have the competencies necessary to perform mechanical and diag work and the need to develop career paths for every level of technician.

We need apprentice and mentoring programs that are universal to the industry, along with an industry moving in the same training direction so we can create competent technicians to work on the tech and safety issues of our future vehicles. We do not need our government involved in directing competencies, we need to do it ourselves.

This discussion is one you’ll need to hear time and time again. You will need to be involved and help move this initiative forward. Don’t wait to get involved. A first step is to become a member of NASTF. It is Free. Go to NAFTF.org

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RR 375: Trained By Techs – Creating a Training Commitment Inside All Shops

Trained By Techs – Creating a Training Commitment Inside All Shop

Recorded at ASA-PA’s the panel is Keith Perkins, Richard Falco, Tomi Oliva and Mario Rojas. We discuss the loss of our talent, that being a lead diagnostician can be profitable, that techs do side work because they are not being compensated properly, and how to get a training commitment started in a shop that doesn’t. And finally, do our shop owners really know what is going on in training classes? Think that one through.

In such a short time the Trained By Techs group has made some incredible strides. They appear at a lot of events, by spending their own money to get the word out. Their enthusiasm and dedication is exactly what our industry needs and this talented group of volunteers is sharing their passion for education in the automotive training industry.

They are diagnosing cars every day and are LEARNING new things. Watch their videos and the conversation and start your learning from there.

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