Driving Change: Women’s Influence in the Automotive World [THA 361]

Nichole Bennecoff and Tenise Chapman are steering the automotive conversation toward new horizons. We’re shifting gears to talk about the power of female presence in the industry, from technicians to service advisors, and the impact it has on businesses and customers alike. Nichole shares her success in creating a team dynamic that’s as inclusive as it is efficient. She’s proving that leadership knows no gender, and her approach is magnetizing more women to the field. Tenise drives home the importance of visibility. She’s out there in a rural setting, changing the landscape and inspiring the youth to dream of a career in automotive with Camp Drive, a two-day camp for kids ages 12-15.

We also touch on the art of customer service, crafting spaces that make everyone feel welcome, and the quest to bring more female technicians into the fold.

Nichole Bennecoff, Subie Guys, Traverse City, MI. Nichole’s previous episodes HERE

Tenise Chapman, Black Hills Tire, Rapid City, SD

Show Notes:

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  • Recruiting Women Employees (00:01:04) Discussion on the importance of recruiting women employees, including female technicians and service advisors, and the need to promote careers in the automotive industry.
  • Building a Female Team (00:02:18) Nichole shares her experience in building a female team at her shop and the reasons why women were attracted to her business.
  • Women in the Automotive Industry (00:03:46) Tenise reflects on her experience as a woman owner in a male-dominated industry and the lack of female representation in her local area.
  • Creating a Welcoming Environment (00:06:25) The importance of creating a welcoming and professional environment for customers, including the design and atmosphere of the waiting room.
  • Customer Experience and Image (00:08:28) Discussion on the customer experience, including the quality of coffee, and the impact of small details on the overall image of the shop.
  • Maintaining High Standards (00:11:53) The importance of maintaining high standards and the pride that staff takes in upholding the cleanliness and professionalism of the shop.
  • Recruiting Female Technicians (00:12:55) Efforts to promote the recruitment of female technicians, including outreach to younger girls and the challenges faced in a traditional rural area.
  • Work-Life Balance (00:14:19) Considerations for implementing a four-day work week to accommodate employees, especially women with families, and attract more people to the industry.
  • Promoting Careers in the Automotive Industry (00:17:40) Efforts to promote careers in the automotive industry, including speaking engagements at career fairs and middle schools to change perceptions about the industry.
  • Educational outreach (00:18:14) Discussion about the need for more technicians and efforts to promote automotive education in high schools.
  • Maternity leave policy (00:20:59) Challenges and insights into creating a maternity leave policy for female employees in the automotive industry.
  • Uniform policy (00:22:42) Discussion on the uniform policy for female employees and the need for a more inclusive approach.
  • Workplace culture and retention (00:25:26) The importance of creating an inclusive and supportive workplace culture, especially for female employees, to promote retention.
  • Family-friendly workplace (00:27:01) Emphasizing the importance of supporting employees’ personal and family needs in the workplace.

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