S.O.B: Son of Boss [THA 344]

Carm Capriotto hosts a panel discussion on family businesses, specifically focusing on the challenges faced by sons of bosses (SOBs). Andrew Marcotte and Anthony Campanella share their experiences of working in their family businesses and the unique dynamics that come with it. They discuss the perception of nepotism and the importance of earning respect and value in their own right. They also discuss leadership development, work-life balance, communication, and succession planning in family businesses.

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Acquiring and Transforming a 72 Year Old Business [AW 171]

Jon Kloosterman, the Director of Operations at West Side Service in Zeeland, discusses their recent acquisition of a business and their approach to training and retention of technicians. The acquired business had been a pillar in the community for 72 years and was ready for a change in ownership. Jon also highlights the importance of maintaining professionalism and focusing on the right KPIs in your business. 

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Are You Really Overbooked? [THA 339]

Being overbooked doesn’t necessarily equate to higher productivity or profitability. In this episode, our panel discusses the challenges and impact of being overbooked in the automotive repair industry. They emphasize the importance of understanding productivity numbers, managing customer expectations, avoiding burnout for the team, optimizing scheduling, and utilizing technicians’ strengths. Think twice before you boast about being overbooked!


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The Noble Mechanic: Before and After Transformation and Rebranding [AW 166]

In this episode, Reggie Stewart covers a range of topics from dispatching and business operations to shop renovations. Reggie recently undertook renovations at his shop in Kokomo, Indiana, he modernized the colors and feel of the shop to give it an upscale vibe, with the help of an interior designer. He also discusses the importance of building a positive culture and is currently working on creating job descriptions and manifestos for each position to better define expectations and attract the right people. 

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New Build in 4 Months: A Look Inside [AW 164]

A new build in 4 months? How did Bill DeBoer do it?! When his father suggested knocking down an office building and building a shop in its place, Bill didn’t hesitate. He took charge of the project, handled the financing, and oversaw the construction. This podcast episode is filled with insights on fleet management, business strategies, and the importance of having a reliable network of professionals.

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Stagnation vs Acceleration: How EOS Can Transform Your Business [862]

Have you ever wondered how different businesses face similar challenges? Join Barry Barrett, a certified Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) implementer and business consultant, and Jeremy Bates, the president of Bates Security. They discuss the importance of culture, family, and implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) in their businesses. The key takeaway? Building a strong culture and surrounding yourself with quality people can lead to long-term success and employee retention. 

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Surviving a Health Scare [THA 316]

You never know when something can and will happen to your health. Do you have a written contingency plan in place for your family and business? Are you maintaining your body like you teach your customers to maintain their vehicle? Join 3 shop owners as they discuss personal health scares, outcomes, preventions, and planning for if and when something happens.

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My Computer Was Hacked: Now What? – Tom Sciortino [RR 764]

How secure is your computer and internal network? Could it survive malware or a virus? For most of us, our system just runs and is out of sight, out of mind…until something happens. I’m with Tom Sciortino, a good friend and local shop owner in my hometown, and his business computer got hacked. Tom’s personal accounts were also hacked.  He bought a couple of laptops he didn’t know about. Don’t let this happen to you; keep listening to find out how he discovered the hack and the changes he made to protect his network. 

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The Extreme Value of a ‘SWOT’ for your Business [THA 283]

How often are you checking on the overall health of your business with your team members involved? Are you identifying and working on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, known as SWOT? How do you start a SWOT analysis? What are the benefits? How do you find your blindspots? Does knowing your SWOT give you a competitive advantage? My panel takes a deep dive into the value of SWOT and shares their own experiences.


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Adapt and Overcome with David Friend [AW 103]

Guest host and a shop tour with David Friend, Mobile Tech, Wilmington, NC. Get a tour of David’s 50,000 sq ft building, including a training facility. He has been an early adapter of ADAS since 2015 and has a professional to professional auto supply business. 


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Why Cleanliness Matters [AW 101]

Guest hosts and a shop tour with Henry Rose and Jeff Scruggs, Scruggs Automotive Repair, Buffalo, NY. Find out why cleanliness matters and how to implement it within your business. Plus, get an inside look at their new Annex location across the street.


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Next Best Improvement: Lean [THA 266]

How do you calculate the common phrase “work smarter, not harder?” This episode is all about getting lean in your shop. Are you tracking the steps it takes to do something simple like an oil change? Are your parts and supplies not only organized but purposefully placed in areas for efficiency? My panel discusses simple ways to get started with Lean Six Sigma. 1 simple change can save you time and money.


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Three Managers You Need In Your Business- George Zeeks [RR 702]

Three Managers You Need In Your Business [RR 702]

Can owners buy freedom? The short answer is no, they have to grow it with their people. Are you grooming specific employees in managerial roles? Or do you give them a title and assume they can go on autopilot? George Zeeks discusses the three different managers you need in your business as it grows. Find out if you have these roles filled or you need to start.


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Do You Have Financial Peace of Mind? – Bill Haas [RR 690]

Do You Have Financial Peace of Mind? [RR 690]

This episode highlights Bill Haas’s ASTE training class titled “Advanced Financial Strategies for Peace of Mind.” Do you go to bed at night with your head spinning, thinking about numbers, finances, profit and stability? Bill discusses simple financial tactics to ease that worry and stress. Stop hiding behind the phrase “I’m not a numbers person” and start taking control of your numbers.


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Scheduling Work Flow [THA 248]

Scheduling Work Flow [THA 248]

We are living in the “new normal.” For anyone who wants things to go back the way they were pre-pandemic, you’ll be waiting a long time. Professionals everywhere are feeling the impact of shipping delays, short staff, and pricing. Our industry is no exception and efficient workflow has never been more critical. Clear communication and expectations between employees and customers is step one. In this episode, my panel shares their own experiences with scheduling workflow. Listen for some smart ideas start implementing small changes in your business that will have a lasting impact.


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Ask: What Are Your Car Pains? ™ [RR 656]

Ask: What Are Your Car Pains? ™ [RR 656]

How do you maintain your health? Do you eat properly, exercise and see professionals with routine appointments such as doctors, dentists, ophthalmologists, and the list goes on. We also see those specialists when we don’t feel well. Now think about your customer’s vehicle. They rely on it for transportation, and it carries precious cargo such as kids, spouses, and pets. Shouldn’t maintaining their vehicle be the same as maintaining your health? This episode with Rob Choisser should get you to re-think what you do for your customer.


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Comebacks: Prevention, Reputation and Cost [THA 224]

Comebacks: Prevention, Reputation and Cost [THA 224]

How closely do you track comebacks in your shop? Do you look for trends? Is it human error or communication gaps between customer and service advisor, and service advisor and technician? Sometimes the most loyal customers arise from correcting a mistake, but often times we are unaware a mistake even happened. In this episode, my panel dives into the different scenarios that occur during vehicle comebacks and how to correct them.

You can listen and/or watch the video of this episode and find the key talking points at remarkableresults.biz/a224

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Pre Scheduling Appointments – The Time Has Come [THA 207]

THA 207 Pre Scheduling Appointments – The Time Has Come

Welcome to the 207th episode of the Town Hall Academy. Right up front l want to warn you. This discussion may just change the way you do business. I want you to give it your all and when done implement the tactics you discover. I know your business will blossom.

Scheduling future appointments is not a new concept. You know about it but have never decided it was good for your business or your customer. We have solid statistics that demonstrate that 59% of your customers are willing and ready to accept a future appointment for maintenance service. Ever walk out of the dentist’s office without your next hygiene appointment. How about a hair salon?

I’m with Bill Thompson, Craig Noel, and Greg Skolnik. Bill Thompson brings his critical data to support this strategy, Greg has been doing this for years and has the data to prove the strength of the strategy and Craig is starting to pre-book now.

There was a ton of passion flowing throughout this episode. I believe you’ll be moved to start in your business. So …. Let’s talk about it.

This episode’s key talking points are already done for you. They reside on the show notes page at remarkableresults.biz/a207. Enjoy.

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Proof of Concept [THA 206]

THA 206 Proof of Concept

The pandemic was the test of preparedness, fortitude, leadership, nerves, among others. Our topic “Proof of Concept” is the story behind the strong getting stronger.

The leaders who listened and implemented the strategies being served up by the industry pundits especially coaches over the last 3 to 4 years found themselves in a good place. You’ve heard them enforce on the podcast, … essential tactics like strong business culture, a commitment to training your team, firing non-productive or toxic employees, DVI, Cloud-based software, text to pay and the list goes on like strong leadership. Smart Marketing. Managing KPIs, Good financial statements, building processes, and systems, Etc, etc. In essence, the strong found their pandemic recovery easier than others. That is what we are talking about today: ‘Proof of Concept’

Joining me is Chris Cotton, AJ Nealey, and Michael Gallini. They all agree that they are in a better spot because they implemented and worked the strategies and tactics that the industry is known to create success and sustainable profits. Glad you are here, Let’s Talk About It.

The key talking points from this episode are already done for you on the show notes page at remarkableresults.biz/a206.

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Four Corner – Four Wall Shop Inspection [THA 198]

Four Corner – Four Wall Facility Audit [THA 198]

Welcome to an episode that brings to you the power and value of peer inspections of your facility and property. This discussion applies to the Four Corners and Four Walls of your shop. Does your customer see the organization and cleanliness of your shop? How about the environment that your people work in. Is it up to your standards?

I’m with Seth Thorson, Owner of EuroTech Auto Service and LMV Bavarian BMW Support; and Daniel Gravely, District Manager, EuroTech Auto Service. And keep in mind this is a peer review – some special power in that.

The key talking points from this episode, they are already done for you. Go to the show page at remarkableresults.biz/a198.

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Six Shops in Eleven Years: The Story Behind This Explosive Growth [RR 557]

Six Shops in Eleven Years: The Story Behind This Explosive Growth [RR 557]

I’m with Matt Lachowitzer, a 6 location shop owner. Matt had aspirations to become a lawyer, but a fork in the road led him to be a technician and now shop owner; 6 shop locations in under 11 years. That is an amazing feat but it required a lot of work, a strong culture, pure process disciplines, and a total focus on the customer experience. Matt also has a body shop and an ADAS calibration center.

On his way to owning 6 locations, Matt Lachowitzer dropped out of school and started working In a local GM dealership. Matt shares how he grew and transformed his business with a top culture, an incredibly strong community presence, the Teddy Bear treasure, and the Girl Scout Cookie campaign that supports local food pantries and our veterans.

Learn all about these programs and more along with how he has integrated a lottery system in training and engaged his technicians to own and teach their in house training program.

Matt’s full bio and the key talking points can be found on the website at remarkableresults.biz/e557

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Why We Have Loaner Cars [THA 180]

THA 180 Why We Have Loaner Cars

This episode showcases two shops that have loaner cars. The industry seems to be split on having loaners. This episode opens up a strong position and the reasons they have loaners.

My panel includes Greg Buckley, from Buckley’s Personalized Auto Care, Wilmington, DE and Tom Lambert, from Shadetree Automotive, Layton, UT

Greg just added three new vehicles and Tom has thirteen. There are support companies that help you with a digital and GPS loaner transaction. Find the show notes at remarkableresults.biz/a180

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