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Automotive Aftermarket Professinals Listen To Learn Just One Thing!

Where the Money Goes – The $100 Lesson [THA 210]

Discover the Hard Truths. Fix Your Attitude. [RR 613]

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Owner, Technician, Service Advisor – Working Together – AAPEX 2020 Honors [RR 606]

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How to Implement Your Own Apprentice Program [RR 605]

Women in Auto Care Awards 2020 [RR 604]

Requirement for Growing a Branch Store [THA 205]

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An Unprecedented Year and Strategies for 2021 – Bonus Episode 8

Reflections of My First Episode and Prudent Advice for the Ages [RR 600]

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From College to ADAS Calibrations – Learning How [RR 599]

Social Media Influencer- Do What is Right and Not Easy [RR 598]

Why Fix a Negative Attitude in your Shop [THA 202]

Thinking Way Outside the Box with Greg Buckley [RR 597]

Hiring a Business Coach [RR 596]

Creating the Right Environment for Shop Efficiency [THA 201]

Frank Scandura – 20 Questions in 30 Minutes [RR 595]