Work Happy, Drive Happy [RR 768]

Find out how Marc Pons maintains a “Work Happy, Drive Happy” culture inside his 9 shops. Marc is also the president of ASTA in North Carolina, the Automotive Service and Tire Alliance, the folks who bring you ASTE. Marc explains the importance of setting routines to reinforce your values, it only takes 15 minutes at the beginning of each day. Can your shop spare 15 minutes? I think you can.

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Husband and Wife Accountability Partners [RR 724]

Darrin and Ginger Barney are a powerhouse husband and wife team both at home and in their business. It’s not always smooth sailing when you work with your spouse. Many of you know that. Find out how they make it work and their advice to spouses considering working together.

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Father Daughter Teams [THA 259]

If you’re lucky enough to work with family, you know how special it is to have their support and passion. But inserting a family member into a business takes work to maintain a healthy culture. In this episode, you’ll hear from the perspective of two father-daughter teams and how they successfully made the transition.

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What My Dad Taught Me with Emily Chung [RR 652]

What My Dad Taught Me with Emily Chung [RR 652]

To those of you that have grown up in this industry, what are your most vivid memories? Was it helping change oil on the car, washing cars, or learning how to drive a standard? Whatever the task was, it is probably ingrained in your memory. Parents have a huge impact on our lives and Emily Chung shares how her father, who owns a national wholesale auto parts business, shaped hers.

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Unbreakable Bond Between Brothers with Fernando and Jonathan Osorio [RR 632]

Unbreakable Bond Between Brothers with Fernando and Jonathan Osorio [RR 632]

A common phrase people use is “family over everything.” But how many people truly live that mantra? Fernando and Jonathan Osorio are more than just two brothers owning an automotive business. We hear about their approach to business coaching while their business was only a few months old and the emotional bond when Fernando donated his kidney to save Jonathan’s life.

Prepare to be inspired as you listen to this heartwarming episode. Thanks to the Osorio brothers for sharing this great story.

The key talking points for this episode can be found on the website

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Managing Family Business Dynamics [THA 218]

Managing Family Business Dynamics [THA 218]

Too often we are subject to the stereotypes associated with family working in business together…favoritism, entitlement, a cloudy culture. But with a clearly defined role, you can actually celebrate having family involved and enjoy watching your business flourish. My panel shares their wisdom on walking the fine line integrating family into your business.

The panel: Judy Walter, Zimmerman’s Automotive, Mechanicsburg, PA
John Klarkowski, AutoPro Auto Service, Brooklyn Park, MN
Joe Hanson, Gordies Garage, Roseville, MI.

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Lessons on 3rd Generation Family, Networking and the Front Counter- Steve Mancinelli [RR 623]

Lessons on 3rd Generation Family, Networking and the Front Counter [RR 623]

I caught up with Steve Mancinelli, AMAM, who proudly wears the scars of battle as a 3rd generation shop owner. Family business, networking, and learning how to run a great business are challenges we all face and Steve shares his many moves through the labyrinth of barriers that got him to where he is today. In his section of Denver, there have been 6 shops and 23 service bays have closed since the pandemic hit. Either they liquidated, retired, or moved due to high rent in the downtown area during the pandemic. Besides many wise thoughts, Steve talks about women at the front counter.

The key talking points reside at

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Never the Cheapest but the Best Value Shop – Travis Guy [RR 618]

Never the Cheapest but the Best Value Shop – Travis Guy [RR 618]

Welcome to the 618th episode of Remarkable Results Radio.

In keeping with my goal to showcase our young owners and their rise to ownership, you’ll love this story as my Guest Travis Guy came into the family business via the hospitality industry. Specifically Disney. Do you think he may have learned a lot about how to embrace a customer? A fun and transparent interview with Travis, He says he sees the flaws we have as an industry and tells it straight about being paid for our worth and value.

Travis Guy hails from Yourba Linda Auto Service, Placentia, CA along with his brother Tim, and Dad Danny makes up the family business. He gives you a refreshing take on the state of our industry from a young owner’s perspective. We can learn a few things from Travis.

The key talking points for this episode with Travis resides at
Thanks for being here in the front row of life in the automotive service business.

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What it Takes to Be the Leader of a Family Business [RR 614]

What it Takes to Be the Leader of a Family Business [RR 614]

We welcome Esteban Gonzales, owner of Proshop Automotive to the podcast. Here is a great story about change. Esteban needed to face reality and change his mindset and adapt to what it actually took to run a proper auto repair business.

So many can relate to Esteban and many have yet to face the hard fact that it is not easy to run a profitable service business. Esteban laments that knowing the business numbers and assembling a great team with the same passion is a different story.

This is a true family business. His older brother is a master tech, his younger brother and sister work on the front counter. His parents even live next to the shop and they eat home-cooked meals every day. That tight family bond is what makes their team a success. Check out Esteban’s advice to shop owners and understand why networking is very important in the long run. This keeps with my goal of providing you inspiring stories from the young shop owners who will be leading our industry into the future.

The key talking points reside at

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Life After Succession – Randy Pickering [RR 576]

Life After Succession – Randy Pickering [RR 576]

Family businesses can survive the generations, needless to say, you’ve got to do a lot of things right. It’s the culture, discipline, and the brand that gives the necessary template for a successful transition.

Today we welcome Randy Pickering, legacy owner of Pickering’s in Lakewood, CO. Pickerings is an amazing company that is transitioning into the 5th generation, Randy’s two sons. That is a rare thing.

To help gain their independence Randy says his sons both wanted to join a 20 group of their own and opened their 2nd store to scale up for a solid exit plan. Randy shares his newfound life after leading Pickerings in Lakewood, CO.

Find the show notes at

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RR 454: Danny Durbin – Integrating the Third Generation

Danny Durbin – Integrating the Third Generation

Danny Durbin is the second generation owner of Durbin Auto Parts, in Prattville, AL. He is now integrating the third generation into the business. You’ve heard the stats about the third generation? Only about 12% survive.

You decide, but I believe Danny has the right strategy to defy the survival statistics. He knows the procedure and the adaptations it takes for the survival of the generations (having been there done that). Danny is planning to pass the torch to his son, however, he decided that Andrew first needed to work outside the business.

You will benefit from this story as many service professionals are family businesses. Find out the core values needed and the mindset of what it takes to keep the family business afloat for many years to come.

Danny is an active member of the Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAS) and holds a seat on the Board of Directors.

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RR 429: Family Succession Part 2 – Parents on their Daughters Succession Plan

Family Succession Part 2 – Parents on their Daughters Succession Plan

Welcome to the second installment of Family Succession. Learn how parents mold and develop their children to take the helm of the company after they retire. Hear the discipline, methods and strategy each owner is using as they embark on this important journey of succession.

I’m with Judy Zimmerman Walter, a second generation owner of Zimmerman’s Automotive; Jim Paiva, Owner of Elite Auto Repair; and Jeff Matt, owner of Victory Auto Service and Glass. They are the proud parents of Jacqui Hower, Carly Paiva, and Lauren Anderson of Family Succession Part 1, Episode 401.

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RR 401: Family Succession Part 1 – Our Future Female Shop Owners

Family Succession Part 1 – Our Future Female Shop Owners

We are talking to three millennial ladies who are geared for the succession of the family business. Many of our aftermarkets family businesses want to retire knowing that the business they have built is in safe hands, is moving forward and continues to succeed. Grooming a family member to become the CEO is a big decision and challenging journey.

Our guests are young and energetic female successors; Carly Paiva from Elite Auto Repair, in Warwick, RI, Jacquie Hower from Zimmerman’s Automotive in Mechanicsburg, PA, and Lauren Anderson from Victory Auto Service and Glass in Minneapolis. They understood very well the stakes and the responsibilities. They are not shying away and have shown maturity above their young age.

Carly Paiva has been actively participating in service advisory classes to better herself, Jacqui Hower recently graduated from Northwood and Lauren Anderson is finding ways and solutions to better equip her staff for success. The energy and passion of these three must make their parents proud.

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RR 370: Darren Garlock Treating Company Culture and Customer Retention Alike!

Treating Company Culture and Customer Retention Alike!

Darren Garlock along with his brother Dan are the owners of Silver Lake Auto & Tire Center a multi-shop organization headquartered in Oconomowoc, WI. Like so many Darren started his career in the shop pushing brooms, pumping gas and washing cars.

An early adopter of DVI, Darren explains how he and Dan split their responsibilities and how family, values, culture, and customer all intercede to form a cohesive unit that exemplifies their success. It’s a win-win strategy that needs to be applied to all aftermarket shops.

Learn how they are investing in their people, customers and giving back to their community.

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RR 361: Scott and Michael Waddle. Owner and Prodigy. Father and Son.

Father and Son / Owner and Prodigy

Scott and Michael Waddle of Precision Auto Service, Langley, British Columbia. Shows us that a tandem of father and son can unlock different creative and innovative skill sets applicable to the modern shop of today.

Listen to how Scott is nurturing his son’s gifts and transforming them into assets their shop can use. Michael’s innovative work on automotive electrical and lighting systems is phenomenal considering that he is 15 years old this year. Even though Michael still can’t do the heavy lifting within the shop, this doesn’t stop him from his creative thinking. He is creating apps for the business. Learn about them.

Scott continues to provide training and enrollment plans for his son’s future providing an inspiration to every family owned shop and maybe a succession strategy too.

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RR 347: Jonathan Ortiz of Foreign Affairs Auto – From Used Cars to Full Service

A Family Affair

Jonathan Ortiz is the General Manager at Foreign Affairs Auto, West Palm Beach, Florida finished his MBA at Northeastern in Boston. Since he joined the family business, he played a key role, with his Dad, in the transition from a used car dealership to full-service repair. He embodied a people first culture and took the entire shop to Worldpac this year.

He’s changed the way he approaches new hires because of losing past hires before they are set to arrive. Jonathan shares the changes he’s made to his hiring practices because of the impact no-shows has had.

Foreign Affairs Auto’s service pledge is same day service. Their client base is mostly European and has come to accept repairs to take more than one day. Making repairs in one day brings differentiation in the market.

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RR 345: Leon Martin from Auto Tech Services – The Importance of Soap-Paint and Light

The Importance of Soap-Paint-Light

Leon Martin started his shop on a 60×40 oat-field, in a community with a population no less than 2,200. He started it with pure guts and determination despite detractors that told him that he can’t do it. When Auto Tech was open in Rochester, Washington for appointments, he appealed to the emotion of his customers.

Starting a business has a lot of challenges especially on the financial side of things. Leon shares some tips on how to make a wise financial decision, getting a business coach, advocating shop cleanliness and the deeper value of customer service. He shares his cleanliness, colors and bright days and nights in Soap-Paint-Light.

He always tells his customers Maintenance is easy to schedule, breakdowns are not. His customers will nod in approval while he and his crew extract a smile and a simple ‘what can I do to make your day better’ will work wonders on any given situations.

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RR 325: Cecil Bullard on Succession Planning

Looking To Get Out? Candid Talk on Succession Planning.

Cecil Bullard joins Carm Capriotto for this interview at ATE in Seattle. A very special interview with a deep conversation on succeeding your business. Statistics reveal that the average shop owner is in their late fifties. A quality succession plan can take 5 to 8 years.

There are many great pieces of advice and wisdom discussed including family issues, what happens after I sell, what place does your ego have in the transaction, and when do you become a coach and not dad.

For non-family transactions, there is some wise advice on structuring a deal. Cecil gives a blueprint on the steps to building a succession plan.

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RR 256: Rachael Wacha from City Auto Repair

Joined the Family business and doubled sales within a year.

Thirty one-year-old Rachael Wacha from City Auto Repair realized she was more like her dad than she thought. She also didn’t realize how important she was to the business.

You’ll be moved by her story and very open discussion of her very personal journey as she walked through life’s challenges and overcame them all. She has the tenacity to achieve every goal she sets for herself.

Having completed a succession plan to own the business, Rachael has joined a coaching and mastermind group. She is the president of the local ASA chapter and Is investing her time in vocational training and engaging with students.

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RR 253: Scott Buckley & Steve Bullins

The Future of Our Industry Speaks Out on Tech, Technology, Millennials, DVI and Customer Service. 

Scott Buckley and Steve Bullins from Buckley’s Personalized Driver Care bring a refreshing look at our industry. You’ll be happy to hear this duo speak on so many topics.

All the while you are listening, consider these guys are the shop owners of the future and will help guide and steer our industry for many years to come. We’re in good hands.

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RR 252: Eric Carlson from Ervine’s Auto Repair & Grand Rapids Hybrid

Michigan Shop Owner Makes Hybrids His Specialty Niche

Eric Carlson from Ervine’s Auto Repair and Grand Rapids Hybrids has found that his specialty in Hybrids has been a welcome addition to his business and his market is responding. With hybrids as loaners, his hybrid business is growing at an unexpected rate.

Eric shares his story that includes the purchase, 24 years ago, of a business that was on its last leg. His supplier gave him a heads up on the opportunity. Eric has been recognized multiple times as the NAPA Technician of the Year, in the Grand Rapids region. He also tells about his commitment to ASE and the time he was as a subject matter expert. He helped work on the Hybrid tests.

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RR 251: Craig O’Neill form O’Neill’s Transmission Service

Third Generation Millennial Whose Dad Has Complete Confidence in His Decision Making is Looking for an Actionable Succession Plan.

Craig O’Neill from O’Neill’s Transmissions and Service has taken some bold moves in the business and implemented a DVI system and hired a business consultant.

He sees great opportunities in emerging technologies and values the power of a strong business culture.

Regarding the technician shortage, he shares their apprentice program that has helped not only his business but the vocational school he works with.

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THA 025: Disaster Planning and Preparedness

Are you prepared for a disaster?

Business interrupters come in many forms. Natural, environment, death of owner, spouse or partner, surgery, accident, illness or even loss of a key employee.

This Academy lesson discusses: why you should plan, do you need a formalized approach, do you have plans for a normal business operation that can be followed and who makes the decisions.
It is said that business interrupters will happen (Not if but when). Will you be prepared?

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