Going Electric in California [THA 320]

California is mandating 100% of new cars and light trucks sold will be zero-emission vehicles by 2035. How will electric vehicles change the composition of our industry? What are the service opportunities? Should you start working on hybrids if you haven’t already? Hear from the perspectives of 3 California shop owners that are ready and prepared for the future. 

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First Ever General Service Technician Academy at Vision KC [RR 832]

Recorded Live at Vision 2023, Al Wright and Travis Troy discuss the benefits of joining MWACA’s S.O.S. (Shop Owner’s Support) Group. When we can support and learn from other shop owners, we continue Advancing the Aftermarket and raising the bar for the industry. Travis also gives us an overview of Vision’s newest class for general service technicians. 

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Carm Tribute – Eight Years and Counting [CC 109]

A surprise taping of a tribute to the eight years since starting the service aftermarket’s premier podcast. We also want to express gratitude to the hundreds of guests that have enriched over 1,100 episodes of the collection of Remarkable Results Radio, the Town Hall Academy, and Aftermarket Weekly podcasts. We thank them for sharing their wisdom so we all rise to new levels of success. We will continue to provide the industry’s widest range of topics, both in audio and video formats. And along with the 1 ½-year-old Aftermarket Radio Network, we are there for every aftermarket professional to Advance the Aftermarket.

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Shaping Careers, You Must!

Are You a Career Counselor? Many shop owners know most of their team wants to see how they fit into the future of the business. We know this as career pathing. I’ve recently added Career Counselor to one of the many pillars of a great business strategy. I’m not sure when this lightning bolt hit…

Future Shop: Sooner Than You Think [THA 318]

Will diagnostic work overtake remove and replace work? How will you position and present your shop as a technologically advanced repair center? What training will our employees need? How will artificial intelligence impact our industry? Will we be prepared? Join Jake Sorensen, Chris Chesney and Derek Kaufman as they discuss the shop of the future. 

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Are We Ready to Become the Master Communicator?

We Must Communicate That We Are a High-Tech Industry. We must get up on our soap box and communicate to young people and clients that the automotive industry is high-tech. I think they know it, but the term ‘high-tech’ gives us a different perception than the one we have of low pay, dirty work, and…

Using My Dashboard to Find Trends [THA 317]

Dashboards are a valuable tool for businesses as they provide a quick and easy way to visualize and analyze key data and metrics in real time. Hear from two shop owners as they discuss how dashboards improve decision making, increase productivity, and enhance collaboration and accountability with your team. 

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Forecasting Your Future [RR 826]

The future is here, consolidation is already happening. The middle-level shops will now be at the bottom end of the bell curve. What are the trends at the OEM level? Is Uber/Lyft the fleet of the future? What is the outlook of the changing service aftermarket? Recorded Live at the 2022 Institute Summit, Michael Smith, Brian Bates, and AJ Nealey discuss the future; it is happening sooner than we think. 

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Surviving a Health Scare [THA 316]

You never know when something can and will happen to your health. Do you have a written contingency plan in place for your family and business? Are you maintaining your body like you teach your customers to maintain their vehicle? Join 3 shop owners as they discuss personal health scares, outcomes, preventions, and planning for if and when something happens.

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A Crisis is Rarely a Motivator for Change: Why Wait? – Chip Eichelberger [RR 825]

Did you know most people will die from a preventable disease? 42% of the first symptom of heart disease is sudden death. How much time are you spending on your most valuable asset, yourself? Are you investing in the health of your employees? Everyone thinks they have an infinite amount of time until something happens. Recorded Live at the Institute Summit, Chip Eichelberger discusses actionable solutions to create a healthier lifestyle. It’s never too late to make a small difference in your life. 

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Well Oiled Machine, Makes for a Happy Patient

I had an unplanned outpatient procedure recently, and as welcoming as the thought of relieving my pain, I also became a client of the hospital and health care system. If you know me, I’m an observer. Everything that happened to me from check-in to check-out was recorded in my brain’s sensory perception areas. I was…