The First Breast Cancer Vaccine Trial Recipient: Jennifer Davis [CC 111]

The Brakes for Breasts campaign, every October, supports breast cancer vaccine research at the Cleveland Clinic. The co-founders of the campaign, Leigh Anne Best and Laura Frank, discuss the importance of finding a cause that aligns with their values and the challenges of funding vaccine research. They discuss the initiative and how it raises funds for breast cancer research by offering free brake pads to customers in October. Dr. Justin Johnson from the Cleveland Clinic talks about the importance of a vaccine trial for triple negative breast cancer. Jennifer Davis, the first recipient of the vaccine trial, shares her experience. Our panel emphasizes the importance of community support and the potential of the vaccine trial to revolutionize cancer treatment. 

We are challenging the industry to reach a goal of $369,000 or even $400,000 for this year and to involve at least 500 shops. This is a simple and effective program to offer to your customer and to anyone involved to tour the lab and see the impact of their contributions.

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Acquiring and Transforming a 72 Year Old Business [AW 171]

Jon Kloosterman, the Director of Operations at West Side Service in Zeeland, discusses their recent acquisition of a business and their approach to training and retention of technicians. The acquired business had been a pillar in the community for 72 years and was ready for a change in ownership. Jon also highlights the importance of maintaining professionalism and focusing on the right KPIs in your business.

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Accelerate Your Career at ASCCA’s Training Conference [RR 876]

Luke Murray discusses the upcoming training conference organized by the Automotive Service Councils of California (ASCCA) including the growth of the conference over the years, the fundraising event for the Automotive Service Council Education Foundation (ASCEF), and the importance of training in the automotive industry. Luke shares details about the conference program and how feedback from shop owners helps determine the topics and content. He also discusses the value of repetitive training and the benefits of attending conferences regularly. Luke highlights the goals of the conference and the opportunity for new members to join ASCCA at a discounted rate.

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Redefining Business Bravery: Stories of Courage [THA 341]

Join our panel as they share insights on the importance of courage, different leadership styles, the need for tough conversations, and the role of coaching and mentoring in developing courage in teams. The panelists emphasize the importance of effective communication, training, and providing individuals with the tools and confidence to make courageous decisions. They also discuss the need for leaders to make tough decisions even when uncomfortable.

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You Need a Playbook

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about all the facets of leading a successful and profitable business. In some dialogue with shop owners and coaches, I hear and see our passion for kicking our profession to a heightened professional level. A playbook will help you. Get out a yellow pad or find one of these…

My Technicians Won’t Go To Training: Why Not? [RR 875]

Our panel from NAPA AutoTech Training, discuss key insights regarding the pivotal role of continuous training in the automotive aftermarket industry. What are the challenges of learning technical material after a demanding workday and is there the need for tailored training sessions that consider the environment and attention span of technicians? The NAPA Apprentice Program was highlighted for its self-paced approach, allowing apprentices to earn multiple ASE certifications in a span of two years. Beyond training, the panel stressed the significance of investing in technicians and the consensus emerged that prioritizing attitude and work ethic in technician hiring, rather than just skill sets, equals a successful workforce.

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Real Estate Strategies [AW 170]

Rick Levitan shares his experience and insights on real estate in the automotive industry. He discusses the importance of developing a strategy when expanding and finding new locations, as well as various methods for finding potential sites. Rick advises against falling in love with a specific location and highlights the option of leasing with an option to buy. He also discusses the role of real estate investment trusts (REITs) and the importance of demographics when considering a new location. Rick emphasizes the need for careful planning, good advisors, and transparency when acquiring a business or property.

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How to Maintain Focus in a World Full of Distractions [RR 874]

Rick White discusses the challenges of maintaining focus and avoiding distractions. He explores the negative effects of distractions on productivity and shares insights on how to improve focus. Rick White, a business coach, provides tips on creating bubbles of focus, scheduling tasks, and setting boundaries with distractions. He emphasizes the importance of having a clear destination and purpose, as well as the need to overcome obstacles and challenges.

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How Do You Define Professionalism? [THA 340]

How do you define professionalism? It’s not just about how we dress but how we act and conduct our business. In this episode our panel dives into how professionalism is key in the automotive industry, and how it affects our businesses. They discuss the impact of professionalism on customer perception and satisfaction, and share personal experiences of creating a positive and welcoming environment in their auto repair shops. By prioritizing both the physical appearance and the customer experience, auto repair shops can set themselves apart and create a loyal customer base.

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Revolutionizing ASE Certifications: Remote Testing with ProProctor [RR 873]

Trish Serratore, who is retiring after 35 years with the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) organization, discusses new testing and certification for electric vehicles, instructor training, and the process of remote testing with ProProctor. Trish explains the safety standards for EV technicians and the convenience of taking tests from home. As we bid farewell to Trish, we also look forward to the exciting developments in the pipeline!

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If You Are Not Sitting on the Edge, Then You Are Taking Up Too Much Room

Are you experiencing what I am with the speed of life? Such a fast-paced world. Staying current is essential for personal and professional growth; we must. It’s not enough to simply exist in the status quo – we must constantly strive to push ourselves and sit on the edge of innovation and knowledge. When I…

Rachel Spencer’s ‘Rachelisms’ for Auto Repair [AW 169]

What are some of Rachel Spencer’s “Rachelisms?” The Power of Consistency: Rachel emphasizes the importance of consistency and communication in her operations. She believes in creating habits, holding each other accountable, and striving for perfection while acknowledging that mistakes can happen. Customer Communication is Key: Rachel’s approach to customer service is all about overcommunication. You must provide customers with as much information as possible upfront, offering financing options, and sending vehicle health and safety reports via text. Rachel also shares her experiences with recruiting technicians including reaching out to institutes with automotive programs.

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Why is Mission Strategy Crucial in the Automotive Industry? [RR 872]

“Do our technicians, when they close the hood, take the rag, you know, they rub the hood, make sure there’s no fingerprints? Do they really think about the role that they had in that customer’s life? Most of them don’t.”

Dan Taylor shares a personal experience where his technician played a crucial role in getting his wife to the hospital in a life-threatening situation. This incident made Dan realize the importance of our mission in ensuring the safety and reliability of vehicles. What is the ‘why’ behind someone’s work and why is that important?

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Are You Really Overbooked? [THA 339]

Being overbooked doesn’t necessarily equate to higher productivity or profitability. In this episode, our panel discusses the challenges and impact of being overbooked in the automotive repair industry. They emphasize the importance of understanding productivity numbers, managing customer expectations, avoiding burnout for the team, optimizing scheduling, and utilizing technicians’ strengths. Think twice before you boast about being overbooked!

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From Mom and Pop to Multi Shop Owners [RR 671]

Recorded Live at the 2023 Institute Summit in St Petersburg, Florida, Jeannie and David Light, the dynamic duo behind Lighthouse Auto Repair in Manteo, North Carolina, discuss their business, challenges they face, and their recent expansion to a second shop. They also share their experience with joining a coaching program. The coaching program had a significant impact on their sales, with their revenue nearly doubling in the year after joining. Find out how they transitioned from a ‘mom and pop’ shop to successful multi shop owners.

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Shedding Certain Beliefs

What would life be like if what you believe was not the truth? We often take for granted the beliefs we have, but in reality, those beliefs may be far from the truth. If our beliefs were not true, our lives would be drastically different.  Example: I’m the boss, so my people have to do…

Remodel 1 Year Later: See the Transition, See the Difference [AW 168]

Carm Capriotto visits Scott Felser’s shop to showcase the renovations he made since the last visit. They discuss various changes, including adding a door to the parts room, implementing a four-day workweek, and upgrading facilities like a coffee bar and bathroom. They also highlight the overall design and decorations, with input from Scott’s wife, new security cameras, new phone system, the positive customer feedback, and Scott’s involvement in the “Brakes for Breasts” campaign.

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Paradigm Shift: Predicting Customer Needs with Artificial Intelligence [RR 870]

Dave Schedin and Jorge Antico discuss the importance of showing care and compassion for customers, effective communication, and the use of technology to improve customer service. Did you know technology can help overcome the shortage of qualified staff by providing comprehensive information to service writers, demonstrating expertise, and offering cost-effective maintenance programs? They also emphasize the significance of preventative maintenance in reducing breakdowns and improving customer satisfaction.  They encourage a paradigm shift in the industry to prioritize customer care and proper maintenance.

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Breaking the Mold: How a Staffing Agency Can Help You Build a Winning Team [THA 338]

“There isn’t a technician shortage,” Said no one ever. 

Please welcome our panel of guests to discuss the topic of recruiting talent with a staffing agency in the automotive industry. Shop owners Kathleen Callahan and Michelle Tansey share their experiences and challenges in finding skilled technicians and how partnering with Promotive, a full-service staffing agency, has been a game-changer for them.  Joelle Pollak and Amy Gerardi, Cofounders of Promotive, discuss the process of understanding individual shop needs, sourcing candidates, and the importance of communication and partnership between the agency and shop owners.

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EV Fire Safety: Exploring Risks and Solutions [RR 869]

What are the hidden risks associated with Electric Vehicles (EVs)? Multi-shop owner and District Chief of the Troy Fire Department Donnie Hudson and mechanical engineer and Captain of the Troy Fire Department, Pat Durham, discuss the importance of awareness and proper training for EVs. EV fires can be complex and involve risks of corrosion, and short circuits. Education and training are crucial for firefighters, first responders, and automotive professionals to ensure EV safety. Working on EVs can also have insurance implications, with potential surcharges. Despite the risks, being prepared and knowledgeable about EVs is critical when handling damaged vehicles.

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Preparing for Fall 2023 Conferences [AW 167]

Carm Capriotto discusses upcoming fall conferences the podcast is attending, speaking engagements, and events, including the Brakes for Breasts Campaign. Our website,, now features a Classroom page. It’s a treasure trove of podcast episodes organized into specific topics, perfect for research and team discussions. Stay curious, keep learning, and let’s continue to Advance the Aftermarket.

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From Training to Triumph: Breathe Leadership Into Your People [RR 868]

COO’S Max Orsborn and Dave Askwith discuss the importance of training and defined leadership in automotive businesses. They highlight the need for effective training that goes beyond just checking boxes, emphasizing accountability and pressure on individuals who attend training sessions. The conversation also touches on the significance of transparency and communication within organizations, focusing on clear communication during promotions and changes. Max and Dave share their experiences as leaders, with insights on admitting mistakes and making adjustments in hiring, as well as the importance of staying true to one’s beliefs and vision.

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Marketing Power Panel: Grow Your Revenue by $1 Million [THA 337]

Is it possible to grow your shop’s revenue by $1 million? Together, our panel of marketing gurus discuss the importance of marketing for automotive repair shops and provide insights on effective marketing strategies. The panel emphasizes the need to understand the shop’s current situation and goals before developing a marketing strategy. They also discuss financial aspects, setting goals for growth, seeking advice from successful shop owners, and creating memorable customer experiences. They stress the importance of strategic and proactive marketing and financial planning to drive business growth in the auto repair industry. Remember, marketing takes time and should be trusted as a process. Always be marketing, and don’t stop when business is busy.

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Who Is Oiling the Tin Man?

aftermarket professionals increasingly understand the importance of continuous growth and development. Leaders actively seek to expand their knowledge and skills via coaching, networking, and absorbing our podcast content.