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Industry Thought Leaders

RR 483 – Managing On-Line Reviews – Kim Walker and Mitch Meier


THA 144: Drug Testing in the New Age of Legalized Cannabis


RR 477: Danny Sanchez – It is Not Rocket Science to Run a Successful Shop


RR 473: Derek Kaufman on Augmented Reality – Closer Than You Think


RR 472: Jeff Rudnick – Marketing Do or Die


RR 471: Vin Waterhouse on Intensive Labor Rates & Financial Benchmarks


RR 466: Mike Davidson – Compliance to Wage and Hour Rules for Aftermarket Professionals


RR 465: Tom Ham – Your Only Competitor is Yourself


RR 463: Mitch Schneider – His First Speech 35 Years Ago, Still Relevant today!


FTR 061: Bill Haas – Let’s Not Make The Same Mistake We Made With R12 With Ownership Of Data? Let’s Re-think This.


RR 462: Paul McCarthy – AASA President Has the Back of the Service Professional


RR 461: Dan Taylor – Emotional Intelligence leads to High Performance Shops – Part 1


RR 458: John Passante and Rob Tinson – Is Face To Face Communications Gone?


RR 457: Justin Allen – Working Too Hard? Feel Burned Out?


RR 456: Jennifer Grady ESQ – Harassment Training Required by Law


RR 454: Danny Durbin – Integrating the Third Generation


RR 447: Jonnie Wright – Customer Service: What Are The Three Things You Want To Get Better At?


RR 446: Privacy, Data Ownership and Cyber-security Threatens the Automotive Aftermarket


RR 443: Jill Trotta – Survey Results – The Best and Worst Metro Cities for Car Repair


RR 440: Bill Hanvey – Ownership of Vehicle Telematic Data Must Flow to the Vehicle Owner


RR 433: The Importance of Third Party Credentials | Creating a Learning Culture in Your Business


RR 431: Sara Fraser – The Power of Social Media for Automotive Professionals


RR 430: Jennifer Filzen- What Dancing Taught Me About Running a Successful Business


RR 425: Ray Fisher – Networking Just May Be Your Secret Weapon