RR 289: Tony Adams from Weavers Auto Center

Tony Adams, AAM is the owner and operator of Weaver’s Auto Center Inc., a mechanical and collision repair facility located in Shawnee, KS. In addition to running a thriving business, Tony is also a business coach focusing on helping organizations with culture and leadership development. Tony has developed a culture of collaboration and respect within his business and has also helped other owners and leaders instill these principles within their businesses as well.

In this episode, Tony admits to what all good leaders know; admit your mistakes, learn from them and move forward. It builds strong leadership. He shares his very transparent story. You’ll either relate to it or learn from it.

Talking Points:

  • Mistakes are your greatest learning moments.
    • Self-evaluate them.
    • Put it behind you.
    • Admit and get on with the healing process.
  • Tony holds himself to a high standard of accountability.
  • When he really understood the difference between managing and leading it was an important discovery.
  • Book: One Minute Manager Met the Monkey was a change agent for him.
  • Manager Types:
    • Do for manager. I’ll do your work.
    • Do to manager. I’m not doing this anymore, you do it.
    • Do with manager. Let’s work together.
  • Know your communication style (behavior) so you can learn how to communicate with people who do not share your style. Learn about communication behavior’s HERE.
  • He started to read books on culture. He realized he needed to create a strong culture. The Why.
    • Raving Fans.
    • The New Gold Standard.
    • Gun Ho.
    • Delivering Happiness. Zappo’s.
    • Customers For Life.
  • He went through a personal self-discovery phase.
  • How does fixing cars relate to the greater good of society?
  • Creating culture is an ongoing process that helps build a strong engagement with your customers.
    • Transparency is created with the customer.
    • Who is the customer? She needs us. Everyone has a story.
    • A strong company culture/purpose instinctively connects with your customer.
    • It is a business separator.
  • Tough to find a person that you can just ‘Plug and Play’ into your business.
    • We must grow our own.
    • Keep the grassroots effort with schools growing.
    • Look at career paths within your shop for an apprentice.
    • It takes time to build an A Technician.
    • In the future, there will be less dependency on using your hands and more on needing their smarts.
  • We have a scarcity mentality with customers. This hurts our industry,
    • We think we need to get the most from the customer.
    • We’ll never see them again. We must develop customers for life.
    • He wants $87,500 from a lifetime of repairs from a customer, not a one time ticket.
  • Slow Down, Pause.
    • Every decision does not have to be made immediately.

Weavers Auto Center Website HERE.

Shop Profile
Number of locations: 1
Total square feet of all facilities: 21,000
Years in industry: 27
Years business ownership: 23
Number of technicians: 4 Mechanical – 9 Collision
Number of service advisers: 1
Number of lifts: 6 Service Only
Number of bays: 7 Service Only
Days open: Mon – Fri
Annual estimated volume: $900K Service Only
Mission statement: To Improve The Quality of Lives For the People We Touch
Shop management system (SMS): Mitchel 1
Completely paperless? Yes
Digital Vehicle Inspection: Bolt On
Other marketing software: Social CRM
Supplier marketing program: NAPA Auto Care Center
Industry accreditations: AAM
Primary supplier: Advance/CarQuest
Business coach: Part-Time
Philanthropy: Rotary

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