Why is Mission Strategy Crucial in the Automotive Industry? [RR 872]

“Do our technicians, when they close the hood, take the rag, you know, they rub the hood, make sure there’s no fingerprints? Do they really think about the role that they had in that customer’s life? Most of them don’t.”

Dan Taylor shares a personal experience where his technician played a crucial role in getting his wife to the hospital in a life-threatening situation. This incident made Dan realize the importance of our mission in ensuring the safety and reliability of vehicles. What is the ‘why’ behind someone’s work and why is that important? 


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Are You Really Overbooked? [THA 339]

Being overbooked doesn’t necessarily equate to higher productivity or profitability. In this episode, our panel discusses the challenges and impact of being overbooked in the automotive repair industry. They emphasize the importance of understanding productivity numbers, managing customer expectations, avoiding burnout for the team, optimizing scheduling, and utilizing technicians’ strengths. Think twice before you boast about being overbooked!


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From Mom and Pop to Multi Shop Owners [RR 671]

Recorded Live at the 2023 Institute Summit in St Petersburg, Florida, Jeannie and David Light, the dynamic duo behind Lighthouse Auto Repair in Manteo, North Carolina, discuss their business, challenges they face, and their recent expansion to a second shop. They also share their experience with joining a coaching program. The coaching program had a significant impact on their sales, with their revenue nearly doubling in the year after joining. Find out how they transitioned from a ‘mom and pop’ shop to successful multi shop owners. 

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Remodel 1 Year Later: See the Transition, See the Difference [AW 168]

Carm Capriotto visits Scott Felser’s shop to showcase the renovations he made since the last visit. They discuss various changes, including adding a door to the parts room, implementing a four-day workweek, and upgrading facilities like a coffee bar and bathroom. They also highlight the overall design and decorations, with input from Scott’s wife, new security cameras, new phone system, the positive customer feedback, and Scott’s involvement in the “Brakes for Breasts” campaign.

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Paradigm Shift: Predicting Customer Needs with Artificial Intelligence [RR 870]

Dave Schedin and Jorge Antico discuss the importance of showing care and compassion for customers, effective communication, and the use of technology to improve customer service. Did you know technology can help overcome the shortage of qualified staff by providing comprehensive information to service writers, demonstrating expertise, and offering cost-effective maintenance programs? They also emphasize the significance of preventative maintenance in reducing breakdowns and improving customer satisfaction.  They encourage a paradigm shift in the industry to prioritize customer care and proper maintenance.

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Breaking the Mold: How a Staffing Agency Can Help You Build a Winning Team [THA 338]

“There isn’t a technician shortage,” Said no one ever. 

Please welcome our panel of guests to discuss the topic of recruiting talent with a staffing agency in the automotive industry. Shop owners Kathleen Callahan and Michelle Tansey share their experiences and challenges in finding skilled technicians and how partnering with Promotive, a full-service staffing agency, has been a game-changer for them.  Joelle Pollak and Amy Gerardi, Cofounders of Promotive, discuss the process of understanding individual shop needs, sourcing candidates, and the importance of communication and partnership between the agency and shop owners.


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EV Fire Safety: Exploring Risks and Solutions [RR 869]

What are the hidden risks associated with Electric Vehicles (EVs)? Multi-shop owner and District Chief of the Troy Fire Department Donnie Hudson and mechanical engineer and Captain of the Troy Fire Department, Pat Durham, discuss the importance of awareness and proper training for EVs. EV fires can be complex and involve risks of corrosion, and short circuits. Education and training are crucial for firefighters, first responders, and automotive professionals to ensure EV safety. Working on EVs can also have insurance implications, with potential surcharges. Despite the risks, being prepared and knowledgeable about EVs is critical when handling damaged vehicles.

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Preparing for Fall 2023 Conferences [AW 167]

Carm Capriotto discusses upcoming fall conferences the podcast is attending, speaking engagements, and events, including the Brakes for Breasts Campaign. Our website, remarkableresults.biz, now features a Classroom page. It’s a treasure trove of podcast episodes organized into specific topics, perfect for research and team discussions. Stay curious, keep learning, and let’s continue to Advance the Aftermarket.

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From Training to Triumph: Breathe Leadership Into Your People [RR 868]

COO’S Max Orsborn and Dave Askwith discuss the importance of training and defined leadership in automotive businesses. They highlight the need for effective training that goes beyond just checking boxes, emphasizing accountability and pressure on individuals who attend training sessions. The conversation also touches on the significance of transparency and communication within organizations, focusing on clear communication during promotions and changes. Max and Dave share their experiences as leaders, with insights on admitting mistakes and making adjustments in hiring, as well as the importance of staying true to one’s beliefs and vision.

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Marketing Power Panel: Grow Your Revenue by $1 Million [THA 337]

Is it possible to grow your shop’s revenue by $1 million? Together, our panel of marketing gurus discuss the importance of marketing for automotive repair shops and provide insights on effective marketing strategies. The panel emphasizes the need to understand the shop’s current situation and goals before developing a marketing strategy. They also discuss financial aspects, setting goals for growth, seeking advice from successful shop owners, and creating memorable customer experiences. They stress the importance of strategic and proactive marketing and financial planning to drive business growth in the auto repair industry. Remember, marketing takes time and should be trusted as a process. Always be marketing, and don’t stop when business is busy.

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Exploring the Changing Trends in Engine Oil: From Viscosity Grades to Fuel Efficiency [RR 867]

Host Carm Capriotto welcomes Lee Rhodus, Territory Sales Manager for Deckman Oil, to discuss the current state of the oil industry. They delve into the history of Deckman Oil, the importance of oil in various industries, and the different types of motor oil available. They also touch on engine oil viscosity grades, the advancements in additive technology, and the challenges faced by repair shop owners in managing different oil inventories. 

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The Noble Mechanic: Before and After Transformation and Rebranding [AW 166]

In this episode, Reggie Stewart covers a range of topics from dispatching and business operations to shop renovations. Reggie recently undertook renovations at his shop in Kokomo, Indiana, he modernized the colors and feel of the shop to give it an upscale vibe, with the help of an interior designer. He also discusses the importance of building a positive culture and is currently working on creating job descriptions and manifestos for each position to better define expectations and attract the right people. 

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Is Your Shop Butcher Clean? [RR 866]

COO’S Andrew Marcotte and Melissa Parker discuss growth and succession in the industry, emphasizing the importance of having a sellable business. They share their experiences with acquiring and managing new shops, highlighting the value of cultural fit over work experience. Andrew and Melissa also encourage others to build relationships within the industry, learn from other operations and have a ‘butcher clean’ shop!

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Counterfeit Parts [THA 336]

Get ready for an eye-opening episode as we dive deep into the world of counterfeit parts in the automotive industry. Tanner Brand, a mobile diagnostician and trainer; Bob Stewart, the global brand protection manager for General Motors; and Stephen Kontos, a patent attorney counsel specializing in automotive engineering and software, discuss the implications of counterfeit parts for technicians, shop owners, and large companies. What is the difference between aftermarket parts and counterfeit parts? What are the legal and security risks from obtaining software from gray market or black market websites? It’s clear that this is a complex issue that requires ongoing attention and discussion. Stay tuned for a potential part two of this episode where we’ll continue to explore this topic.

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Hiring Process Explained [RR 865]

Phil Carpenter discusses the challenges of finding good technicians and the constant need for recruitment. Phil maps out the hiring process at Urban Auto Care and Avalon Motor Sports, which includes video interviews and in-person interviews. It’s critical to a good fit for the long term and filtering out candidates who are not willing to go through their hiring process. He also explains the importance of maintaining a sense of urgency in hiring, employee turnover, and recognizing when it’s time to let someone go. 

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Embracing Change: Navigating the Electrification Revolution [AW 165]

Dave Hobbs discusses the challenges and changes brought about by electrification in the automotive industry. Dave shares his experience with hub bearing failures, the importance of proper charging cables for electric vehicles and the maintenance requirements of EVs. He also discusses the recently launched ASE Safety Certification and the importance of safety in the industry. It’s an exciting time, and by embracing change and staying curious, technicians can ensure their success in this evolving landscape.

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Is Your Company Culture Holding You Back? [RR 864]

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Culture again?” But trust me, this episode takes a deep dive into how culture can truly make or break a business. Every business has a culture, whether it’s intentional or not, and it’s crucial to evaluate if it’s the right one for retaining employees and attracting customers.

Imagine an auto repair shop that truly understands the frustrations of car owners and aims to provide honest, knowledgeable, and reliable service to give them peace of mind. That’s the kind of culture that draws customers in and keeps them coming back.

Chris Lawson suggests checking out an article in the show notes that discusses the impact of culture on over 40 business metrics. Studies have shown that employees are more motivated and efficient in a happy work environment. So, investing in your company culture can actually boost your bottom line.

If you’re a business owner or someone interested in creating a positive work environment, this episode is a goldmine of information. Carm and Chris provide practical guidance on building company culture and emphasize the need for strong policies, procedures, and teamwork.

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Advantages and Challenges of Artificial Intelligence in the Automotive Industry [THA 335]

Tara Topel, Greg Buckley, and Andy Bizub discuss the applications of AI in the automotive industry, focusing on the use of ChatGPT. They share examples of using AI to update handbooks, create repair procedures, educate service advisors, and enhance the customer experience. They also discuss the challenges and potential benefits of using AI in customer-facing interactions. While AI has benefits, it should be used as a supplement rather than a replacement for human connection. 

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App-solutely Essential: Why Auto Repair Shops Need to Embrace Apps [RR 863]

Jeff Mont, owner of JJ’s Auto Service Center and Jeremy Glassco, founder of App Fueled, discuss the benefits of using apps in the automotive industry. Apps can be a valuable tool to engage with customers and increase customer loyalty. By offering valuable benefits and discounts, shops can make it worth their customers’ while to give their time and attention to their business. JJ shares his experience using App Fueled for his shop’s app, which includes a 10% discount on all purchases and a 5% rebate up to $50. He notes that the app has helped increase his shop’s average repair order by 15-16%.

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New Build in 4 Months: A Look Inside [AW 164]

A new build in 4 months? How did Bill DeBoer do it?! When his father suggested knocking down an office building and building a shop in its place, Bill didn’t hesitate. He took charge of the project, handled the financing, and oversaw the construction. This podcast episode is filled with insights on fleet management, business strategies, and the importance of having a reliable network of professionals.

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Stagnation vs Acceleration: How EOS Can Transform Your Business [862]

Have you ever wondered how different businesses face similar challenges? Join Barry Barrett, a certified Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) implementer and business consultant, and Jeremy Bates, the president of Bates Security. They discuss the importance of culture, family, and implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) in their businesses. The key takeaway? Building a strong culture and surrounding yourself with quality people can lead to long-term success and employee retention. 

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One Location $2.5M: How We Do It [THA 334]

Shop owners Jimmy Alauria, Joe Hanson, and John Gustafson share their strategies and tactics for achieving exceptional success. The most valuable lesson? The importance of having a strong team, setting goals, and monitoring key performance indicators to achieve success. They emphasize the need for attention to detail, accountability, and hiring the right people, empowering them to lead and demonstrating commitment to the purpose and core values of the business. Tune in to learn more about how to achieve success in this industry!

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Right To Repair NHTSA Update [RR 861]

Lisa Foshee, Senior Vice President of Government Affairs and General Counsel for the Auto Care Association, discusses the recent letter from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) instructing auto manufacturers not to comply with the data access law in Massachusetts. This letter has caused concern for those advocating for the right to repair legislation, as it could hinder progress.

But why is the right to repair legislation so important? It allows car owners to have access to the same diagnostic and repair information that dealerships have. This means that car owners can choose where to get their car repaired, and not be forced to go to a dealership for repairs.

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Is Hiring a Business Coach Worth It? Dispelling the 5 Excuses Not to Hire One [AW 163]

Do you find yourself making excuses not to hire a business coach? Tom Sciortino shares his experience with coaching and how it has helped him make changes in his business, resulting in an increase in average ticket and KPIs. He emphasizes the importance of seeking help and not waiting around for things to change, and encourages young people in the industry to seek guidance and coaching. Listen to this episode to learn how coaching can help you identify blind spots, gain a different perspective on your business, and prepare for the future.

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How Can Data Improve Customer Relationships and Sales? [860]

Are you looking for ways to improve your customer relationships and drive business success? Bill Nalu and Stan Stokes discuss the importance of using data and information to enhance customer relationships and sales. They share their experiences with auditing phone calls and using personality assessments to identify areas for improvement. Tune in to learn practical advice for using data and information to improve your customer relationships and drive business success.

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