CarmCast 031 – How’s Business With Shop Owner Kathleen Jarosik

CarmCast 031 – How’s Business with Kathleen Jarosik

  • Sweltering Heat and what she does to keep ‘cool’ in the shop to keep production high
  • She uses ‘swamp coolers’ to bring the temp down.
    • So hot that these coolers are not getting the job done
  • Slow time in Florida because of snowbirds have gone home
  • Business is good in spite of that
  • Kathleen sees a lot of electrical and battery work because of the heat
  • Air-conditioning at this time of the year is in her top two or three repairs
  • She invites the customer in the shop area to review their DVI and discuss estimates with a counter and dual screen computer.
    • Increases intimacy with the problem and the vehicle