CarmCast 034: Gandson Donovan for a Visit | Moon Landing | Web-A-Thon | Selling Your Business?

CarmCast 034

Carm and Grandson Donovan. Also:

  • Moon landing 50th anniversary. Where were you? Do you remember? Just imagine the tech advances in the last 60 years
  • Web-A-Thon for Brakes For Breats coming next Wednesday, July 24th. (First Ever Web-A-Thon from Carm)
  • Have a vacation planned? Spend time to recharge. Listen to the Town Hall Academy epiosde on this topic with Jon Bockman, Gerry Frank, and Jim Hayes HERE.
  • Timely discussion on ‘Valuing and Positioning Your Business For Sale”. Panel is Norm Gaithe, Dennis McCarron, Joel Zaleski and Jeff Pohlman. Released July 18, ’19. Listen HERE.