CarmCast 044: Here is What I’m Thinking and Take-A-Ways from ASTE 2019

CarmCast 044 – Here is What I’m Thinking!

There was a voice issue. Sounds slow and sluggish. Sorry.

  • Repeated in this For The Record Episode #66 HERE.
  • An important lesson from Bill Haas in For The Record Episode 065 HERE.
  • Thanks for participating in Brakes For Breasts this October 2019. Most participants ever.
  • Great episodes to come from recording at ASTE. You are going love them.
  • Be Brave! Admit you are struggling and ask for help. I saw this first hand at ASTE. But your pride on the shelf and save your business and your family.
  • I urge every colleague of mine to step up and help and to every shop owner who needs help, I know you will find a way out. Just ask.