CarmCast 061 – COVID-19 – An open discussion

CarmCast 060 – COVID-19 – An open discussion on solutions to protect your team, clients and your business

  • Greg Buckley, Buckley’s Auto Care, Willimington, DE
  • Mike Maleski, PSK Performance, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Lucas Underwood, L & N Performance Auto Repair, Blowing Rock, NC
  • Jeremy Walter, MBA, Clean Care Distributors, PermaSafe
    • and my number is (717) 580-2549.
    • Current situation: the virus, the reaction/response and how to respond to it yourself
    • What I am seeing automotive shops are doing to protect their employees and their customers 
    • New lane emerging in service: disinfection as a service (now and after the crisis) 
    • Disinfection vs. antimicrobials and the PermaSafe solution

From Tom Ham and AMI

Ten Suggestions for Coronavirus Prevention at Your Shop

  1. Have technicians and anyone else entering customer cars wear protective gloves anytime they are inside of a vehicle for any reason.
  2. Do not allow anyone to come to work who does not feel healthy or is living with someone who feels ill.
  3. Offer to pick up and deliver customer cars.
  4. Increase fresh air intake where possible.
  5. Hold essential shop meetings in the shop area with everyone spread out a bit.
  6. Reduce the frequency of non-essential shop meetings.
  7. Do not share food.
  8. Clean daily (or more often) all areas that are frequented by customers or employees.
  9. Stop shaking hands.
  10. Have all staff wash their hands when they arrive at work and anytime they return during the workday.

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Additional talking points:

  • Use Prudence and your Logical Mind to make decisions not your Anxious mind
  • Create a safer than usual work and customer environment
  • Consider a temporary Magazine ban
  • Put sanitizer at the counter and at your coffee area front and back of the shop
  • Garbage cans need to have liners
  • Kleenex into trash barrels and not laid around
  • Clean surfaces often
  • People can be carriers and show no symptoms
  • Social Distancing
  • Information Resources like this show and podcasts
  • Eat well, go outdoors, get plenty of sleep
  • Take extra precautions
  • Pay attention to your family, Your Team, Your Customer, Your Market
  • Clean Your phone